Sunday 23 August 2015

good & right

most on this planet

are carrying on


on the basis

that they deem

themselves to be

good & right

no wonder than

that they are quick to label

yours truly as bad

who would rather

be in the





sarah said...

this is how one can distinguish a genuine Pharoah out of hundreds of millions of fakes !!!! Your wit, Your indifference to muggle babble, Your indifference to the bizarre ego games played by fake Pharoahs, Your correctness and centered-ness, are all worthy of infinite admiration.

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

what a cool P log!!!
You always have the most centered, real approach and resPonse to everything!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! lol ! that is so brilliant P !

awesome Plog !!

pinx said...

wow P !! You are MAXIMUM COOL !! that is a very EPIC punch line delivered in the most ultra cool and centred way !
Your centred words are so imPacTful and PotenT !
Your words really make one burst with excitement about just how great it is to be in the presence of a truly centred Divine being!!
the centre is definitely the place to be !!
You reveal how the centred way is the only way to be actually good or right.
You show what all is possible from being in the centre. The complete wisdom and Divine Truth in all of Your actions, all of Your words ~ through all Your amazing and infinite Divine expressions is so very humbling.
whatever deviations oneself has from the centre have proven to be so detrimental in so many ways - seeing Your fine centred example, and seeing the unsavoury results of one's own uncentredness really urges one to make that highly necessary move towards the centre !

missmriggy said...

PT is Sublime!

miragegirl said...

twisted definitions of right is not what is interesting
real reality, truth is way more Precious than muggle concePTions
Your way shows the ProPer attitudes, thoughts, acts
You are a Divinely oriented being
You are grand, awesome, amazing !
You are the most PracTical being on earth

PsingulariTy said...

You are Trishool
The Powerful
The Power IT~Self

Shahid said...

Jai Sri Narayan <3

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your Beautyfull Centred Way and Truth !!!! i bow. You gno one doesn't ! i bow.

Unknown said...

Understanding is required before assigning label.

Anonymous said...

wow You make such beautiful and decisive statements..You highlight the importance of centring in such an awesome way..You are such a beautiful and awesome being..You show the way like no one else does..You are so awesome..i bow..Pranam

sarah said...

Just adore Your suave nonchalence

APari said...

wow what a sentence !! one would rather be in the center than right too ... so kind of You to teach one how ... through PBS continuously !!

Your words are so liberating and inspiring

I bow

Data said...

Excellent PoinT! many are judging right and wrong behavior without gnowing the importance of cenTer! So many little Time! The CenTer is the only way to Higher & Divine...Shiv Narayan!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

so immature the beings of this world are
so beautiful and wise You are
You make all the sense in the world
You are the real teacher and Guru
i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT

sarah said...

i love this one so much !!!
You summarised the essence of the general mentality of most people with exact Precision.
working off the assumption that they must be right all the time, advocating for their own interests and whatever they do is right because they did it.

You are the only One whose actions are objectively right always, but You are the only One who is not so boring as to be in that Paradigm.

Unknown said...

Wow ! you put forward the crux of the matter with utmost clarity and precision. Every expression of yours is centred pure and perfect.
Beings here live in complete ignorance. They are making choices which will take them straight to the hell. You are so kind to give them a chance to come out of ignorance and uplift themselves. I bow to the the ultimate dispeller of ignorance !!!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You are always so centered ! never too much to the right or to the left ! just comPleTely centered and sane ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

ki vernee said...

You are always so centered ! never too much to the right or to the left ! just comPleTely centered and sane ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Anonymous said...

i bow to your suPerior gnowledge.

nicolas said...

Your precious words are sacred! Your observations are so sharp and true!
Your superiority is obvious
i bow to you, all gnowing one