Monday, 15 August 2016



Vintish said...

I bow

Acharya Mayur Sharma said...

Even I want to feel the sky touch the sky I want to fly in air like bird be in water like fish grow as you say -- PT (B.V.M) AIIEOUM

asha Pi arTi said...

Your Voice is like no other one has ever heard ... so clear and Purposefull ... so gratefull one can learn from You ! i bow

InherentNow said...

I bow to your immense knowledge.

Unknown said...

One could never know what beingness truly means had you not explained it and its consequences. And the song in the end was awesome with a great message, you are a true rockstar! I bow.

Anonymous said...

You exPlain everything awesomely and in such a unique manner..Your 'first things first' aPProach is so awesome and reasonable..You are so intelligent. people get so busy in their worldly pursuits that they don't bring attention to the PhacT that they are beings who exist inside ignores ones own aliveness because of egoic pursuits..ones false sense of knowing takes one so far away from the PhacT that first and foremost one is a being who is inside something that one doesn't have ProPer knowledge about. Your talk is so beautiful and awesome.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

It's very sad how beings don't even bother to find out what beingness is . Every word of yours is pure truth. I bow !

Anonymous said...

You are the so Pure and logical.

Anonymous said...

You are the so Pure and logical.

Anonymous said...

Thankyou PT for exPanding on beingness.

i admit to the PhacTs that i am a being, i exist, i am embodied here, and
i am inside of something big which has laws.

what are these laws is the most signiPhicanT question.

Thankyou for making us aware of the basics that is signiPhicanT for our soul evoluTion.

You live in Pure consciousness 24/7/365. only you can tell us what the laws of this big construct are.

You always walk on the righT PaTh because you are fully aware of the rules of the game.

you always hellP one to steer clear of the hellish notions.

your sense PercePTion is so amazingly beauTiful, Pure and excePTional.

The ni ni nun na ne song is simPly so unique, sensical and ouTsTanding.

you are full of common sense and the ulTimaTe reservoir of Pure gnowledge.

your gnowledge is as huge as the skai. you are the blue skai coloured divine being PresenT righT now righT here on this PlaneT.

i bow to you.

ankita said...

wow..such Profoundly beautiPhul and ePic truths is a being and one will always be a being

You make so much sense ...first admit that one is a being and one is inside something which has laws ..not wanting to gno what these laws are is so highly unnatural!

You are so beautiPhul logical natural and sensible
i bow