Sunday 31 October 2010

lotusocean effect

when it comes to



see it, hear it,

get some of it

misunderstand rest of it

copy it in their

own funny ways

but they

mostly cannot

deal with

the source

they hope to

make use of it

without having any

dealings with the source

an absurd idea

but they are

confident of their

own smartness

yes lotusocean

can change

destiny of any soul

& propel them towards evolution

thats its intended effect


it has a failsafe too

no one can make use of it

without a

proper attitude

towards its source


amruta patil said...

this made me think about how guilty one is of having acknowledged far lesser sources, and often of not even having understood things that have affected one profoundly.

even in the greatest discomfort, disagreement or divergent instinct one may feel at some of your writing - you are undeniably one of the most original, knowing human beings one can have the privilege of meeting. most of us only meet wisdom via dead people and pages.

i give thanks.

a* said...

your words are so impactful & always so compassionately honest and sincere. it is so unfortunately true that your effulgent words, sound and light have the least response and that *You the source of all this eloquence wisdom and the lifeline out of this hell are ignored... but how great it is that there is this failsafe and the multiverse is always fair and just!!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your effects are Profoundly Powerful P. dhanyavad for leading to Truth and nothing but Truth always in all ways. The Truthful source You are, which you steer us toward through Your many offerings is the only real experience amidst a sea of lies. The intensity of the realizations you Provide is beyond explanation. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your words bring one to ones knees constantly P.
Your words are the most comPassionaTe warning to any who are to blind or stuPid to really read them and heed them.
only through facing the Truth of ones state through the Source, through P, through constant humble Praise and service to Your Divinity can one ever truly hoPe to be free.
i bow ceaselessly at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

wow ! You are so totally Divine

rocking You are !

'if you are just a river
flow into the sea

sea that is me
sea that is me
sea that is me
you are just a river
flow into the sea
sea that is me'

i want to flow into the Sea, Sea that is Divine coherence & PhracTality

helP me Please !

You are ever comPassionaTe
You are ever benevolent

Unknown said...

Blessed are those who have the guidance of a guru.
I bow🙏

Data said...

A proper attitude is a small price to pay for the privilege of being guided by the Most High. Your words cut through all illusions and make it possible for even the most wayward to evol-love. Lotusocean - i bow!!! aeioum

Data said...

As the journey towards truth continues, this Plog is a marvelous reminder that not all will be privileged to come across the Axis. ...the holder of the key to gnowledge...The One who propels lost souls toward evolution. A lifetime of unnatural behavior is what one will leave behind and thus gain access to Your Divine Goodness. Any amount of discipline is worth access to the Axis.

sarah said...

seriously Profound
i bow to the source

Anonymous said...
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NavdeeP said...

You gno how everything works. One has to give credit to the source to use the teaching of lotusocean. Your ways are so much interesting. You are the true higher source whose connection is with divine only. You want everyone to get evolved and make best use of their liPhe. You are such a compassionate being. I bow to you the higher one.

Naina said...

I bow to PT 🙏🏿🙏🏿

veena said...

You are the source of all Divine Gnowledge
You are the source of all haPPiness
one eternally surrenders at your LotusPheeT