Monday, 13 July 2015


another big general


going around in this world

is that

it takes lot of effort to gain intelligence

lotusocean says

exactly opposite is the case

it takes a lot of effort

to get dumb

and most of the people

in this world

work very hard everyday to

get dumber


retain their inculcated dumbness

intelligence is natural


it flows effortlessly from divine



miragegirl said...

what a great Plog P !
You are the most intelligent being there is
You are intelligence itself
You are Divine

You have a crystal clear Pure coherent mind

any work gets done better when one is serving You, Praising You

to have connection to Divine is to have intelligence
one wants to be connected to Divine
one gnos that Praise of Divine is the only way & a blissful way !

grateful to You for having shown ones shortcomings
one can work for one's own betterment now

You are the most benevolent !

Vintish said...

Aap antar gyani hein !

Vintish said...

Divine is full of gnowledge & PhracTality ! One can only gain real gnowledge from divine only ! I bow !

Vintish said...

I bow !

Vintish said...

You have the highest gnowlegde, the highest quality & full of PhracTality ! Without divine nothing are good, all is hell ! I bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

<< muggle are usually dumbness >> !

sarah said...

intelligence flows from You so naturally, it is like encountering a real human for the first time. to expect anything more than the most primitive of grunts from most people is expecting WAY too much. Your behaviour shows what a real person should be like, but that no one else can achieve.

so interesting to find out the reason as well, You only put effort into REAL things, not futile or lame things. very cool. wow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are the most natural being there is! Divine itself incarnate! Pure intelligence flows freely from You constantly!
Your words, Your music, Your sounds, everything! You show how effortless it is for one who is natural!
it is SO insPiring to see how PerfecTly natural You are in every way!
You are the Pinnacle of PerfecTion!
Divines words really show how unatural it is to become/be/remain dumb!
You PoinT out for one to see how much effort beings put into everything here! How every aspect of modern life has become an unnatural effort! and how much work it takes to continue in such a state!
Your words are such PotenT intelligent Truth P!
one see due to Your words that it does indeed take alot of effort to get dumb and one has put far to much effort into inculcating dumbness throughout ones life!
Divines is really kind to share the truth and that it takes a lot of effort to retain this dumbness too!
You are the living embodiment of Truth, of beauty and Pure intelligence!
Your entire life! everything You have done and do is the most gorgeous of exPression of Your naturally flowing intelligence!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !

'flows effortlessly from Divine' that is so so Beautiful !!!

You truely epitomise natural effortless intelligence and Grace ! You always do everything with little or no effort, one has seen it time and again ... You get to everything thru observation logic and a natural analysis of Phacts ... and Your words proove how superior Divine is !

all the world's institutions in the name of intelligence proove Your point too !

so much effort goes into everyday out there, no wonder everyone is so drained, tense and too preoccupied to notice Divine is right here !!

so glad You are here ! i bow !!

missmriggy said...

The Supreme Human. The Most Intelligent who shows the true meaning of Grace. There is no one in the same ballpark. We are fortunate to have your Mercy.

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
The suPreme Intelligence
'comPleTe full PhracTality'

Anonymous said...

i bow!
so beautiful Your final lines here P!

'intelligence is natural
it flows effortlessly from divine

You are Divine itself!
the most natural Being! Intelligence always flows effortlessly from You constantly! in everything You do!
it is the most miraculous thing to get to see!!!
and it is really so insPiring to see how intelligent nature and the natural world is!
the way it resPonds PerfecTly and beautifully to You!
how it is not stupid like people have become!
one is really so ashamed for the extent of dumbness one has inclucated!
one aims to be free of it and able to naturally and effortlessly serve Divine!
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to Your Phorce suPerioriTy and Phlow ! i bow .

sarah said...

You have the most well rounded intelligence, from the big picture to condensing things down to basics, You make the most Profound PoinTs with total wit and humour. comPared to You, everyone, particularly those stuck here, are very obtuse. You are so natural !!!

Unknown said...

The best things flow from nature. One has to simply accept and take in.

Anonymous said...

yes that's so true..
You are so effortlessly intelligent

Vaishali thaker said...

True!! all good things in the world are effortless!! god has installed all fine things in the human beings, its one of the most amazing architectures in the universe... the aimlessness & loss of conciousness due to rising has lead to misuse of energy!! An intelligent one is only capable of differentiating between right & wrong.. you are the supreme being, the one above all with supreme intelligence, everything you do seems so effortlessly graceful!!i bow to your divine grace 🙏

ki vernee said...

lol You are so Phunny ! it really does take a lot of effort to get dumb and maintain dumbness ! any movement towards You makes everything easier ! Your intelligence shows in Your Plogs and whole liPhe ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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sarah said...

intelligence is natural


it flows effortlessly from divine

truer words have never been sPoken. such genius can only be bowed to. learning about it is the hugest Privilege.

veena iyengar said...

So true..
i bow..

ankita said...

beautiPhul soothing words
such wonderPhul observations
i bow

Anonymous said...

This is simPly a wow Plog!

Intelligence Phlows from you in this world.

You are the most intelligent being of this PlaneT.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

Wow you are clearly a genius, the most intelligent
Plog puts everything back at its rightful place, that is magnificent!

i bow to you, all gnoing one

libra cliche said...

what a great PoinT !!!
it does flow effortlessly from You !!! one is bowled over by Your wit too many times to count!!!