Tuesday 27 October 2009


gratitude is just

short form of 'great attitude' (gr-attitude)


what is a great attitude ?

it is simply

not getting

upset or grievous

when something higher than oneself

says something

which offends the ego

or which the self cannot fathom

it is a perenially joyful state of being

borne out of real thankfullness

which flows out of true humility & reverance

for the high & divine


devotee said...

nice... beautifully said..

starchild said...

a profound explanation on the real meaning of thankyou...

sarah anne said...

That is definitely something to aspire for, i bow.

pinx said...

that is beautiful and inspiring ! never before has gratitude been so eloquently or insightfully defined !

You reveal how essential it is to have gratitude towards the High & Divine ~ that is truly a great attitude and the foundation stone for being a proper person. and no-one can inspire it more than You !so much to be grateful to You for !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad Guruji. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
such a beautiful dePhiniTion of gratitude P! You show what it Truly means and what a great attitude is!
such a gem to be read again and again! a gorgeous reminder to the self and the ego which have no reason to ever resPond with anything but reverence to Divine!
Your words are the kindest guide to live and abide in real and everlasting joy.
You are suPreme P!
i bow at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

one is aware now that one needs to develoP gratitude
grateful to You for Your Plogs

PsingulariTy said...

Your Plogs keeP one sane
You are The Best Blogger

Anonymous said...

i bow.
So grateful for Your Plogs P!
So grateful for the real dePhiniTions only You can Provide
So beautifully You describe the state one longs to abide in

'it is a perenially joyful state of being
borne out of real thankfullness
which flows out of true humility & reverance
for the high & divine'

a True servant of Divine is grateful to Divine in every moment.
You give one every reason to be grateful P!
Your incarnation here is cause for ceaseless joy!
i bow in shame for having lived as such an ungrateful brat for so long.
one is so grateful for the ways You helP one unlearn such unatural behavior P.
so grateful for the opportunity You give for one to surrender ones ego to Divine!
to serving Divine! To learn to abide in real thankfullness joy and grattitude!
one is so fortunate to get to read the words of Divine
for the chance to become a real human being in service to You!
i bow

Unknown said...

PT, the Light, the Guide, the Divine always shows the path to higher self!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

so gratefull You are the PerfecT PhracTal here right now !!

this really should be so normal and natural to everyone, so gratefull You Teach one how to get to this for real once and for all !!

so gratefull You are the PerfecT PhracTal here right now !! so gratefull You are here !

'natural vs unnatural' is Playing right now too, so cool and magical !!

You make the best things in life Possible and happen !

so gratefull one can learn from You directly ! so grateful one does not have to live a muggle life through Your Grace !

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

this is really BeautyFull to read again ! You define it so well, like one who truely gnos it !!! You are so kind to be here, Your Presence here makes one truely gratefull that this existence exists ... You exist so wonderfully, that one exists too ... it just makes one gratefull for Your whole game ! P's Game 💖 Beautyfull Natural Divine Game on Gaia and beyond !!

am so glad one is not obligated to learn about anything else other than the PresenT !
You are a Divine giPhT ... You are the best PresenT one can recieve or give !

You make one experience real gratitude and define it all so PerfecTly !!!

sarah said...

What a fantastic definition of the word 'gratitude'.

"a perenially joyful state of being
borne out of real thankfullness
which flows out of true humility & reverance
for the high & divine"

You are so deeP and Profound
Your etymological gnowledge is immaculate

veena iyengar said...

gratitude=great+attitude..WOW..i never thought of it like this..
Thank you for enlightening us..

ankita said...

You write so beautifully
You are such a beautiful, soulful being
bowing to Your beautiful soulfulness

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

AbsoluTe Pure TruTh.

P's greaT attitude makes him the greaTest human being.

You are the PhirsT and the PhoremosT.

i am graTePhul to you for everything.🙏😊

i bow to you.🙇

nicolas said...

magnificent! one can only face one's ignorance when one comes across you
gnowledge Phlows from you just like water Phlows in the ocean! it is all effortless
you are the universal Power, you are ParamaTma

i bow to you all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

You guide everyone towards a better state, and more understanding step-by-step, even at the expense of the ego. Your kindness is inimitable.

Ankeeta said...

PT You are the most wonderful One.... whatever clarity and sense one has in life, it's because of Your invaluable teachings... i bow at Your suPreme gnowledge and wisdom and Your beautiful lotus feet... one is most grateful to You...

ankita said...

wow absolutely beautiful Plog

Shruthi said...

You are such an exemPlary being to learn from. You are so merciPhull to teach the basics of basics and raise beings from such a level. So so gratePhull for your Presence, your teachings, your generosity. There is truly no one like you. one humbly bows to you P. You are simply the best.