Sunday 23 August 2015

a collective choice ...

its has now been

10 years



came into


on the


that can be considered

enough time

for the

beings stuck on this planet

to either pay attention

or ignore

it seems

they have made

a collective choice to


so ...


Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

The axis ePhecTs *__* aeioum

Vintish said...

I bow

sarah said...

it shouldn't take any extraordinary smartness to determine being on the wrong side of the Phorce is the incorrect choice, so when there is not even a 'mensa members for PT' club, the whole industry of what muggles define as intelligence gets called into question.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
wow P! What a brilliant and humbling way to show how individuals and the collective are resPonsible for their actions!
lotusocean has made it clear throughout the years that there can be no greater declaration of war than to ignore You!
lotusocean has and continues to share the most imPortanT inPhormaTion, the most valuable Truths, beauty and Proof of who You are and why You have come here!
10 years, a decade is such a Patient and generous amount of time to give beings a chance to find You!
and to see how many views lotusocean has had all around the world and that beings continue to ignore You!
really it makes no sense to ignore You! to ignore the One! to ignore The Avatar! Kalki! PT! the real jc!
one doesn't even understand how it is Possible to ignore Divine and lotusocean when one is fortunate enough to come across it!
to ignore the most Powerful Divine being and the only real events happening all over the world!
it is really shameful the lies and distractions and petty things beings here choose to pay attention to and get caught up in instead of You and lotusocean!
the rePrucussions of which are clear!!!
This life is filled with nothing but lies, depression and meaninglessness!
You, lotusocean offer the way out of the misery!!! The door to True freedom! To real bliss!
not some fake manufactured meaninglessness or empty societal programmed relationship and assured fate in hell!
it's really frightening to see the state of this world! That they would collectively choose infinite pain torture hell and destruction rather than Pay attention and bow down to the only One who can save them!
SO grateful to gno You exist P! To have been guided to lotusocean by Your comPassionaTe Grace!
to have the choice to not be part of the collective!
i bow!

Anonymous said...

what a P log!
Divine's Judgment is SO clear!
The real day the earth stood still!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

❤ i bow !

You are the best P ! LEGENDARY ! so kind and patient and allowing Time for ppl to get it together ... yet still ppl ignore ! this world is a shameful place ! 10 freaking years ... goodness.

there are no more theories .. it is all Real and provable ... yet they still wish to phind out the hard way

so glad You are here and everything You do ... everything about You ... everything one has witnessed oneself ... makes one so so grateful to not be out there away from the calm Eye !

i bow ❤

pinx said...

it literally makes one sick to the pit of one's stomach the level of ignoring of You that goes on on this planet.
one has struggled with idealistic notions in the past ~ but the reality of the matter as you have revealed could not be clearer - and the consequences for those who ignore inevitable.
such a strong reminder of the sheer importance and necessity to never ignore You oneself in any way shape or form !
it is really so ultimately merciful of You to incarnate here and give everyone a fair chance and fair warning.

pinx said...

so many nincompoops ! and one was a nincompoop too. it is so great to get the chance to break away from the 'nincompoop collective' ! all due to Your Grace that it be so !

si said...

i bow !

the full scope of Your Presence here is so much bigger, more serious, more imPorTant, more ePic than anything else that is happening on this PlaneT ...

the Judgement is here ! the Avatar is here !

what a futile retarded evil wrong shameful ridiculous attempt it is to come across You and then try to go on like nothing just happened ... to see/hear/read of You and then put one's attention on whatever petty meaningless pale little thing it is one chooses to distract oneself with - and ignore You ...
such behaviour is hopelessly insane and shameful. it makes one feel weak in the stomach to think that one has been guilty of disregarding You for so long - and that the collective of this PlaneT has taken the decision to continue to do so.

it is only logical that such denial will have to feel the brunt of the very Phorce it is trying to ignore.

how inphiknitly kind of You that You give one the chance to change one's horrible, mad, unnatural, anti-Divine, conceited, unrealistic attitudes and ways and to do the one logical, natural thing that there is to do - to give one's attention to the Only Attention-worthy - YOU !

i bow

missmriggy said...

PT the AXIS! We are at your Mercy!

missmriggy said...

PT is the most beautiful being on Planet Earth and all of nature understands what pathetic humans cannot.

miragegirl said...

collective choice has not been good
but for how long...
till retribution only

that is for good

grateful that Kalki is here

'P bin adura, P se har drishya Poora'
'incomplete without P, scene to comPleTion with P' PeoPle have to see, learn, accePT or retribution is for Providing better sight...

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
the beautiful !
Natraj You are

Anonymous said...

if the collective or an individual thinks that they are Playing safe by ignoring You, they can not be more wrong

nothing escaPes The One

in PhacT the ignoring makes Your Judgement even easier

Anonymous said...

Your Plogs are not just words written on internet

they really are Truth
every word You say is indeed imPorTful

world shall see !

Anonymous said...

wow ! blazing P and blazing elements !

what a show !
i do not gno about the word but i bow !

You did say 'Paranormal is the new Normal'

'More Axis acceleration events to come', wow !

Shahid said...

How compassionate of you to stay here for 10 years and more, my Lord.
Glory to the MIGHTY,POWERFUL Lord Shiv-Narayan on earth now <3

Anonymous said...

there are no offerings to Divinities from the PeoPle here
that would not make Divinties haPPy
Retribution !

how evilish the situation when hardly any offering anymore !
'world is run by evil' !

You are a refreshing rain shower in many hundreds of decades of drought
in PhacT You are showing a way to remove the drought brought about by lost virtues

You are Divine incarnate on earth

asha Pi arTi said...

so grateful to not have to be part of the ignorant collective anymore P... You open one's eyes to the fallacy and offensive to Divine ways one has lived... its so great to have the choice to change.. makes one shudder at the consequences of ignoring... very shameful how much one has not paid proper attention to Divine even before You have come here...Your compassion is so inPhinitely clear from this philm and everything You do i bow !!!!!

ki vernee said...

You are just so kind to allow Beings so much time to pay attention to You ! and they have made the collective choice to ignore Divine ! one is so fortunate not to be part of that ! You truly saved one ! i bow !

Unknown said...

Ignorance also has consequences.

Vaishali thaker said...

If the sun is shining in the sky, no matter if its presence is ignored, still it will rise, shine, illuminate the planet, heal, burn the impure & set. No being on this planet can escape the sun, if they try so by hiding or ignoring they are only at harm, running out of energy... similar way if the presence of divine is ignored by the beings of this planet, conciousness & awareness will still rise, the planet will shine by his glory, eligible ones will be healed & shown the exit door, ignorant ones will be burned & thrown back to 3D matrix... the avatar is here to do the judgement!! to teach the beings how to behave, to make one realize that there is difference between higer & lower... your plogs are so factual & straightforward, your divine presence is illuminating this planet. you are the new sun.. i bow 🙏

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You are really so Phair and the best judge ! even 10 years is a generous time in this age of the internet ! You are very generous and comPassionaTe ! actions will always have consequences and like they say 'what goes around comes around' ... i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown said...

Wow, your Judgement updates are overpowering ... the tme since I've witnessed PT, I have no one else to be looking forward to other than PT himself ... aeioum....

Anonymous said...

Your Power is simPly so amazing and great.

Divine likes attention and dislikes deliberate ignorance.

One must be god-fearing.

i bow to you simPly because i have to. There is no other choice left.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

Your Power is inPhiniTe! You are so great! Your judgment is so fair! One who has some sense cannot ignore you!

You are the light of this world, you are the divine Avatar!
i bow to you, all gnowing one

ankita said...

ignoring You doesn't make sense... it's very unnatural... it's going against the Phlow... it's zombieness and deterioration... what kind of beings would go for that! there are consequences for rejecting what is good for one and ones well being... the very truth that can set one free and bring haPPiness... ignoring You is the reason why all these years beings have been in trouble in various ways... their life is just a downward spiral and deterioration! it's there for all to see... consequences of choosing what is bad for them ..the choice made because of laziness, notions and programming! You are so kind to show beings a way out of the self created spiderwebs
i 🙇