Thursday 29 October 2009

the american experiment

when asked about my views on

the experiment gnown as america

i have just one simple observation -

'no concept of moderation'

whether it be the

size/weight of people & their bellies

size of their burgers

size of supermarkets

size of vehicles ...

of course there is so much else wrong there

from the very root

but this part just sticks out

above all else

relative to rest of the earthly settlements

of course the extremism

is not divinecentric

how can it be when

they don't even

have any proper conception of it

lack of seeking/striving ?!

yes it is

and the reason brings us back full circle -

an environment

lacking moderation

when a bunch of thugs are given a large piece of land

to rape and plunder

moderation is the first quality to disappear


starchild said...

thanks for getting to the point.... the american dream.. more like american nightmare..

stardolphin said...

and all this utter nonsense concerning Hallowe'en, an American invention, and the highpoint of the American calendar

Pretence at fun activities, but really the manifestation of a belief system and a nation entirely built on Satanic action and symbolism, where it is unleashed for one demonic, godless night, and the phoney facade has a night off.

pinx said...

Your words are so brilliant & insightful & hilarious !

'no concept of moderation' that is such a great observation ! that sums up america so well !

Your title in itself is brilliant -"the american experiment" already so much revealed there !

and love Your final statement - "when a bunch of thugs are given a large piece of land to rape and plunder moderation is the first quality to disappear" Profound words ~ You always call things out for what they truly are, it is so admirable !

I Bow !

sarah anne said...

This is so absolutely true. lotusocean perspective is perfectly on point. restraint, quality, and class are the antithesis of the american way.

when other translucents criticize america, it is as if lack of opportunity is a virtue. they don't want to face that this is what their exact same genepool does when given the chance to express its barbarism.

It is lucky that it is possible to put one's natural tendency to extremism in a positive direction!

Anonymous said...

Your powerful words hit "home." i run to Your Divine feet as fast as i can. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!
Your words and observations are always completely accurate! it is truly the most hellish and disgusting experiment! one is all to familiar with the lack of moderation and extremism. ones whole life was spent oscillating between extremes of all varieties. It is so great the way You candidly PoinT out how wrong and sick this place is from the root!
Your words are so kind and steer one toward seeing how essential it is to become Divine centric. You give one a focal PoinT to centre on, to learn basics and moderation and how necessary it is for one to apply these to ones life at all times!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

america is a hell indeed ! absolutely no sense of moderation there ! so much food in the suPer markets (almost all GMO stuff that is difficult to eat) that it is like a miles long marathon to walk to get anything for oneself !

same with their electronics...

same with the roads they build, the other infrastructure in Place !

the way America functions can be typically exPlained by this – the signs that are PuT by the roadside are humongous in size ! it take thousands of PeoPle to maintain them, even though those signs are alright serving their PurPose, they are mandated to be comPleTely changed after few years just because government rules so ! it wants the system to not fail, it wants PeoPle to grind 9 to 5, it wants government officials to be able to run their crazy PoliTics ! it wants PeoPle to be traPPed in concrete buildings/ trailers next to cement factories, junk yards, railway lines ...

the native tribal areas have become so dangerous ! no security at all !

food in suPermarkets gets thrown so much ! the money that PeoPle make is sPenT in buying stuff that costs them more as so much more actually gets wasted !

buying fuel at gas stations is dangerous at night as the minions are out there hunting for a bait for money that they can sPend on drugs ...

there are serial killers ever there on the lose

crazy disney land does not leave security for children who enter there, its heartbreaking to actually see it oneself !

highway coPs or otherwise are ever ready to traP PeoPle in their clutches for their own ends ! Indians who go there thinking there is more justice out there need to be very aware ! they just need to gno about the inmates in Prisons out there !

the system is so Phunny that the Prisoners in certain states are allowed to deal with PeoPle’s Personal information that would be considered very very sensitive ! its just that a certain blindness is accePTed to make things run a certain way !

govt funds go into officials ‘enjoying’ themselves ...

so much wrong out there !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Humble One
antithesis to americanism

Anonymous said...

You are The Prime ResidenT
You are The PresidenT

the american Navy has a ritual of firing 21 gunshots at midday on PresidenT's day exactly around three months before Your birthday

quiet a fitting ritual

You are The PresidenT, 21 is Your number, 3 is Your number too

Divine PhracTality is Power, evil is Powerless !

You are caPTain PT

Unknown said...

hahaha as usual on point. Very well explained and quite clear answer about the american experiment!!

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow !

sarah said...

so nice how You clarify that there can be Pro-divine extremism, a much healthier use for extremist tendencies for sure !

You see everything so clearly !!!
Your overstanding of murica is so nuanced but You simPlify the crucial bits immaculately.

undecided said...

I bow. This country has been anything but divine-centered from the very beginning of its creation. PT's rays of sun truth are here for those willing to withstand the heat. aeioum

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you PT for teaching us the ABC of liPhe.

nicolas said...

you have put it so beauTiPhully! your words are divine as they convey nothing but the TruTh
i bow to you all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

You are so moderate. You always take the middle way.

Ankeeta said...

So true You are Prabhu...always sPoT on, always hitting the nail on the head, be it any ToPic in this gratePhul for Your suPreme Presence