Wednesday 4 February 2015


so they

have made

another film


another take

at being


PT the Axis

but once again

its just some pill/chemical/drug


same old dumb expressions

which i never ever make

they have copied some lotusocean bits

but it is funny

that they would madly speculate

rather than just plainly ask

the source

what is it to be


ps. lucy is ofc an attempt to say lucifer


Vintish said...


Vintish said...

P is lucipher

Anonymous said...

i bow at the feet of the True source! the real Phorce! the One who gnos what is and will be at all times!
You are so much more amazing than all the 'mad sPeculaTion' can ever pretend to be or even imagine! Naturally! and You are SO much more attractive than any silly hollywood actor or actress.
You and LotusOcean films are the real deal!
i bow at Your legendary feet!

Si iris P said...

what an excellent analysis of the movie. You are really the most gnowledgeable Critic !

people are taking absurd ways, and You bring out the absurdity so eloquently and straight. why try to dePicT the higher when the higher is right there, and has so many amazing movies !? why hope for some drug or mutation to lift one out of one's ordinariness and powerlessness when one can humbly learn from the One Who is so extraordinary, Powerful, the real superman Who is right here right now - You !

i bow

Vintish said...

miragegirl said...

we can only imagine
would like to gnow more what it is like to be You

so we can see You for You more, Praise You more

Ultimate charming beauty !

miragegirl said...

to be one with the suPer conciousness beyond which there is nothing
to be one with it , You are IT, IT You

all is IT

Pure Bliss
no Pain of any sort

You are such a gorgeous PersonaliTy being born as a Person in the now
unlimited Your forms, unlimited One in Virtue

not gnoing what harm is interms of harming another (is not even a concePT to You) until it be evil, because evil tries to disruPT existential wonder Divine has created
but that's not harm, that's kill, kill

with innocence that comes with Your PerfecT Coherence

one feels refreshed when one sees clear Pure water
How most exhilarating Your mind for You, which has crystal clarity
Oh ! The Pure One !

How immensly Wholly You are !

Beautiful One, You make one tend to become sPeechless many a times in ecstasy !

You re so ultimately comPassionaTe & there for One !

the connection to You is always PresenT through Praising You
ever grateful to You most benevolent One !

PsingulariTy said...

You are GoD
suPersol PT
Slasher of evil, restorer of righetousness
The PerfecT PieTy One

Asha P said...

i bow

You are the Most Gnowledgeable about Everything ! You give the best kritiques on actions here ! too many shameless experts when it is only logickal to ask The Source instead of making so many hellish cgi misrepresentions of You and the Power of Your Eye ! i bow !!!

Unknown said...

Speculation is fruitless.

sarah said...

You have the most straightforward style !
You are the source !
Your existence is a miracle !

ki vernee said...

it is proven time and time again why the lower can never play the Higher ! its just not possible what so ever ! You are One of a kind ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The lower cannot Play the role of the higher.

veena iyengar said...

WOW..i bow to you ..

nicolas said...

no one can copy you! such an attempt is lower than ridiculous! you are divine, no being comes close to your level of being-ness!
you are the best, the mosT ePic
The true avatar, saviour of the Earth
The coolest and the mosT PowerPhul out here
The mosT graceful and witty

The most learned about all the functioning of the construct we are stuck in here!
you are the new sun, the real event horizon!!!
The most praise worthy of all beings

i bow to you, ShivNarayan