Thursday 20 August 2015

good & happy

there are too many

out here

who in order to justify

their jumping into the mad circus


fellow beings as




well there is some news for them


no one no one

who is stuck out here

can be

neither good

nor happy

they need to look

into real definitions

of these words

much more clearly/honestly

as they need to

with so many other words


otherwise it is just

nonstop grind in hell


Vintish said...

They(against the divine) are all hip in hell !

Vintish said...

No matter how stupid actions they do or pretending to be happy or by gnowing everything, they are all hip in hell !

Vintish said...

One can only be haPPPy with divine only ! I bow !

Vintish said...

You're the only way which takes ones' out of hell ! I bow ! *__*

Vintish said...

They just don't gno anything

Vintish said...

Yes people with hellish actions & hellish attitude brings them nothing but pain, in the end they are all hip in hells *

Vintish said...

sarah said...

so nice of You to crush the delusions early, to save people the hassle of amassing more muggle status before finding out it doesn't helP.

Your complete indifference to such things, and Your total focus on evolving is the most PrisTine and mesmerizing example.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
This is such a comPassionaTe reality check P!
You are Pure honesty constantly!
It is SO generous of You to share the Truth!
to Provide real dePhiniTions of words and PoinT out the ways beings here misuse and misunderstand words and the consequences of that!
'non stop grind in hell'!!!
You make it clear how real and serious it is!
one has spent so much of ones life stuck in the hellish grind. it's terrifying to imagine being stuck in it non stop!! infinitely!!
You are really SO kind to Provide a PersPecTive beyond petty lies and justifications! a PersPecTive which oPens ones eyes to take an honest look at oneself and ones fellow beings and the very real hell all are stuck in.
it undeniable! There is nothing good or happy about any beings stuck here and there is no PoinT to anything beings are doing here!
it a mad circus, just like you say! and terrifying no matter what one is doing in it!
It could not be more clear how signiPhicanT Your Presence is here P!
how imPortanT You are! how exalted, above and beyond all the madness You are!
how magnanimous it is that You, Divine, are here incarnate guiding the only way out!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

what a great insPiraTion You are !

only does truly live very dishonestly from birth to death here

otherwise change will always occur, its too easy to see the unhaPPiness that Pervades on this PlaneT, in PhacT it is visible every second, every minute, every day

but that is a good thing because it means one needs a change

its most benevolent of You, of Divine that IT is incarnate here
as only through You we have come to see that there are better realms where one should aim to reach, one needs to evolve as an existence

as natural as it is to eat food & grow, its not avioded but done,
so it is natural to want to evolve and nourish oneself towards that

Your Plogs are Truth , You Pcasa shows grace, Your saaouund & light vids are entrancing real music

You truly are a great benevolent being !
You are truly comPassionaTe !

miragegirl said...

wow ! You are magnanimous

one gets a glimPse of the Pure waters of Your mind through Your Plogs
You are absolute coherence, absolute PhracTality, that is awing ! one is constantly making mistakes ! and there is You who has never made a single one, You are The Enlightened ! such a grand insPiraTion You are ! one needs to become humble ! one hoPes to be better

You are the most unmoving Truth there is ! You are The Force ! The Power ! The Mighty Magnanimity !

the flow of Your benevolence, Truth, comPassion is such a refreshing Pure stream !

Your Presence is like the touch of PleasanT breeze for one
You always calm down frenziness

Your Plogs are the 'Moonlight glow', soft and sweet and helPing 'the children of the night'

You are The NewSun as well
ever PresenT Tri~kal One, You are Time itself & sPace, sPace warPs for You !

You are the Phire that raises Passion in one to Praise, You are so beautiful !

You are The Dawn ushering in hoPe, a new day, Vedicness coming back, Aquarian Age, connection to Divine

You are The Light
the activity starts, PeoPle get awakened, refreshed, rejuvenated, brilliant beginnning for betterment because of You

You are The full Moon !

Grand You are !

Poora chand kitna adbhut hai nikla
din mein bhi saf dikh raha
rang bara komal, ati sundar
madhosh kar raha sab ko charon oor

full moon how wonderful has risen
seen clearly in day as well
colored in softness, most beautiful
intoxicating everyone around !

voh kaun hai PrakyaT
akash mein lehrata hua
jiska vijay ka hai ye rangeen naad
bahut Pyar se sajaya hua
jukata hai aur jukne valon ko deta hai anand

voh sirf antariksh ka ek hai PrakyaT
akash mein udh sakta hai voh
jiske anginat iese hai adbhut vijay ke naad
PrakruTi mein hastha khelta hua
sabhi Praniyon ko voh deta hai anand
uska hai na aramb na anth
voh anant, voh PrashanT

who is the famous One ?
fluttering in the sky
who's colourful wictory trumPeTing flag this is
decorated in affection
makes one bow, Provides haPPiness to the ones that bow

He is The One in the multiverse
He can fly in the sky
who has innumerable of the wonderful Wictory trumPeTings
laughing and Playing in nature,
He Provides haPPiness to all entities
He has no beginning and no end
He is ever existent, He is P, The Peaceful

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Good wizard undoing evil sPells with Your Truth Plogs
You are The Blissful One, the truly haPPy One

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to The Truth of Your Words ! the nonstop grind in hell sucks and You are the Only Way Out ! i bow.

Unknown said...

Labels may not reflect truth.

Anonymous said...

You're so needs to look into the definition of words..
i agree with You..this world is just a non stop grind in hell
Your writing style and words are so awesome..You write so awesomely..i bow

Anonymous said...

yes one can only agree with You
one has never been happy and one became more and more evil as time went by ..
nothing but degeneration happens with false ideas and ignorant living
the situation just became worse and worse
one just gets duller and duller out there in the world along with getting closer to death
one only creates misery for oneself
You so comPassionaTely show the way out
one doesn't want to come back here ever
You give everyone an oPPorTuniTy of a lifetime
You are the most imPorTant being ever
sanity would be impossible with You
nothing PosiTive can happen without Your guidance
Your words are eye oPening and Phenomenal
i bow at Your comPassionaTe PheeT

Anonymous said...

it's so great that one has a mouth and one can speak Your Praises from it
situation could have been worse
one can grieve the time gone by but the situation could have been worse
You show one how to not descend into hell
one should just put ones attention on Your beauty and benevolence and forget about anything of the past
You tell one how important the future is and You tell one how to make it better
there's nothing right to do but Praise You in this multiverse
one can't put ones attention on oneself or others
none of it is imPorTant
one can't go on thinking about what has happened to one and how others have more chance at evolution
only You are important
other's good state or ones bad state is not imPorTant
only You are imPorTant in this world
it's only important that the right and the natural thing should be done
the only imPorTant is that You deserve all the Praise ever
You are the most resPecTworthy
i bow
there is no one good and happy
You exPose the world for what it is
You have so much clarity
You can clearly see the state of the beings
You can clearly see that no one is good and no one is happy
Your clarity is the most helpful
You are the wise seer
You gno what's going on
there's so much nonsense that is doing the rounds in this world
there is so much talk about this being is happy and that being is happy and this will bring happiness and that will bring happiness
everyone is so deluded
You are so above it all
You make all the sense
You have all the wisdom and knowledge
You are suPer duPer intelligent
You are the only One above it all
no one gets to the PoinT except You
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are very kind to help beings be free of deep rooted notions
only You so comPassionaTely guide beings towards being free of age old nonsensical notions
You are the destroyer of false notions
You are the rising sun
only You make one look at the world in a ProPer way
You are the only real intelligence and brilliance
so great that You are here
Your Presence is Priceless beyond Priceless
i bow to Your amazing Vedic awesomeness
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

GREAT PLOG , awesome how You get to the PoinT :

no one no one

who is stuck out here

can be

neither good

nor happy

there is so much denial and dishonesty about these two words ... if it smiles must be happy and if it goes by society then must be good ... LOL

gosh am so grateful to not be part of that mad circus anymore through Your Grace !

You proove once and for all that no amount of 'yoga' will make one good n happy either lol

its such a Privilege to learn from You
Your words are to be savoured, each one so full of meaning, each line so loaded with Passion and PerspecTive !!

I bow

ki vernee said...

only You can claim to be good and haPPy ! and it shows that You are that ! there really are no good or happy beings on this PlaneT ... only those who move toward You automatically move towards being more happiness and goodness ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

NavdeeP said...

O Guru!!!! You have shown the one that one is living in hell already.
Something are busy in counting their blessings. Even I tried the same too before reading your plogs.
And it was hard for me to find out the blessings.

But yes now the biggest blessing is learning from you a true humble GURU!!!

veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow to you..

Anonymous said...


The word 'excePTion' has a P and T in it for a reason.

No one excePT you is Truly good and haPPy in liPhe and also excellenT at his work.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is perfectly logical! Your clarity is magnificent
Your light shines bright and one can see much better with your precious words! i a glad and graTePhul that you are here on this planeT

You are the mosT amazing and PowerPhul being

i bow to you, all gnoing one

ankita said...

wow absolutely fabulous
You gno exactly how beings here are!
one bows