Monday 16 February 2015

Pursue & Pursuit

majority of


of this planet

might as well

go around

with a


'Pursue Me'


on their


very few


'in Pursuit'




Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

one spent over a decade, chubby and awkward looking, in a town full of slim, tan, blonde, yoga obsessed raw foodists, and still cannot sum up the essential predicaments encountered as clearly and succinctly as You. in defense of those girls, however there is no one in their environment worth pursuing, and getting lots and lots of attention is just as good a way to ignore death as any.

You are the antithesis of the attention-whoring paradigm. You are so much better than everyone else, and in every way, the muggle script gets flipped on its face.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You make it PerfecTly clear that to be in PursuiT of Divine is the only real way to be, the only way that leads one out of the hells that Pursue one in varying forms, that majority of females waste their efforts and energy attracting! the males attracted are all just lost little puppy dogs simply looking for a home and a place to put their bone and all the females receive in return is a false sense of comfort from getting their attention as they sink into deeper hells. one is guilty of wasting so much of ones time, energy and resources in this life caught up in this miserable and shameful cycle!

it is only when one is confronted by Divine that one is able to see the Truth! that one can PuT one attention and energy to real use in PursuiT of Divine. You show one how PoinTless and meaningless is anything else!

You make it so clear how full of traps this world is to keep one stuck here P. it is only You who can see them all, only You who gnos how to avoid them, only You who can navigate the way! it is Your saving Grace which Provides so many beautiful ways for one to turn ones attention to Divine and work toward keePing it Phixed there at all times. it is You who keePs one constantly aware that death can happen at any moment and that one need always be preparing. You PuT everything into ProPer PersPecTive.
i bow to the only One to Pursue!

Unknown said...

You are the solution to girls' math problem ;)

Shahid said...

Glory to Lord Shiv-Narayn <3

asha Pi arTi said...

thats so brilliantly summated P ... why one wanted to be pursued for gnowing nothing and being just another cliché trapped muggle avoiding any existential questions is ridiculous... You can bring to light the absurdity of not pursuing a better state and answers and the dishonesty of females so eloquently !!! so glad to have a chance at reformity with You as its my PhuTure at stake and You are the most appealing genuinely interesting PursuiT !!!! I bow !!

miragegirl said...

in PursuiT of You Divine is the way to go my Lord !

have seen no one who is such a suPer Hero, Hero of all Heros
who is Multiverse itself, SuPer Consciousness, wow ! what a stunning imPorT filled existence it is that is You

Your attributes can't be Praised enough, they being so Pure & inexhaustive & unthinkably charming & true for a mortal to gnow/imagine in detail

but they are all there, there is so much to You, so much that one doesn't even realize

in simPle but truly grand ways You are but the One
in all ways, You are The One

How heartening it is to concentrate on Your attributes !

Lord sweet Lord ! Please do take me away with You someday ! without You life is barren, unfullfiled & i long to be with You, Physically too !

PsingulariTy said...

such a sweet Plog !

You are The Chaste to chase after

Asha P said...

i bow

Unknown said...

Attention to self leads nowhere.

Anonymous said...

one is so ashamed one was engaged in nonsense before coming across You
You are only one worth Pursuing
You are the greatest, most beautiful being
wanting attention for oneself is such an evil crime
only Divine is worth having all the attention
so kind of You to give one a chance to escaPe all hellishness so that some golden day one can reach Your beautiful abode
You are the greatest being ever
i bow

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You are so right ! all females should be in pursuit to Phind the Higher ! the real Pursuit of haPPiness ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ya that is true and hurts.

nicolas said...

such a good PoinT! that is the situation on the PlaneT that is true! you always sPeak TruTh
your life is a divine legendary story! you are a true example for all beings
you are worthy of inPhinite praises

i bow to you, all gnoing one