Monday 30 July 2007

Four Corners Ritual


ShivaYaShive said...

Prakruthi mirrors Prashant.very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Your holy Presence flows with authority in all the four corners and directions with all the benevolent deities - North - Kubera , South - Yama , East - Indra and West - Varuna fully expressing gratitude for your grace. Thankyou...

miragegirl said...

you so effortlessly play so many varied tunes

there are so many expressions of you

all so very beautiful and pleasant

you are indeed "all the colours of the rainbow seen & unseen" and much more

you are the Quetzacoatel
with a coat of many colours

you paint the sky with your music

you even create clouds at will

clouds shape themselves fractally to represent aspects of you

even the wind blows the trees to represent fractal aspects related to you

the sky turns colours that you wear to show its respect to you

all the elements bow down to you

you are the supreme personality that sustains the multiverse

you are the most benevolent being

pinx said...

What an amazing sonic ritual ! what an astounding exhibition of fractality ! one is instantly awed by how PerfecTly Your outfit is resembled in the scenery behind. the Sky and the Land are reflecting You ! that is such an incredible sight to behold ! You are no ordinary being !

and what amazing music You make ! the sounds and vibrations of the Land being expressed through You. You get to what the Native Americans had been striving for musically...and then beyond ! rhythmically, electrically, vibrationally, acoustically You express the energy of the Land and Your message to it ! that "Native American" sound stems from an effort to connect with the Earth, and in Your case it is a fully fledged ability to connect with Her ! and not just connect but actually raise Her !

very honourable and special music maker You are ! Your rituals are so urgently required for this PlaneT ! You are taking the burden away from Bhudevi ! You are lifting her, just like You show in Your beautiful film "Jagran-Bhudevi Utthanam".

very exciting four corners ritual ! You are the ultimate music maker !!! raising the vibrations of this Earth !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow. such a suPreme, sublime, sonorous sunset sonic P! one has witnessed this portion of the Earth and surrounding areas grow more lush and beautiful with every passing year since Your Plays. The Pure living Proof of the PoTency of Your Divine magic is undeniable. dhanyavad for blessing this world with Your Divine light and sound. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You mind waves are so Pure, so beautiful
they are for the senses to sense as saound, Your saound

its a total ritual !

Your Presence on the land there in itself is also a ritual for the

Navajo/hoPi !

the saound, You, are so intune with land, so mixed-in with the land,

with the bushes on it, with the flat mountains, with the vastness

& then the dance of the One standing & dancing in the sky surrounded by

stars, the dance which causes the natives to want to dance too !

such a ritual !

24 effect ! (i see it so)
very grandly You & we see the effects all around !

wow ! to be continued ! land is blessed now ! rejoicing times !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Lord of the 'Indigenous People' , The Tribal Head
You are The Pahana

swastik is symbolism for Your PuriTy. it shows that the center, the Axis has arms sPread towards the four directions. truth is immortal swastik says. You are immortal !

Anonymous said...

You have set an ancient, intune with nature feel to the Place once again !

Anonymous said...

You purify the places your visit by increasing the vibrations there with your plays. You are a very high energy being so you have the ability to do that.

Unknown said...

your music in this video is tribal like actually "indigenous" is an apt word to describe it.

Unknown said...

It is so magical how P morphs with the sky (I bow)

Gita said...

Beautiful colours surround the divine like a halo surrounding him..

I Bow !!

Anonymous said...

Divine sage/guruPT's Presence amPlifies the beauTy of mother nature.

Anonymous said...

PT exisTs in PrakruThi.

your divine Plays always exciTes mother naTure.

Franco PT said...
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