Thursday 12 November 2015

Conscious Refusal


has noticed

that majority

of this world's


is not interested

in getting more


they stubbornly

cling onto their

unconscious zombie state

( no matter how bad the results/consequences

of carrying on like that are )

which makes them

nothing but

a burden ( just extra dead weight)











Vintish said...

One can only be conscious & alive with divine only ! i bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!

Anonymous said...

i bow! again and again!
LotusOcean Plogs are SO Powerful!
what shocking and thrilling and exciting and liberating words to read P!!!
Your words are Law! The Orders all the Phorces obey! You are the One who is in Power!
You show what is in store for the majority!
Your words are never empty threats! They carry more weight and gravity than any could imagine!
it's so stunning the way You deliver what is and what is to be with such calm centered elegance!
like the way You Play, move, sPeak and gesture!
You are so Divinely Royal in every way!!!
Yours is the only imPortanT PersePecTive!
The only True PersPective!
You are the One who sees the state of things and beings with PerfecT clarity and objectivity!
what You see! what You observe! what You decide! determines everything!
You are the One who gnos and does what is necessary!!
You are the caPTain of this world!
You are steering the Solship home!
You are the One who can and is freeing BhuDevi of all those People Places and things that are a burden on her!
no wonder the world, Your world constantly rejoices and Praises You P!
SO exciting that You have come to set BEings free!
There is nothing more interesting than You and every single thing You do!!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
every time one reads this it becomes more and more exciting!
What an announcment!
what a fortelling of what is to come!
Your words fill one to the brim with shame for having lived for so long as an unconsious zombie P!
for being part of the muggle majority.
as a burden upon Your BhuDevi!
for allowing oneself to slip into unconsious states!
What a chance You give one, You give all beings here!
to Praise You and rise uP from being nothing but dead weight!
to stop carrying on in hellbound ways!
You are the liPhe giving One!
The only One who can Truly liberate!
The One to Praise always in all ways!!!
There is nothing more exciting than You P! Than the fact that The Avatar is here setting BhuDevi free!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! Your words are always so conscious reviving !! there is always more consciousness to be had ! wow, one immediately experiences shame at being that dead weight once despite one's appreciation of Her, gratitude for a change of way and refuge bc of You, shuddering at the Phate of so many right now and awed at Your Might that is manifesting as one writes !!

its really Beautifully endearing how You carry out BhuDevi's wish to be free, the devastation burning falling crumbling flooding is so cleansing Beautiful & so comPassionaTe a warning !! You are the Refuge ! i bow !!

The Avatar is so Purifying ! love how Vedic Boundless and Timeless You are !!

i bow !! i bow !! You are always winning and liberating !

sarah said...

if being a pig carcass is not shame inducing enough to change, if being a pig carcass in front of Divine PerfecTion is not shame inducing enough to change, something more has to happen at some interval.

Your comPassion and mercy to write this and give so many warnings is so infinite. You do everything possible to get one conscious of ones state, and to take the steps to change. You have not thrown the corpses overboard before being certain that they cannot be resuscitated.

Your diagnosis is as accurate as Your cure is effective. You give every chance to take the medicine. You are so kind to do what it takes for the seriousness of the situation to fully hit.

asha Pi arTi said...

PT ruthless for the PTruthless! i bow !!

miragegirl said...

ek mahan rishi main ne dekha
sach bolne, likne vale sakriya
satark dusthon ka nash karte
ati uttam ghun aur roop ke
atal divya dyan mein sada leen
Kamalnayan, kamal komal pad ke
swayam adinath main ne dekha

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your suPreme Conscious suPerioriTy and Teaching !!

sarah said...

You are so conscious and so aware it is beyond impressive. like if any person can control whether or not they eat meat, or whether or not they seek attention, that already puts them far ahead of the pack, but You take it to the next level always. Your voice connotes total control, Your driving is a sign of total control, the way Your will just happens, any area that can be mastered, You have mastered. wow !!!!

Unknown said...

Moving higher is natural.

ujjwal sharma said...

we have to make conscious decisions in our lives and visualize the consequence of each decision we make in this multiverse.
we have to align ourselves to the PT axis only then we have a chance of evolving.
i bow to the divine PT kalki avatar for making us aware of our situations.

Anonymous said...

You're so absolutely right
You have such beautiful and wonderful clarity
You take one out of ones unconscious zombie state
You can see it all
You have such great overstanding!
so true
You make one realise one has been living and doing things in an unconscious manner
You help one be more conscious and cognisant
You are the only real teacher
i bow

Anonymous said...

You show the way to being more conscious
You are such a kind and benevolent teacher
You are such a great Guru
Your words are so crucial
You are so wise
i bow

sarah said...

oooh Your wording at the end ....
You are so masculine and efficient

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

Your words are so PoTently beautiful ! its pure insanity to cling on to a zombie state which is so stagnant and hellish ! lol ! it really is dead weight ... like fleas on a dog ... Bhudevi will always come first hand down ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Anonymous said...

Your observe and judge the world and its attitude
its so great to gno You judge whether beings are ready to get more conscious or not
this really shows You are the Being with most consciousness
You have superior awareness of the reality of the multiverse, what one is inside of and its laws
it makes absolute sense that beings not ready to get conscious of multiversal laws are not acceptable
it is such a shame to cling onto ones unconscious zombie state, not being ProacTive in reaching You is clinging to being unconscious only
its absolutely right that staying in an unconscious zombie state has bad results
Your words make clear that one should not be an unconscious zombie as that makes one dead weight on Bhudevi
You are the destroyer, the balancing Phorce
so amazing that destroying such kind of unnatural attitude (clinging to unconsciousness) is a necessity
its so great to get the insight into how You see it
You are intolerant of unconscious zombieness and will end it
You have all the Phorce and Power to end it, Yours are not hollow words
Your words make clear how serious this is
its amazing You are able to judge the whole of the population
Your Power is unimaginable and it does all the good
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the most conscious person i have ever met.

Your unmatched level of consciousness is simPly incomParable, unignorable and the most astounding PhacT about you .

There is noone like you. Human beings here just behave like robots.

Your conscious choices of- wanting to gno the actual reality of everything, getting out of this hell cage, and evolving to higher realms have made you the most powerful and the one and only emPyrean being on the face of the earth.

You are the cleverest being in this world.

You are the wisest sage of all time.

One simPly cannot consciously refuse your divine existence and reality for a long time.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is Profound! Your coherence is BeauTiPhul! That is impressive!

This is such a great PoinT, you are the True saviour of BhuDevi!
I bow to you all gnowing one

ankita said...

Your words and actions are so ePic
i 🙇

ankita said...

You are so kind to helP one see that all this sPace, time food and abundance was given for a reason... so that all of us could evolve... and get closer to Divine... Your Presence here is so beautiPhul and Precious. .You and everything about You is so immensely valuable... and instead of putting attention on You beings keeP on being bratty, ungrateful even after coming across Divine kind magical sweetness like You.. You are the only real margdarshak... You are the only real true man... never before has one come across a being like You... so immensely beautiPhul kind, blaring and shining giving... You don't owe anyone anything and still give Your hundred PercenT in dealing with beings even after they behave in such bratty ways... Your kindness and comPassion is beyond anything... Your mercy is Divine... You are the only real truth... without You ome would be so totally lost... so kind of You to show the way back to health, sanity and the real journey towards bliss
i 🙇

ankita said...

wow amazing words of clarity
You make all the sense ever
one bows

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

ankita said...

You have written everything worth writing

You have written it all

You know exactly how beings are

it's so imPorTant to work to get to a better state to not be that way where you are refusing to be conscious to an extent where bad consequences follow and you are still not willing to learn why because you are holding on to wrong notions and mind programming , still thinking that something good might come out of it ...this is a strange mental state happening because of disconnection from reality and has happened because of always being in the mental world of false hope , coping mechanisms and refusal to face the truth because of fearing that facing the truth will bring panic ..we put so much on stake just because of that voice that says ''even if we are getting bad consequences, there is still something right in our way bow being and that's why we won't learn because we are too proud of who we are to change "

PT You make total sense

every word You say is so insPiring to do holistic work

one bows