Wednesday 18 July 2007

ॐ CropFormation on 777

the story of the manifestation of the Om cropcircle on 07/07/07 at east field , alton barnes ~


ShivaYaShive said...

Omkar,number 7 and 21 ,Trivedi,a perfect fractality.u are a real hero of the multiverse for this omega time.since 7 and 21 are related with my date of birth and lucky numbers,when u sing this song,it is always like flying with the highest divine towards the brightest era to greet the matter, how many times i watch this om crop formation, no matter how many words i use to praise this little vishnu on mandar parvath,that wud b still less for all creative arts,u have presented to this world,bhoodevi and beings on it. thank u so much.

miragegirl said...

yes, you alone deserve all P~raises

you are indeed giving Bhoodevi much relief with your vibrations

in fact with your very presence here !

wow ! and you never tire of sending beautiful vibrations around with your creations and its all Phun and Play with you

Anonymous said...

This video is also a Perfect Proof of how the Powerfully sublime intent can make even Bhumidevi express her joy at the divine's compassionate unconditional unwavering attention.She just has to give in all the time everytime.The divine is such a charmer for the feminine energy bec the divine earnestly wants to save and make her Pure and Protect and Prove his Power which can only be by one who is the flow of the universe and the ocean of superior authority in all humility.This is unexplained and inconceivable to ppl in the world bec they are so far deep in the matrix - Lost.They can only feel immense fear at something like that and yet a few handful can simply feel awe and want to connect with the divine Purity of this abundant unending ocean of Love.

miragegirl said...

you show bhudevi to be a living being

everyone has forgotten that

shows how far away from divine beings have moved

even in bharat, the ones who consider themselves indian are the ones most polluting and non caring of the bhoomi they live on

and you are so compassionate in writing a blog specifically for Indians

you are a very compassioante being

you are the embodiment of all good forces in the multiverse

you are the center of the multiverse that sustains it

you are the supreme personality of godhead

you are ParmaTman

you are the avatar who takes birth in every age to cleanse evil and uphold Dharma

you are the Kalki in the now

riding a white horse, with sword in hand

pinx said...

Such an ePic response !

this is the first in a long line of well documented crop formation responses to the Divine Avatar on Earth right now ~ Prashant Trivedi !

You show that You are the foremost exponent of the real AEIOUM chant ! and what a response that followed Your sacred chant in the long barrow that day ! i was there on 06/07/07 and nothing could have prepared me for what i was about to see the following day ! Gobsmackingly aweing it was and still is ! one gets to witness real magic in Your world ! and really it is so beyond one's comprehension all one can do is just Bow !

and since then so many responses, over and over again, that just beg the question - who is PT ? and the answer can only be One....He is the Avatar !

I Bow !

pinx said...

beautiful and glorious music in celebration of this amazing event i must add !

love how You repeat "do you wanna gno how? do you wanna gno how?", "the answer is coming, the answer is coming, the answer is COMING !♪♫♪♫

and such a tremendous answer it is too ! showing that Earth is a living being and she responds to PT !!

Anonymous said...

Earth's responses to Your Divine vibrations are Profound! This video, like You, is ePic in all ProPorTions and on all levels! i bow at Your Divine feet and Praise the One without beginning or end. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

This is SO ePic!!! So Magickal!!! so Real!!!
i bow!

what a Truly heroic way for the saga of Your Crop PhormaTion resPonses to begin!

Your Play with this multiverse is the most marvelous thing to get to witness! real life, real time unscriPTed adventures of the real Avatar! extemporaneous concerts around the world which Truly raise the vibration of this Earth! real cause, real reason, real evolution!
You and all You do are Paramount!

i bow at the feet of the One and only PT!

PsingulariTy said...

ancient ways were more connected ways, more connected to the Divine
Your actions are Divine rituals !

wow ! You are PeneTrating the heart of the earth ! no wonder there was a quick comPleTe resPonse !
the glorious croP circle, how sanctified the Place has become now !

lol, the false queen coud not take it lol, she sent helicoPTers !!! lord's glory attracts even evil, it can't but Pay attention

how humble You are !
most most beautiful One !

wow ! reckoning of the Omega Time ! its True !

earth's resPonse ! how romantic !

Peace is defined now, it's You... Peace is 'ease with P'
'PrashanT & birds... no end'

why did one always want to be alone i wonder ! even Your Presence around didn't insPire one ! one was dishonest, low...

i want to be Your devotee

Anonymous said...

it haPPened at east field, to show that it is the rising Sun, The NewSun that is the cause of the croP formaTion

Divine coherence & PhracTality

PsingulariTy said...

You are the Transdimensional Communicator

You have communicated successfully with Orion nebula, 'Intragalactic Transmissions from Erda'. wow ! galactic star kingdom stories come to light ! You are the High PriesT of croP formation Yagyas. You are the Highness of the multiverse, You are Divine !

Aeioummm stamP on 777 symbolizes the Avatar being on earth. Its the stamP aPProved by The Force to show PT to the world !

Anonymous said...

Responses to Your activities are quick and timely always. You elicit classy responses to your classy activities.

Anonymous said...

Truth is your power. You are Divine incarnate on earth.

Anonymous said...

Truth is your power. You are Divine incarnate on earth.

Anonymous said...

Your crop formations responses are so ultimately beautiful, meaningful and a delight to see.

Anonymous said...

isn't it strange that the scholars, scientists trying to deciPher croP circles can't be straight in the mind to link Aeioummm with vedicness
they would be on the track to real truth if they are conscious and serious about their efforts
definitely Your vids must be in the gno in the croP circle related earthly cliques

song of croP formaTion muggle interPreTers ~

i go round and round
don't hear a sound
can't sing along
nothing till now found
i am frustrated, am i sound
am i sound... i don't sing along

Unknown said...

here it is
I searched it on google as "Om cropcircle on 07/07/07 at east field , alton barnes" and I found many videos about it people are quite mystified by this crop formation. I also searched on lotusocean youtube channel and finally I found it. The aaeeiioouummm pronunciation is so perfect and spiritualistic that even mother nature responds to it. The music and singing is quite soothing and it's not just a singing but,I found it to be a way of conversing with mother nature it's simply just amazing to know about and watch it.

Unknown said...

P is so powerful! It is gorgeous how nature responds to his voice.

Unknown said...

i bow to AEIOUM.
i bow to PT.
i bow to phractal nature.

Asha P said...

such a beautyfull acgnowledgement of the real 777 = 21 ONE !! You are so PhracTal and what beautyfull Praises of You by the cropcirclemakers

it is all so magical and real, and anyone going through ALL of Your cropformation philms ( would agree whole heartedly that this Phenomena is because of and inspired by You !!!!!!!!!

so glad You are here P ! You're the air one breathes, food one eats, elements one greets ... You nourish one's intellect with Your words !!! You nourish one's spirit with Your Presence !

i bow 🙏

Gita said...

My Love to mother Earth ! may she be always pure and healthy..

I bow to the Avatar !

Anonymous said...

Pt's voice is so full of bliss to the ears. 😇🙏

undecided said...

I bow. The military helicopters were hilarious! Too bad something as primordial as a helicopter can't stand up to Garud. aeioum

Anonymous said...

beauTiPhul resPonse from earth to PT who is a divine suPersoul with full of Phorce.

Franco PT said...
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jagatsevak said...

every act of your Beingness is a sacred yagya on this PlaneT.
your declaraTions ring True because they fulphil the highest Dharm.
your PhracTality is comPleTely multiversal.
the croP makers are perPhorming Their own PBS to the Kalki AvaTar.
you are so kind to share the real, deeP, ancienT Vedic Way.
from om to AEIOUM ~ you are the PaTh Home

jagatsevak bows at your wholy LoTus PheeT, dandavat Pranaams