Tuesday 24 August 2010


since the advent of photoshop

this world is full

of un-natural worked on images

of nature

and natural phenomenon

which aim to have a one up

on the real

its also become the main tool

people use to

hide their ugliness

they are turning

nature into

a edgy plasticky thing

like a hollywood film

full of crazy special effects

they find nature too bland and boring

just because they can't utilize it properly

they find their own reality bland and boring too

& they are not ready to do what is required to change it

instead they are creating

a virtual hellish reality of their own

which they think will give them happiness

& a break thru to higher dimensions

its only going to give them

more hell & suffering

most of the so-called

spiritual pictures

circulating on the net

made through these programs

are all so gaudy & tasteless

they certainly depict the hell

that is inside the beings creating it

rather than any angelicness


sarah anne said...

When browsing lotusocean pics, one is struck by how many of them are what magazines try to emulate. Some look like high budget hipster glamour shots, while others are aped by the yuppie/hippie demographic. One is accustomed to "spiritual" art/sound being the corniest demographic of all, so it is such a service to demonstrate that things don't have to be that way.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your PhoTos, Your Plogs, Your Music and Videos, You and all You do exemplify True, unadultered and unmanipulated Beauty. i bow at Your beautiful feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Your PhoTos on the other hand do not need PhotoshoP, the effects are all natural
You create Your own light
You are a coherence PhracTal
most beautiful You are !

Divine's image is what we see as You
You are Divine

sarah said...

You are more gorgeous than anything photoshoppers could dream of in their wildest fantasies

ki vernee said...

what an amazing observation ! so true ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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