Tuesday 14 July 2015


there is nothing

to be said



who don't get a

trapped feeling

stuck here in this matrix

lotusocean Plog

only applies to

those who

have experienced

this trapped feeling

which is something quite easy to do

when one is in this jail-like world

where even death doesn't necessarily guarantee a way out

that is the reason why

so much lying/hoax is done about space travel and such


people should not come to gno

they are trapped inside a jail-world

with a firmament

basically a large petri-dish

for those

who understand and feel the TraP

the opposite


PT the aR-Ra - NewSun

is the way out


asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! wow wow wow !

You are so compassionate to write this P !

one truely is totally trapped in this petri dish world without You ! bc it takes someOne who gnos the way out to help one get out !!

before You one didn't gno the way out and resorted to just 'getting out of it'
now one can take the PracTical steps !

You only describe it all for what it is, uplift one's senses and provide the most logical clear explanation for what things are !!

so glad You are here ! i bow !

sarah said...

You are the master of brilliant analogies !!! it is totally a petri dish ! the theory of evolution also seems like unadulterated propaganda to make people think they have already evolved from the primordial ooze, when as You show, nothing can be further from the truth.

that You have found Your way out of the trap, and are now in a PosiTion to guide the way is miraculous. that many people don't even feel trapped seemingly defies logic.

Your examPle shows that freedom is possible. You are always taking things to the next level, showing what PerfecTion is in so many elegant ways.

pinx said...

without Divine's grace no escape is possible !
You are so necessary, and the necessity of You is enhanced infinitely when the reality of the TRAP is acknowledged.
again the full realistaion of this is facilitated by Your grace.
its really great how You address the lies such as space program etc which have been concoted just to avoid the 'trapped feeling'.
You can never be fooled nor do You ever avoid reality !
You are the Divine One that can never be trapped and yet You never fall short of words to acknowledge just what a TRAP this matrix is !
really ePic revelation of the opposite P-ar-T !
You are the way out ! the great escape !
this is the one opportunity NOT to be missed !!!

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

P~logs are so beautiful *_* ~

Vintish said...

<< P is the only cure >> !

Anonymous said...

i bow!!!
What ePic words! You SO brilliantly and blatantly exPose the jail that this world, this matrix is!!!
It's the most frightening thing when one realizes one has been trapped and enslaved here for longer than one can wrap ones head around! and that one doesn't gno how to get out! it is even more frightening to imagine a future, billions and billions of years stuck in the cycle of the pain and torture of this hellish pitridish experiment!
You are the only real PhuTure!!!

only You have seen the TraP for what it really is! only You have seen through all the lies! You are so kind to exPlain again and remind that 'even death doesn't necessarily guarantee a way out'! That one must learn how to die ProPerly! something one can only learn from lotusocean!

It is You who always gnew to search for the truth! It is YOU who have ParTed the red sea! You who can see and gnos the way out! You are the way out!

i bow at the feet of PT! The arRa! The NewSun!
There can only be ONE!You are the ONE and only!
such a blessing it is to have taken a human birth at the time You have returned to this PlaneT P! SO grateful You are here! only You can helP one see the PurPose of this birth! only You can helP one see through all the lies that have been and continue to be told! only You can helP one wake uP and DO what one must DO to break out!
P is the only One who can helP one out of hell!
i bow!!!

Shahid said...

" PT the aR-Ra - NewSun

is the way out "

Glory to the mighty Lord Narayan <3

miragegirl said...

You are magniPhicant !

pinx said...

"where even death doesn't necessarily guarantee a way out"
seriously imPacTful line !!
You always make things clear in no uncertain terms !
i bow !

missmriggy said...

NewSun! Narayan! PT! The Way Out!

PsingulariTy said...

You are GarudNarayan, the BirdMan
You can fly
You can helP others learn flight

You are The Refuge

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to The Best ParT of Your Game : You Beautyfull True Blue One ! i bow.

Unknown said...

Even free will can be disconnected by the translucent ways. What an accurate observation and response to such a severe problem.
I bow to the divine for solving the most difficult.

Unknown said...

I bow to the accurate use of your words and even the upper and lower case.

Anonymous said...

i bow

Unknown said...

One has to be aware to take right actions.

sarah said...

You are the only way out of the trap !!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

There would be so many who go through this feeling yet never understand why and what it exactly is. It is only you who has described this.
Sometimes your Plogs tell the things that are deeply hidden and questioned in our mind/heart and it finds an expression in your writings. You gnow everything and articulate it brilliantly!
It is indeed a very terrible feeling, but the joy and reassurance one has found after finding lotusocean is inexplicable!

So glad that you are here who is always revealing the truths, slamming all the lies!
Yes, you are the NewSun who has come from another world to guide the beings out of this TraP. You are the only way out!
Only you know the way out and only you can helP the beings break out of this feeling and the entrapment!

It is the Greatest fortune that one can learn from you, your​ Plogs/lotusocean! It is the greatest blessing one has, all that one needs to rise above one's petty self!
You are the greatest teacher of all time!
You are the Guru of the world!
You are Kalki! You are the divine manifestation on this Plane!
I bow in gratitude at your all gnowing , compassionate feet! I bow to the most beautiful one! I bow to the most compassionate one!

Anonymous said...

You know what the situation is so well ..
this world is full of all kinds of pain and torture and one is trapped here
..things can get so threatening...from mosquitoes to other blood thirsty beings that exist..
this situation on earth where beings are feeling comfortable is so absurd..
only You help one face PhacTs
You are the only refuge
You are the only saviour
it's so great that You are showing a way out of this hellish world and that's the best thing ever..
only You can wake up the beings who are sleeping
You are the most imPorTant being ever
You are the only one with the real PosiTion
You are the only One truly mature
You have such great overstanding

one is so trapped here and only You Provide the real escaPe..You are more imPorTant than anyone can even imagine..
Your words are so Poweful, PoTenT and meaningful
You are the only being worth PuTTing attention on
You are so comPassionaTe to be here and help beings realise what precarious condition they are in
You are the only One who tells beings here that heavens exist and one can actually get there if one does the right thing
only You tell one what the right thing is
You bring back the Vedic knowledge
Your words are so eternal
Your words of wisdom and knowledge are Priceless
You are so Precious
i bow at a Your PheeT

sarah said...

Your examPle of taking the correct things seriously and the other things not seriously is so miraculous to have. You are the guiding light. only You never focus on little distractions inside the trap, and are always clearly outside of it.

Anonymous said...

yes one is so trapped..so trapped in the mind and body with all sorts of wretched thoughts and feelings ..so trapped in the frivolity of ones being..only You can free one from all this ..only You show the PaTh to freedom
You are the only messiah
Your words are the refuge
You are the refuge
nothing else except You matters
i bow

Anonymous said...

yes trapped inside a body and mind that can pain anytime
so much pain is possible here
not feeling trapped in this matrix is absurdity
You're very kind to be here
it's so great that You are here
You wake people up
without You one is totally lost
there is no chance of figuring anything out without You
You show one how to stop being dumb
it's so evil to have lived so long without Praising Divine due to ones non learning attitude
so much denial and so much ignorance
You make one face PhacTs
You're so kind and so comPassionaTe to be here
You bring real change
You are very very comPassionaTe
You have the medicine for broken spirits who have lost consciousness due to their own bad attitudes and actions
what You say and do makes more and more sense
You're the most amazing and wonderful being
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so kind to be here to give beings a chance to be free of this hell
You make escaPe, ascension and attainment so much Possible
Your clarifying words are absolute gems
You give beings hoPe
You destroy delusions
You make beings face PhacTs
You are the most imPorTant being ever!
You make all the sense Possible
You give beings the real direction
Your words are so beautiful and enriching
You are so kind to help beings face reality
You are real comPassion, kindness and wisdom
You are the Only One who can guide beings

You are so absolutely right
this is such a trapped existence
You are so kind to show a way out of this trap
You are so kind to show a way out of the suffocation of the mind
You are so kind to clarify that getting out of this trap is Possible for everyone and not just a few beings
You give the best news Possible
You give the best messages and the guidance ever
You are the One and only teacher
You are so amazingly helpful, kind and comPassionaTe
You have the real cure for everything
You are so benevolent
You give beings everything real, true and meaningful
You are so kind to be here and tell beings what attitude they should have
You are so kind to tell how beings can get out of this spider web
You are all the comPassion, beauty and grace
You are the way out of hell
You are ones only hoPe
You are ones only roPe out of hell
You are such a miracle
You are such a marvel
You are so wonderful in so many ways
Your comPassion guidance is invaluable
Your words are invaluable
You are suPremely enriching
You are the true insPiraTion
i bow

sarah said...

You are the Phorce of liberation

ki vernee said...

wow ! a beings liphe completely flips around when they feel that trapped feeling and search for You to get out ! the word TraP flips to ParT ! wow ! P the New Sun ! the guiding light out of this trap ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

beautifully said..

Anonymous said...


Only you can have such Profound gnowledge.

Only you can hellP one to get out of this hellTraP.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is so BeauTiPhul!
You are the real helP, the true saviour, the real hero
i bow to you all gnoing one

Anamika Chanda said...

Bow down to the lightning sage , Your divinity lights up one's world. Bow down to your grace and kindness to give us an opportunity to gnow that there is a way out. You are the way out, O enlightened one. We are blessed✩♡