Tuesday 9 August 2016



Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

You simplify everything and make it so clear and PracTical how to follow Multiversal Laws ... which one would not appreciate if it wasn't for You

You teach one how to get in touch with ones beingness and get out of ones mess

i bow !!

InherentNow said...

Following the Multiversal laws with a brat mentality is just not possible. You have shown us the way to get our coherent spirits energies higher, so we become a soul which is equal to the energy of the SOL.

I bow,

Anonymous said...

'even if people do a study of it,
it's a very superficial study
and it ends very quickly
and they don't really come to know anything
about them except some dogmas, moral or dogmas'
You are so right..no one comes to know anything about the real multiversal laws through these studies..one just ends up with dogma and morals and mistakes them for the real laws..what an awesome talk by You
'what is ego but a false sense of knowing'..that's an awesome way to PuT it..that's such a simPle and awesome definition of ego

Anonymous said...

You are so loPhTy and intelligent

Unknown said...

Wow such an amazing Philm! Everything you have said is so absolutely true!
So proficiently your Philm provides the pictorial representations of the bhumandala, the different planes and the multiverse's design for us to even get an idea of what it is all!
And indeed one would realize the PhacT that one is inside of something but your words all the more reassures one, and you inspire one to ask these questions!
It is simply admirable how you speak on everything so eloquently, it is so imPacTful , and your wit and humor is unparalleled ! And your Photos in between are delightful and picturesque!
It is truly compassionate and benevolent of you to make such Philms for the beings to learn and get to an understanding about the basic root of everything that's in reality important, only you are perspicacious to be revealing such things and tell what one needs to realize and do in order to get of this 3D-Matrix!
Only divine's law/multiversal laws are the ones one should be bothered about, the man made laws indeed pulls one into deeper hells! Every action has a consequence , only if we fully realize this simple yet crucial PoinT one would have restrained from so much nonsense and not plunged into trivial and devoluting actions!
It is brilliant how you have elucidated why actions have consequences and why one needs to gnow the multiversal laws!
Your simple , Profound and PracTical explanation of what beingness is unprecedented! Only you state such vital PhacTs and Truths!
One would have only been lost in the sea of information without your teachings and like you said would have started and just built up the ego upon some false or incomplete statements from some book! You are the best giPhT for the beings here to learn something important and evolving!
I bow to your Powerful and evoluTionary Teachings! I bow to the supreme guru from whom one can learn the real gnowledge, who inspires one to follow the divine laws and cultivate a proper conduct! I bow at your divine feet!

Anonymous said...

I don't want hell. Hell is pain and torture. So clear PT is. I bow to the Divine PT. 😇🙏😘

Anonymous said...

Thankyou PT for making the mankind aware of such Pure TruThs. Thankyou for hellPing us to evolve.

जय श्री PTअवतार!🙏😇

Anonymous said...

such a Pure basic TruTh.
You are the only teacher who teaches the basics of liPhe and makes one aware about one's own self.
You are the most grounded Teacher PresenT on this PlaneT.
i rePeaT afTer you and i admiT to the PhacTs that:
1. i am a being.
2. i exisT.
3. i am embodied here.
4. i am inside of someThing big which has

Thankyou PT for always knocking so much of common sense into us.