Friday 27 August 2010

calls for freedom from et rulers

there have been

lots of calls

from those who have come

to gno parts of the

true history of this planet

for freedom

from the rule of extra-terrestrials/non-human entities

who control the ruling elite

& extraterrestrial rule in general

that all sounds fine superficially

but the question arises

what are people of this planet

going to do after they take over ?

what has happened to countries

since they have gotten their

so-called independence ?

has anything improved ?

do they have a path ?

do they gno what

galactic agenda to pursue ?

can they steer themselves

towards evolution

left to their own devices ?

it is always good to overthrow

the rule of

a force which is devoluting

but for that to be of any real use

it has to be

replaced by a system

which is soul-evolution focused

otherwise this planet

would become part of the

(already heading in that direction)

borg machine empire

which is hell incarnate


Irene said...

"it has to be
replaced by a system
which is soul-evolution focused"

It would be wonderful if that could happen, though what steps would be needed to be taken for it come about on this planet?

Anonymous said...

excellent question, Irene, it would be great to hear some real practical truth and steps we can all take to bring this about, for the good of the whole planet.

PT the Axis said...

the step is quite simple
and practical -

bow down to higher

no evolution possible without that
... have reiterated it throughout
the writings ... how to tell the 'higher' or 'divine' is also covered
if one takes the time to read and has the humility to understand

Anonymous said...

Bowing down to higher and divine is a perpetual ritual for many of us

the fact remains billions are entrapped - they dont have the accommodation, food, clothes and world travel you have and it seems mysterious and secretive how you afford them, which appears cultish to many. Not that these things define the spiritual and as you say most dont deserve them, but why be so secretive?

PT the Axis said...

@ annoymous - if that was the case this planet would not be in the state it is in

i float above their evil system and utilize resources for rituals which are all broadcast for everyone to see

Anonymous said...

you float above the evil system, but you dont explain how the masses can escape the system (and for this planet to survive, it involves the masses, not just a few privileged middle class hippy females who have broken out of the system)

praying all day to you will not pay the rent when the baillif comes along with a few thugs and throws us out onto the cant explain these things

PT the Axis said...

@ anonymous claire, it goes without saying that my gnowledge of this world and other worlds would only be accessible to those who deserve it and show the right attitude

PT the Axis said...

+ by labelling me as 'intelligent'
& correcting me
you are labelling yourself as 'superintelligent'

which is a good thing

i am quite pleased with your confidence in your own state and the fact that you are sure of your evolution and equally sure of my devolution ... must be a scientific derivation

am also glad that you are not a fool
& have made up a new definition for fool - the ones who follow me ... the rest are all intelligent beings

considering that very few people follow me makes this a hyperintelligent world
as a whole ... so there is nothing to worry about

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your comPassion and PaTience in reiterating the simple basics of Phreeing oneself of the system is remarkable P. dhanyavad for you ultimate care. i bow at Your enlightened feet. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wish the PlaneT becomes a PT world

You are 'singlehandedly bringing down the evil system'

You are a hero ! every hero !

Unknown said...

i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

yes i truly agree with you.all the alternative media just tells who is in control and how we all are weak and powerless and cant do anything about our current hellish situations.after a lot of researching i have found lotus ocean which provides the real solution and real gnowledge on how to get are the only one in this whole world to talk about the multiverse and its laws that we have to follow.And that is all worth gnowing.
i bow to the divine PT avatar for providing the only real solution to us to all of our problems.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! You always ask the most relevant questions ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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