Wednesday, 2 January 2019







vintish said...


vintish said...

I bow

Madan aTRIya said...

P is the one who pins us to the reality. P is the one who understands the Gravity of now. Lots of bows oh Lord!!

4PTah said...

Is Atman: ATOM, Adam Shiv yang Father?
Is PT Phi: Eve, molecule, Shakti yin?

You put it all out there in complete form as your music and in micro form as gifs.

There are three stems to your lotus yet Shiv is male and the flower is mother perfect phractal. Does this mean you are Wu Chi?
How does one grow the grail?
Is it in the middle heart?
What sound harmonizes upper and lower Egypt?

Is following the feeling of you Ptah a viable pathway to grail.

Thank you Sir the source is in you.
You are the light of the land.
Event Horizon.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so kind to be here so Pining can happen for what IT 🎶 should 💖🙏🏽 so glad You are here Beloved One xxx I BOW

PTmaayurr said...



Reshma PT said...

i bow.🙇🙏

ki vernee said...

P ... P in ... in Phorce !!! You are the Phorce !!! i bow 🙏🧡🕉

missmriggy said...

i wondered if there was a Plog PosT here Jan 2019...

It's really cool.. 1 PerfecT word . so much meaning..

Amazing.. always.

veena iyengar said...

I bow..aeioum…

Vaishali Thaker said...

One longs to be the part of your divine Play on this Plane :) to spend that three pronged time with you, praising & serving you 24*7.. your glorious Presence makes one realize about what one should long for.. your words make so much on sense!

you give us so many opPorTunities to realize that the most Powerphul Phorce exist on this Plane & on whom all the attention can be set..

one longs to be at your lotus like PheeT all the time to serve only you, to explore the hidden gems in the vast ocean that is you.. one longs to learn from you the real art of living..

one longs to witness that magical divine Play, to listen to those nectar like words, to exPerience the real beauty..

one longs to evolove & get out of this hellish matrix.. you make us realize the multiversal truth.. i bow to you for your wholy Presence here 🙏

4PTah said...

Are the two recursive zipper waves the upper and lower heart in right timing? Your grail gif has that heart pattern in it.

Audra said...