Saturday 7 July 2007


There was, once, a living man, Serapis, whose life design became so interpolated with the principles of mind governing Earth, that a consequent archetypical crystal of consciousness was built upon the single altar stone of his life.

This same soul which began the Serapis morphia was also incarnate
as the great Thoth Hermes Trismegestus, who in turn initiated the Hermetic archetype. Thus the Hermetic archetype is a transmutation of the Serapis in that the alchemical Hermes is a "mutable" of Serapis...

Trismegestus = Tripitaka = Trivedi = Trishul = Trinity and so on ...


Sree said...

i can not understand the blog, please help me understand P

ShivaYaShive said...

Trivedi=Trishool:)very beautiful.the way u break the words n bring out the meanings n metaphor is one of the 64 divine skills.

Anonymous said...

Its Perfectly clear that anyone not in tune, rhythm and alignment with the divine is lacking the ability to be free.Einstein was as much as he could but not like the divine which is incomparable and unrivaled.Even the butterflies know... Its like they follow the code of conduct of the divine plan.The maP.Thank you for revealing it.And we thank ourselves fr having made causes in some distant past to be able to connect to your holiness.

miragegirl said...

you gnow the feeling and mood associated with every thing, butterflies flapping wings in this case and create it so effortlessly

only a perfect coherent being that is you can concieve such a piece

everyone else cant even think of it

you are as you have revealed the supreme artist

Indra with the whole svarg accompanied must be paying proper attention with reverence to your beautiful creations

only your beautiful music is worth of all P~raises

only you are worth of all P~raises

pinx said...

the Birdman has returned !!
what an amazing time it is !
and how fractal it is that Your name should be "Trivedi" ~ the workings of Divine are marvellous !

You show what is fractality ~ 7.7.7 = 21, Your birth number, the World card ! what a gathering of butterfiles to honour Your arrival ! more than synchronicity !
and what amazing crop formation responses have occurred in the butterfly design since ! so much getting revealed all the time ~ You are the current in the line of Avatars/Higher Divine Souls who have incarnated on this plane to set an example for all of mankind and guide them to the next age !

You show You are the embodiment of tri-ness. You teach and reveal so much about the functionings of the Multiverse.

"He'll make it alright, as long as you, you don't fight, he'll make it alright" ♪♫♪♫ ~ yes indeed ! and You do ! You make it alright, You are the only one that can make it alright ! it is suicide to fight !

You are a real Super Hero !! You are the Birdman ~ Garud Narayan !

I Bow !

Shahid said...

Return of the Birdman..Fantastic sound-visual experience. I love watching this video again and again. You are drawing me towards you like a magnet Lord and I am loving it :)

I bow to the real Birdman, to the real Super Hero, the one and only Avatar PT <3

Anonymous said...

i bow. i bow. i bow to The Trinity of Your Divinity. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

wow! i bow!

You have the most enthralling way of educating one about Your immemorial Divinity, the real PhuncTionings of history ,mythology realology!!!
such wizardry in Your words and thrilling videos P!

You and all You do make ones heart wings flutter and flap constantly! You are the real dream come True! The Bird Man Returned!

bowing to Your all encomPassing Truth and Tri-ness!

Anonymous said...

seven swaras of Your Voice are the most attractive, echoing to the mountains & the horizon, resounding through the skies, TrumPing Wictory of Truth !

You are The Voice !

seven energies (Sun, Moon & the five Planets) is Your light !
Your light is what You generate by Yourself, You are the NewSun ! (real science is so aPPealing, so magical)
Your light is made of seven colours & many more 'seen & unseen' ones
Your aural disPlay is so beautiful ! the unseen glory also in it, is tremondous, that which only the higher dimensional entities can see !
high dimensions surely have beautiful sPheres, designs for communication, sacred geometry (croP formaTions show that)
magniPhicanT Divine's creation is
magniPhicanT You are ! You are IT's coherent PhracTal on earth !

Your heart waves & mind travel to seven lokas above
You are 'from a dimension beyond dimensions'

You are the Lord of the Seven Rays
You are the Lord of Seven days of the week
You are the Lord of Seven Mountains
You are the Lord of the horizon defined by 7's

777 is lottery lucky for muggles
777 is Aeioum for Divine, where the classiness resides is quiet aPParenT

PsingulariTy said...

You are King of Kings, You are Kalki

Trigyan, Powered through Garud mind is what starts Your grand Procession of croP formations as a King ! a 21 Power Drive. PhracTal once again. You are the charge One 777.

You are The Voice that defines 'the geometry of music'

Anonymous said...

You are grand Lord of the Seven Chakras. You are The Enlightened Master.

Anonymous said...

You are th most intense practical being whose truth intensity has connected him to Divine.

Meghhnaa said...

You are a master of words :)
The numeric 7 sounds all the more powerful with your words !

Unknown said...

You're the creator of many things, The first video Return of The Birdman sounds like a beginning and continuation of something great. In the second video, your music and the cheery butterflies are so much in sync, which looks really beautiful and this experiment created another crop circle of a butterfly

Unknown said...

P has the most expansive view.

Unknown said...

i bow to mother earth.
i bow to trishul.
i bow to shiv.
i bow to PT.
i bow to phractal nature.

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ 🙏 You are so Ultimately PhracTal and meaningful !! so many asPecTs to You !!! 🙏 ⭐️
i bow 🌟

undecided said...

I bow. A PT butterfly flaps its wings in australia and one can feel the joy all the way in America. The butterfly effect of pure Peace and PhracTility to wake us all up from our slumber. aeioum

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

you are the divine TriniTy.
you are the real avaTar.

Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

what a revelation! this P log is so profound! another proof of the timelessness of your genius! you are the smartest! your intelligence is a divine Phenomena! you shine brighter than the Sun
i bow to you ShivNarayan

jagatsevak said...

you decode the hidden gnowledge with such ease and clariTy.
you maniPhesT multiversal archeTypes so naTurally.
your AvaTaric powers are endless.
your Tri-ness resonaTes throughouT All That Is.
Glory to PT Kalki AvaTar

jagatsevak bows at your wholy LoTus PheeT, Shiv Narayan