Tuesday 16 June 2009

the energy paradox

the same person

on the street

who is very energetic

in its selfish pursuits for happiness

(eg. teenage girls out on the prowl in

miniminiskirts & skimpiest tops

in the coldest midwinter nights )

which somehow always eludes it

is often found to be

completely berefit of all energy & zest for life

when it comes to serving divine

( the same girls would suddenly feel

very cold & lethargic

if assigned any evolutionary task by any higher being

in the same weather/conditions )

the only action which can

give it the happiness it desires

it fails to find the energy for


Anonymous said...

i bow. You offer such a PrevalenT Paradox for many today, addicted to meaningless PursuiTs of everything but True HaPPiness. i bow at Your life giving feet. Dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

the scenario of this Paradox makes one shudder.

'the only action which can
give it the happiness it desires
it fails to find the energy for'

serving Divine is the only True source of happiness! it can not be found in doing anything else!
one is reminded of Your song unlimited for when one is concerned only with serving Divine does one feel one has unlimited time and energy, fueled by a source greater than anything else in this world!
Your words are a constant guide to Truth. It is so beautiful to have Your scriPTures here in the now and always available to turn to.
You are the ultimate P!
i bow at Your suPreme feet!

miragegirl said...

Praise of Divine is a right action
it Provides intelligence in all ways for ones own betterment
it Provides a better Phuture

when one intends to serve Divine, energy seePs into one

so sad PeoPle do not understand how magical life really is !
'time to wake uP, wake uP & rise'

the movement of hands, how it can sPrinkle magic about, without even a wand, no one seems to understand

it is so True, every action one does effects DNA
whether that is taking one higher or devolving one is in ones own hand

Praise of Divine takes one higher

PsingulariTy said...

You are The One
You have 'unlimited Time & Energy'

Anonymous said...

i bow.
You are the source of all energy!
P is the real liPhe Phorce!!!
energy is for serving Divine. for Praising Divine!
Praise of You is the PuresT fuel there is!
it is SO beautiful and insPiring to see the ways nature utilizes energy to serve and Praise You P!
so aweing the Truly scienTiPhic and Powerful and magickal ways You charge uP Your world constantly!
with a PoinT or a wave of Divines fingers, with the highest most Divine saounds!
with Your very Presence!!!
everything You do, every breath You breathe is a giPhT to this world!
every thing You do is an offering charging it uP and giving it more energy!
You show how Powerful Real energy is!
and You never waste energy in any form. You give SO much to this world P!
SO much more than one could ever fully see.
one is so ashamed to have wasted so much energy on selfish meaningless pursuits
to have destroyed ones mind and body in the process, fueling it up with all the wrong things to keep in going in awful pursuits!
to have taken so much from Your beautiful world throughout ones life without giving back.
it becomes more and more apparent how all in this world have such a heavy debt to repay to it, to You!
There is nothing in this world that can bring one happiness excePT serving Divine!
You are SO generous to guide beings in the only way to Truly, actually, factually evolve.
to cease in petty selfish pursuits which only keep one stuck in this hellish cycle.
i bow.

Unknown said...

Such a paradox it is... simply pursuit of meaningless happiness and they can't value higher things!!

Unknown said...

to the Energy, i bow

sarah said...

You are so cool to shed light on this paradox, only You can guide the way to actual haPPiness.

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a beautiful perspective ! i bow !

Unknown said...

It's our blindness that restricts us from being happy
Another thought provoking Plog
I bow to you

Asha P said...

this is such a true observation and very crazy thing ... so much dishonesty out there

Your words are refreshing and make sense

i bow

sarah said...

You pin point the ironies of contemporary existence with Precision and wit.

undecided said...

I bow. The thing we are meant to be here for, they disregard completely. You always know exactly what to address in this age where we can learn, and start the true reason we're here. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

i bow /\

Kṛtti kā said...

Damn! Why does one is finds these Plogs so late :D
You are like Always straight to the PoinT! You show how it's only a matter of preferences, the more ignorant the worse preferences, futile priorities!
Yes, if one has energy enough to breathe eat walk sit etc then there's surely energy for serving Divine.

every day is a new lease of energy from Divine
How many days it gets renewed is uncertain,
fate dangling between hell and heaven
serving evil or Divine needs to be chosen
what entails is very clear between the 2 options

i bow

Anonymous said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great PoinT, you have shown how ignorant beings have the worst preferences. One should always strive towards serving higher and divine. I bow.

Anonymous said...

एक आप ही हैं जो हमेशा सीधे PoinT पे आकर बात करते हैं। and i simPly love this "never beaT around the bush" TraiT of yours. It makes easy for one to understand things.

nicolas said...

that is such a beauTiPhul PoinT! this is so imPorTant! you are the most Profound, your logic has no flaw

i bow to you supreme lord

Ankeeta said...

Wow so true Prabhu…You are the most articulate eloquent and elegant One…and the last three lines just go on to demonstrate Your genuine care concern and mercy for the people of this Plane…You care more about us than we would for ourselves, than our ParenTs would for us…Peace is ease with P, without P there is no Peace…