Tuesday 13 October 2009


in a world turning robotic fast

any emotion

no matter how negative (devoluting) it is

is seen as a sign of heart

depression is the major emotion

which sells in today's music

people are often found raving on

about how they can feel this or that song

which makes both the song and singwriter great

great always is something on the same level as them

bubble bursting time -

most of the emotions which

grip the mass consciousness

are generated from 3 lower chakras

root, sacral, solar plexus &

don't involve the heart at all

thats why most cannot relate to

lotusocean music

which deals with emotions

way beyond hurt, disaffection, jealousy,

self-loathing, fake self-aggrandizement etc

they are quick to point out

that it doesn't move them &

thus must lack proper emotion

the fact that they are apathetic &

don't really have a heart

is inconcievable


Shahid said...

Fantastic post...Love it.

Now I know why most people cant relate to
LotusOcean Music.

I pray that your BeOmega band and other audio CD's get released throughout India someday when people are ready for it:)

mriggy said...

that is really eloquent and spot on..

starchild said...


blackfoot said...

thanks for that.. very enlightening.. it really explains why alot of music is more of a downer than an upper..

asha Pi arTi said...

POW WOW ! what explosive mindblowing in Your face TRUTH !

You rock and so does Your music and so does everything You do !

infact it more than rocks, it elates, it enlivens, it enlightens, it is erotic, euphoric, ecstatic... it is every positive e word there is !

it is e~motion ! and no wonder You invoke so many in ones who listen and read and sing along !

pinx said...

what a crucial & Pertinent P-log ! a must read for all !!!

Your words banish the misnomers that beings have about the nature of emotion ! Your words are so clarifying and enlightening ! what distinguishes LotusOcean music from the rest has been eloquently & scientifically elucidated by You ! it is so interesting to learn that most of the emotions which grip the mass consciousness are generated from the 3 lower chakras - root, sacral, & solar plexus - that is so clarifying & makes it clear in no uncertain terms that most beings do not have a heart ~ a vital insight You have shared !

to hear music created by One with a heart, One who indeed has access to all the higher chakras is such a privilege ! and explains why only Your music has a positive effect on one's DNA, and why after getting a taste of it all else becomes so offputting ! it is so much more rewarding to put the effort into listening to Your music, rather than that which one can 'relate' to. Your music gives one access to a higher state of being, an opportunity to transcend the mundane and the lowly and reach for something better ! Your music is truly sublime & listening to it one finds communion with the Divine itself !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

Your music is the most moving music one has ever experienced. one can not understand how others cant be moved by it. Dhanyavad P, for sharing your Profoundly Poweful sounds. It pure medicine. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
LotusOcean music is the only music which has real emotion! it affects one in ways that are inexplicable!
after being exPosed to Divines sounds any other so called music is blatantly programmed garbage to keep one down! there is nothing uPliPhTing about it at all!
ones current job plays appointed muggle music all day and it drives one insane!
Your music is the only relief! Divine is most kind to share vibrations which heal one and clear one of the matrix programming and helP one evolve!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

wow ! Plogs are the only real wow~ing blogs on internet !
Your emotion is galatic
multiversal inPhacT

You show how one does not have the ability to totally enjoy the LotusOcean sound & light
even with limited PercePTion one has, its not hard to see that the sound is amazing, aweing, absolutely marvellous !
exPerience of real bliss seems to be one that one would want to never ever let go if one had it ! its intense, Profuse, True desirable state !
bliss is music in itself !

You make one want to evolve & ascend at the earliest !

PsingulariTy said...

Divine is rocking
all You do is Rock 'n' Roll

You are the Rock 'n' Roll King of music and otherwise as well

miragegirl said...

a feeling, a little feeling that touched you
a limited limitless feeling that rolled me to you
that's a feeling, that touched you

a little feeling, a little feeling
lets her & me astray, now difference made to our way
a little feeling led to you, just a feeling, no her but alone You gno
deep and depth you gno, just a little feeling, that feeling you gno
grow to a tree, go for good, to touch the heavens that little feeling
shown a lesson, let feeling be the way it should, the feeling

lovely little feeling, when would it begin to bloom
on other trace would it yet another life assume ?

doom when that is all one has, a feeling...

dePression is out atleast once one started concentrating on lotusocean
You music is Par excellence
PhuTure i wish has touch with your music too
and unrealistic feelings don't last, they wither, may leave traces but wither
May man's magic is always fresh and fragrant

Unknown said...

Your music is great its not just fun it's Pt Phun... you create music with greater meaning, you know about music, the sounds better and create a blissful music not depressive!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

You slayed it! You indeed burst the bubble!
"depression is the major emotion
which sells in today's music"
It is absolutely true, and since everyone is depressed, people say they feel it and relate to it. One is at fault for saying they don't feel it or like it, when it is them who drown in lower emotions.

Listening to lotusocean sounds/music is the only way one is uplifted and moves towards blissful states. One develops aversion to these lowly music after listening to your beautiful and entrancing sounds. You create the most heart touching music!
I bow at your divine feets. Pranaam.

Anonymous said...

so true. You're so right..'in a world turning robotic fast any emotion no matter how negative(devoluting) it is is seen as a sign of heart'
You're so very right..all messed up emotions are encouraged in this world
'the emotions which grip the mass consciousness are generated from three lower chakras' wow Your Plogs are so informative. You write so beautifully.
LotusOcean music is a class apart. Your music is the most unique.
Your words glow with wisdom and knowledge.

ki vernee said...

beautifully put ! i bow

Anonymous said...

so many revelations..Your Plogs are such a delight to read
"in a world turning robotic fast
any emotion
no matter how negative (devoluting) it is
is seen as a sign of heart"
..so so true ..Your observations are so great
You are so absolutely right
it's such a joy to read Your Plogs
Your beautiful words help one ignore the things that plague the mind
Your Plogs are so cooling
Your music is so very beautiful and so above the petty emotions that plague the human spirit ..Your music is so otherworldly, so beautiful, so flowing and so in tune with nature
Your music is so Vedic , so angelic and so full of beauty
You have created so many wonderful and uPliPhTing sounds
the way You say things is so ePic
i bow

Anonymous said...

such great words
Your words are so soothing and stabilising
Your words are relieving
You show one the true way out
You know what's going on in this world
these are such great clarifications
yes so true..any emotion no matter how negative (devoluting) it is is seen as a sign of heart
these are such great observations
it's so much better to do the do instead of worrying about not having emotions
most of the stuff passed on as emotions are negative devolving nonsense
they just want to glorify pain and torture like You revealed
it's best to take the PaTh You show which is the only PaTh out of all this hellishness
You are the saviour and the only refuge
the spider web of this world is so vicious
it leaves one apathetic
there's no heart at all
one is so full of nonsense that ones spirit can hardly breathe..having a heart is far away
You give one a chance to rise above all the nonsense
there's only death and more death without You
there seems no end to how apathetic and dead the spirit can become
Your words are the most crucial
You're so kind to save one from a stone like state to give one a chance to evolve out of it
You show one the real way to sanity
You are so PosiTive
You are so sweet, so kind and so comPassionaTe

LotusOcean music is so full of freedom
it's so above all the lowly emotions that wreck people
its so beyond everything
its so beautiful and transcendental
Your music is such waves of lightness
it's so beautifully embedded in nature, ever flowing like the river

You are the only refuge from the craziness of this world
i bow at Your beautiful comPassionaTe PheeT
You are the saviour
i bow

Anonymous said...

yes one becomes so apathetic
this body is such a prison
this is such a hell and one hardly has any heart but You give one a chance to evolve
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You reveal everything so wonderfully
Your observations of this world are Priceless
no one can observe the world like You do
You burst all the bubbles
You reveal it all and so effortlessly
You are so joyful
You have such an all in One PersonaliTy

lotus ocean music is so beautiful
it is so otherworldly
it is so above all negative emotions!
it is ambrosia
it is nectar from beyond
it is so light and so free
it's so above the heaviness of this realm
it has heavenly beauty and charm
You are such a beautiful creator
You are such a beautiful, beautiful being!
i bow

sarah said...

You put everyone in their place with class, expertise, and inimitable suaveness.

undecided said...

i bow. People use the term love very frequently and thus attachment is seen to be "heart chakra" vibrations, yet when you begin to look at love as guru-disciple, you begin to see almost all music that is being played in age is 100% about attachment and not evolution. It's popular because if someone hears a song about depression and attachment love, they can "feel" this vibration and thus that "musician" is great! But it's really just the mentality, "misery loves company"

Lotus Ocean music is never about pain and torture attachment, but rather pure beauty in visuals and true Love in sound waves. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

True...but Now i can relate to loTusocean saounds...I don't gno how this transformation happened but your saounds always have this blissful electriPhying energy which insPires one PosiTively.

i bow to PT.

nicolas said...

wow what a P log!!! you are amazing!
your words are the best words as they convey the TruTh so wonderPhully and comprehensively!
you are divine
your music is a magnificent experience!
your creative genius is so uPlifTing!
it is so impressive how one is transformed by your vibraTions!

i bow to you all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

Your PerfecT PhracTal heart is the only source of haPPiness that exists.
Your sweetness is so Precious.