Monday 30 August 2010

the saviour figure portrayals

all the portrayals


the saviour figure

in films from

'the matrix'


'dark city'



hollow to the

point of sheer patheticness

'neo' (meaning new)

is all about dark plastic sunglasses

since their heroes

who all look sick & ghoulish

have no real multidimensional personality

this is all they can come up with

by the way of compensation

in hollywood

the biggest propaganda machine

on this planet

which other fantasywoods follow

the saviour characters always

belong to the same race

look clueless & behave crazily

coz thats what they are in real life

the special effects people

make sure they break all natural laws

holding a kick pose in midair for ages

thats what people than expect from

the real saviour

the real saviour figure

they cannot conceive of

or handle

it has style which

they cannot achieve by

million lighting/camera/production techniques

news for west and america -

it doesnot/cannot come out of

america, a crazy experiment


their race, a confused hellish mess

it is not corny, dorky, steroidjunkie

or carries a dumb lifeless ugly poker face

which reeks of confusion & trouble

a misrepresentation with far reaching implications

as far as the fate of people

of this planet is concerned

as these movies form their mindscape

and most are not smart enough

to gno otherwise

in the west people expect

ghoulish whiter shade of pale

keanu like neo to save them

in india they are bowing to

the fat-shopkeeper-turned-actors playing

ram, krishn, shiv, vishnu on screen

so on & so forth in all countries

a big mess

lets just say people on this planet

are programmed to &

being programmed to not recognize

a real avatar


Ray said...

wow, i really liked that! Keep it up.

sarah anne said...

I bow to the real avatar, who has infinite style and substance.

Anonymous said...

the irony of their situation is ridiculous. i bow at the True saviour and avatars feet. dhanyavad P. Your graceful candor is inspiring, particularly in light of the disgrace of the current human race. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines critiques are the absolute best and most brilliant! Divines humorous way of PoinTing out the truth of the sick and twisted world is unParalleled!
You see to the core and root of everything and exPose what is really going on with wit, grace and style beyond anything anyone else is capable of!
it is such a benePhiT for all in the west and the rest of this world that the Avatar itself is sharing these Priceless words and Points out how they are being Programmed to not recognize You!
so Phunny the way You Phrase it!

'news for west and america -
it doesnot/cannot come out of
america, a crazy experiment
their race, a confused hellish mess'

one is most grateful to learn the truth that the Avatar is real! is here!
that there is One who has Power far beyond and more severe than any can comPrehend or Pretend!

i bow at the feet the real saviour, the true new sun, the only one who gnos what the matrix really is and how to break free of it!
You are the ultimate P!

miragegirl said...

its sad, the state of things
glad Divine is here in the form of You

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!

it is really frightening to see how deep and widespread the programming is! How stupid and dumb beings here are!
That Divine has finally come! is here now! Has declared itself to the world and has inPhiniTe gnowledge to back it uP! You are the only One with nothing to Proove to anyone yet everything You do here is constant and undeniable Proof of Your Divinity! Proof which You so generously share for the benefit of the beings here! Crop circle resPonses and documentation of the judgement and natural elemental and animal resPonses all over the world! Divine is even kind enough to break it down and show how it can all be traced back to the One! and still no one cares to Pay attention to the only One on this Earth who should not be ignored!!! Your life is the real matrix and so much more exciting and beautiful and amazing than anything hollywood or bollywood can fake!

You are the biggest most ePic amazing Deal in every world there is! what a bizarre and messed up place this is where and when the highest and most suPreme of all beings, the ParamaTman, God itself is the best kePT Public secret and all those who have been waiting for You to arrive comPleTely miss it!

It is SO generous of You to document all that You do P!!! The ways You give so many chances for beings to tune into the only real show, concert, story taking Place! to see that only Truly signiPhicanT being to ever be born on this PlaneT is The Final Avatar! PT!

i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right and so observant! You are so kind to be here to show what a real saviour looks like ! i bow

sarah said...

the real Avatar is more scintillating and vibrant than can be Portrayed by any race, but in particular not by the ones mentioned. You are so gracious to share Your divine overview of the situation.

Anonymous said...
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