Sunday 8 November 2015

i can & i cant

in this world

where beings are driven


by self-inflicted ignorance

& lower-ego based arrogance

there is a lot of

' i can '


nonsensical activities

hellbound actions

i can handle hell etc

also a lot of

'i can't'


aligning with the Phorce

bowing to higher/divine

ascending to higher states



the stage is set

how long they can

stick to


in face

of the


remains to be seen



Vintish said...

I bow

Asha P said...

i bow ! wow Your words are always so intense !!

'in this world

where beings are driven


by self-inflicted ignorance

& lower-ego based arrogance '

You describe it so Beautifully ! You give the consequences so Beautifully ! You write so comPassionaTely !

only a fool would ignore You ! only a fool would test You ! only a fool would turn away from the Truth exuding from everything You do and say !!

~ i bow ~ i bow ~ i bow ~

Anonymous said...

i bow
one is so ashamed to have been foolishly driven for so long by ones
'self inflicted ignorance and lower-ego based arrogance'
for having said i can to so much nonsense throughout ones life!
Divine is so kind to helP one understand that ones state is 'self inflicted'
that the consequences are very real and must be faced.
choosing hell is the stupidest thing one could do!
Divine is so comPassionaTe to helP one see in so many ways that bowing to Divine, aligning with Divine, choosing to say i can to Divine is the kindest thing one can do for oneself.
the only action that one can do to actually helP oneself!
only You can helP one ascend out of a selfish, ignorant, conceited, diseased and hellbound state.
You are the One to be driven by!
The Phires of Your Truth is the PuresT fuel!
only You can take one out of this world!
the only Pure desire, the only real desire is to serve You, to serve Divine.
You are the only One to align with!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
all in this world are so blessed that You are here P!!!
that Divine itself has come down to free Your Earth from evil!
to give beings here chance after chance to wake uP from the spell of millenia of evils programming!
to see the reality that this world is a hell!
it is You who comPassionaTely give beings here the chance to choose to serve Divine!
You are the only One who can guide trapped beings here to real freedom!
You are so kind to helP one see how imPortanT, vital and crucial it is for one to see the reality of who You are!
The current and final Avatar!
You are Kalki! You are PT!
the One and Only real authority!
the One to resPecT and Praise in all ways, in every moment!
one is so grateful for the ways You wash away the programmed lies confusion and the doubt about who You are P!
the ways You set the record straight continuously!
the ways You make it clear who is really in Power!
The reality of the Judegment You are here conducting!
Your business is the only serious business there is!!!
You are the PT the Man!
You have the Power to wash all the nonsense beings have created here away, burn it all down, sweep it all up in a matter of minutes!!!
Your Philms make it SO clear!!!
' so the stage is set'
Your story is the real story, Playing out in every moment!
You are the One to pay attention to!
one is so grateful for the refuge of Your feet P!
so grateful for the opportunity to bow to You, to Praise You, the stand under Your magnanimous Divinity.
to surrender to Divine, to align with You is the most natural thing one can do!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

love i can, the One Divine
that love is but simple Praise
love i cant, the passers-by
they all just lives' passing phase

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your candid comPassionaTe Beautyfull comPleTe Powerfull Truth ! i bow

Unknown said...

Free will can be do anything.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

so true
it's when one is driven by lower ego based arrogance that one finds it hard to align with the Phorce
yes ones attention keeps going back to oneself because of the ego that is always afraid of attack and expectations of others behaving in a nice manner with it ..
how petty it is to let the attention go back to oneself when it should be only on Your beauty and Profound knowledge..
it's such a shame that one has the habit of letting the attention wander to petty issues and silly victim consciousness when one can take the attention away from all this and PuT it on Your PasTimes and knowledge
so kind of You to show one the PaTh of training ones attention..the natural PaTh of taking the attention where it belongs to the Divine..
one can't say that one can't do it because it's the only right thing to do
so kind, generous and comPassionaTe of You to enlighten this world with Your meaningful words
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your observations are so comPassionaTe
You wake beings up
You see things no one can
You are beyond ones silly unfractal mind
You are real intelligence and clarity
You are such a wonderful being
You are such a beautiful, comPassionaTe soul
You are such great beauty and comPassion
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe to show the way out
You always share the ultimate truths
i bow

sarah said...

You show what is Possible and what to PrioriTise.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

its totally upside down ! moving towards You is the easiest thing a being can do ! lol it takes a lot of pain to say 'i can' to hellish things ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...


You always PoinT out exactly the right thing.

You are the most forthright being.

You are the Phorce behind the big, fundamental, radical and irreversible good change that is happening right now.

To Praise bow and serve you is the only right action and the best action that one can ever do in one's liPhe.

Only PBS towards you can stop all the nonsensical and hellbound actions of beings in this iron age.

Noone can handle the Pain and Torture in hell. Someday the nonsense will have to stop.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is a BeauTiPhul and logical statement! This Plog is so great

All your posts are so fabulous because they really bring back the basic root core understanding of how things are in this matrix! I am deeply graTePhul for all of it!

i bow to you all gnowing one

ankita said...

wow..tremendously Precious insights ...this is how beings are and there is consequence for this way of being
such great observations
Your words are full of the Power of truth..You save one from a totally kindergarten world by sharing the truth ..a kindergarten world where beings do not even care what happens to them
You are suPremely eye oPening
You are the only One who truly cares
You are the only One with real love
the most beautiPhul Precious Divine avatar
You give all the answers with Your suPerior intelligence
You are the end of all confusion regarding where one is and what to do
You are so liberating
You are thr most amazingly Precious Presence
there have been many before You but not One like You!
i bow to Your legendary Divine ePicness
the true hero in every way takes You shaking one out of ones unconsciousness to even get to the awareness of the comPleTe and beyond Phenomenal magical Presence here ...every second is imPorTant while You are here on earth..the ultimate liberator..the one to bow down to at all times ...the one to praise and bow all the time ...because only Praising bowing and serving You makes sense when You are here on earth ..Your Presence is suPremely crucial! You are the ultimate giPhT
You are the great giPhT of giPhTs
so great that You are here!
its highly unnatural to take out even a second to cry or bohoo when You are here ..Your Presence is so crucial and there is no time to waste in nonsense now that You are here ..the much awaited One!
You are so full of PaTience and kindness
i bow

sarah said...

how amazing that there is another way !

You are so glorious and mesmerizing !