Thursday, 19 July 2007


indulgence in the illusory happiness of Not-Gnoing
is the only thing keeping people from Gnoing


Asha said...

WOW ... another gem is found again in Your sea of seeing ... what a perspective and so provocatively true... stops one from working hard to find out.

* bowing to the One who provides eyes as freely as the earth gives food *

Anonymous said...

Anything in excess is bad except indulgence in the divine.The more we burn in this fire , the more we breathe its lotus fragrance and the more we bathe or even better drown in its ocean - we always come out anew , Purer and Perfectly immortal...Every time - time after time... Eternally. Timelessly.We Thankyou Swami.

miragegirl said...

you are the most benevolent being

helping everyone see that all are fools

without any gnowledge

and thus helping one aim for better

you are like the sun who shines without any partiality on the whole world

you spread warmth around with your words and bring about and nurture proper growth

pinx said...

Profound !!

Your words are always PerTinenT and to the PoinT !

what a brilliant & crucial teaching which You have so eloquently summated in 2 lines alone !!! You are truly an enlightened being ! You can summarise the plight of mankind in so few words ! and provide the solution as well !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

wow. Wow. WOW! one is rendered speachless. i bow to Your brilliance. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

So smart. Intelligent, helpful, thank you.

Anonymous said...

There is not another in all the worlds who can articulate timeless wisdom so concisely!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

what a smashing Plog !

everyone is dishonest at some level, there is no seeking after the real reality, after union with Divine

brain as a faculty is not used much indeed

the more one understands what You are actually doing, the more one sees how PosiTivily imPacTful You are to one
You are the most benevolent, which in its entirety is imPossible to comPrehend
You are great ! so grand !

PsingulariTy said...

You are a Rockstar with rock 'n' roll music
You are the real Philm star with Phi Philms on internet for everyone to see
You are a True scribe scriPTing the greatest scriPTure on Plane T
You are the most Martian Player
You are The Voice of heavens
You are the NewSun
You are Divine

Your mind Power is symbolistic of what real indulgence is & what it can lead to. Garud is symbolism for what lord Narayan rides on. Your indulgence in gnoing the Truth was so intense that You are born into Divine ! You are Garud Narayan.

Anonymous said...

True indulgence in praise of Divine who is so absolutely virtuous, true and pure is the magic herb from the depths of oceans that can cure all ailments.

Anonymous said...

Your blog posts are always so intensely profound that it takes a while to grasp.

Asha P said...

this is so witty and Phun ! indulgence has never been so beautyfully and simply defined before... how dangerous it is to indulge in not gnowing ... so PosiTive to learn from You !!!

* i bow *

Unknown said...

Indulgence is just a short term, shortly lived happiness and people run behind it like crazy not knowing the consequences of it that it will make them astray from walking on the path which is meant to be walked on. They don't understand why they are dissatisfied, they are dissatisfied because, the true happiness is not short lived or for a short time and that is why they keep running and don't find it easily till they give up on running behind short lived indulgences.

Unknown said...

So true. People can feel so comfortable in knowing nonsense instead of knowing the truth of this world.

Unknown said...

i bow to your phacts.
i bow to your insight.
i bow to your divine light.

Unknown said...

i bow to the Narayan.

Anonymous said...

so Precise and Profound ..unforgettable. Your words are the PuresT gems
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! amazing PoinT P ! You definitely lure one out of the illusory sense of gnowing ! You really are the source code of gnowledge !

Anonymous said...

wow You say this so beautifully..what beautiful, glowing and true words
such meaningful scriPTures...i bow

sarah said...

Your asceticism is so Profound.

ki vernee said...

You are so smart and so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...

it's so great to come to Your beautiful Plogs away from the tussle in ones mind
Your words are so beautiful, Profound and meaningful
one should lose oneself in Your beautiful words of wisdom and music instead of getting horrified by the lack of clarity in the mind
You are so wise
You give everyone a chance to evolve
You make so much sense
You are such a beautiful, beautiful being
Your words are so stabilising
You Provide a refuge for the mind
You are the only real PsychologisT
You write so beautifully
Your words have such great charm and meaning
all one wants to do is hold onto Your beautiful words of wisdom when the tide of the nonsense of the mind is high
You are the greatest teacher
You are Phenomeanal
You write and sPeak with such great aPlomb
You are absolutely unique
You are the sweetest being
You are so benevolent
Your words are so enriching
You are PhascinaTing
You are the most PosiTive
You are so much Phun
You are so joyful
You have such a wonderful and Phun writing style
Your Plogs are the best ever
You show one the real PaTh
You take one away from the illusory happiness of not knowing
You have so many good qualities
You show one what good qualities are
You redefine everything
You set the record straight
You turn ones whole world around
You are the rarest of the rare
one is lucky to have come across You
You are so sPecial
You are the only hoPe
You are ones only roPe out of hell
You can take one to a higher lok
You are such a great examPle of how to be
You are so balanced
Your laughter and Your smile is so wonderful
Your Plays are so ePic
You are so constant and continuous
You reach out to the world
Your intentions are so beautiful and Pure
You are greatness
i bow

Unknown said...

So true!!

Ignore is bliss

Nowadays everyone loves to live by it, to hide their lack of knowledge
You've clarified it in the shortest and simplest way possible


Gita said...

Yes true it reminds me of how u said that one should have and attitude of lord Ganesh to learn something.. Indulgence abt evolving into something higher shall be my aim..

Anonymous said...

Plogs just cannot be ignored! 😇🙏aeioum

Anonymous said...

You are a Phorce to reckon with
You are do kind to save beings from indulgence in the illusory happiness of not gnoing
it's such a dreadful thing
You are very kind to save beings from an unimaginably scary fate
You are so kind to save beings from indulging in this crazy place
You are very kind to show a way out of this prison like existence
You are the kindest most comPassionaTe being
whatever is said in Praise of You is still less
You are so effortlessly PerfecT
i bow

Unknown said...
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undecided said...

I bow. People caught up in today's illusionary world will not gno their true teach us that true power. aeioum

lana_33 said...

Wow! Two lines and You so PerfecTly exPlain such a big problem in the world!!! how amazingly You oversTand everyThing ~ how succincTly You summarize such comPlex problems!!! so haPPy to be able to indulge in Real gnoledge due to Your gracious Teachings instead!!! i bow to You and Your PerfecTly clear and sTill mind!!!

Vaishali thaker said...

Only due to your presence one can win over the illusions & differentiate it from the reality..
your straightforward phacts are not only eyeopening but also makes one take actions rightaway..
life would be so dull without your presence.
This world is phull of illusions & only you are the savior..
i bow 🙏

Unknown said...

Yes, people indulge is all kinds of evil and vulgar things and they don't understand their reality of beingness... I try to avoid indulging in these foolish things... aeioum...

NavdeeP said...

O divine being !!!I bow down to your feet.
You are a great Guru on this earth I have ever met in my life.
Your teach everything in such a straight, simple and profound way.
In your teaching u have included practicle acts which amazed me.
Bows!!! Bows!!! To my amazing Guru.

Unknown said...

that is the reality without a doubt ... ones goal is to give oneself up to Divine not evil ... i bow

Anonymous said...

very righT.

Franco PT said...
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nicolas said...

that is very Profound! your words are so simple and clear! you make so much sense and sweep away the falsities of one's consciousness! i bow to you supreme lord

NavdeeP said...

What a ProPhound teaching and the real jewel to read.People are bkeeping themselves busy noiseless activities here which are not going to helP them Phurther. To gno the real being have to start from I don't gno. You are so Kind and comPassionate that you are teaching without any sugarcoated words as your only Purpose here to take the beings out of this matrix. I bow and blessed by your Presence.

nicolas said...

this is really Profound! your words are really great! there is no one like you! you are truly amazing!
i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

indulgence in the illusory haPPiness of not gnoing is such a time waste... it stops beings from coming to gno that the Divine avatar is here to show them a way out! You are a beautiPhul heavenly Presence... ambrosia of liPhe Phlows from You and revives this world ...You raise the dead... Your sword of truth cuts through all lies!
i 🙇

ankita said...

indulgence in the illusory haPPiness of not gnoing is the only thing keePing people from going !
You sum it all uP so beautiPhully !
there's no haPPiness in not gnoing's just the illusion of that the beings are stuck in ! and there is too much indulgence in that and time wastage ! You are so kind to insPire one to move towards real haPPiness !
You are so imPressive
if one doesnt gno how to get out of pain , one learns and if pnd is not ready to learn one is stuck in some illusion that not gnoing is okay ..that's craziness!
You makd all the sense ever!
You are the real Divine avatar revealing the truth
ond bows