Tuesday, 13 February 2018



another English word


Phun roots

Hari Cane

Hari ( Sanskrit Name for Divine Narayan Archetype)


Hari's Cane

the stick ( P's wand ) which is very much required

as of now



vintish said...

I bow

Swati said...
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missmriggy said...

All Glories to PT Avatar!!!!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your ePic revelaTions and Presence here !

Hari's Cane is truely whipping beings into waking up to reality !

i bow

veena iyengar said...

Hari-cane..so true..

pinx said...

oh lol !!!! thats such a great breakdown of the word !
You are such a genius with a One of a kind take on things !!!!
thats so great and classic and Phun !
i bow to Hari's Cane !

Si iris P said...

wowowow ! i bow ! that is the most amazing PersPecTive. what a PerfecT break-up of the word !!
hurricane - Hari's Cane ! yes !!! wow, that's deep. and striking - literally !
makes one want to be on the right side of the Phorce ! makes one want to gno & follow Multiversal Law, so Hari's Cane doesn't come and hit one ! so kind of You to teach what The Law is and how to follow it ! this Plog is the most comprehensive & useful comPendium, the most vital Piece of information on all the media today !!!!!

and what a striking illustration of the PoinT, Your Judgement Philm is very aPT to put the fear of GOD into anyone - very imPressive PresenTation of the 'D' in GOD ... ! even just the thumbnail makes one bow while marvelling at Your Beauty and SuPerioriTy ! Your image emits an unPrecedenTed vibe of refined, soPhisTicated, Powerful Phorce ... ! what a record cover, what a PosTer on the wall that makes ! can just look at that PicTure for any amount of time ...

so interesting how what You do with Your wand is highly enjoyable (You rock 💗 !!!) if one puts praising attention on You, but clearly the effects can be devastating if one decides otherwise ... better to not ignore Hari's Presence on this Earth Plane & act accordingly ! You are so kind to make all necessary information easily accessible for all who sincerely wish to gno ! Divine is dangerous, but also inphiknitly kind !

i bow !

Gita said...

So powerful are your intents, so deserving are the people to go thru your cane.
A PerfecT demonstration of Shiv's energy coming out thru your rhythms after all you are the Dhanishta born..

U have another side and everybody needs to witness this side of yours.. Even in the destruction happening it was done so gently .. PerfecT beat for the PerfecT sound...

I bow to the RUDRA avatar in you..

I bow to the mightiest of all...

I bow to the terror that you potray..

I bow to the sound of roaring the sound of destruction that you create...

I bow to the hurrican's nature that you show..

I bow to your aghora roopa...

I bow to be yours and your always...

neelang tiwari said...

event horizon is here
one needs to do the do...

Swati said...

Shri Hari ! ! bow to You !! Your cane(magic wand) is very much required here to do comPleTe overhauling of world maP... sucking all which is unnecessary, consuming, destroying what is evil and derogatory and nurturing the Pure PrinciPles, consciousness for better tomorrow !!!

O Shri Hari !! ! bow to You for being in hurry to turn everything into 'hari' (green, natural, beautiful).

Manu said...

Hari's Cane!!!Woh Divine PT!!!
Your comprehension of the words and of the various languages has so much dePTh!! The way You decode and get to the roots of everything is awe worthy!!
You have such a unique percePTion of analysing things!!

My Lord Your Cane..P's Wand..is very much needed to whip us,the muggles,out of our ignorant slumber and thereby align with the Divine Will🌟

You are so Kind to provide us with the Truth and reality..how comPassionaTe You are to give a fair chance and oPporTunity to All to get evolved and break free from this 3-D matrix🙏

Oh P Hari..it's Your genuine care and concern for us that You comPile the judgement Philms in order to save us!!
Your Philms,besides delivering the message,are so caPTivating✨
The Divine sonics You create are so soulful and striking!!! And above all else,it is such a bliss to behold Your Beauty my Lord💫 It's enchanting to set eyes upon You🌟 The most handsome rockstar ever💖💖💖

I Bow P Hari..aeioum🙏

reshma nair said...

Aeioum PT 🙏

KaalTrikaal said...

Hari's Cane = hurricanes
Hari is stirring ocean with invisible cane, similar to samudramanthan hope we get sum thing out of it.

missmriggy said...

that's a really cool connection with words ie. hurricane is hari's cane.. it's so aPT..so suPer witty and smart and your video says it all.. we are always at mercy of Divine and can never escape our wrong actions..

jganesh said...

wow ! what PhractaliTy ! one never would have looked at that word in that way ! Hurricane = Hari's Cane ! bravo seriously ! Your wands really are needed in this time ! beings dont seem to be shaken enough ! i bow <3ॐ

unodinocs uno said...

I bow 🙇 to guru master PT’s.

The Dasher said...

Yes, Hari's cane is needed for destroying all evil forces which have destroyed this world uptil now... PT gnows it all ... Very grateful towards PT for sharing all this wonderphul, life changing gnowledge bits with all of us... aeioum......

asha Pi arTi said...

this is is so humbling and exciting at the same time 💖Your observations are so sPoT on always

Hari's Cane ... so required beautiful and truely mindblowing ! one can just bow to such intelligence and Proof !
You are truely Heroic ! You electriPHI awaken rock soothe and uPlifT everything with Your wand, so so effortlessly too

You are the real Game of Tones Hero, the Master of West-eros

You are the only One that one would bow to ever ... You are just too cool not to bend the knee to !

I bow to Your Triumph over elements within and without

Reshma said...

You are the ulTimaTe desTroyer of False ego.

Your PowerPlays warn the earThlings to not Plunder divine's resources.

जय श्री शिवनारायण PTअवतार!
Hari Hari PT!

Reshma PT said...

As always brillianT saounds!

You are the one and only benevolent desTroyer of this world.

You destroy to set things right.
You destroy for good.

You are the best judge in the world. You always make objecTive judgemenTs which are simPly amazing.


I bow to PT
I want to hug PT
I want to dance with PT
I want to not to have need just want PT gnowledge of gtruth
Guruji realogy guru of our life we all bow you bless us.... with your smile and natural music.

Reshma PT said...

You are an imPressive language exPerT. You are the real and the best linguistic sPecialisT. You have such a brilliant command over english and sanskrit language. You are the real exPerT of english language. i bow to you divine.