Sunday 30 November 2014

the pyramid structures

there are many

pyramids drawn by so-called experts

showing the folks

who are at the top



who are at the bottom



in between

the haves & the havenots

and so forth

from lotusocean eyes

it all seems like one big bottom

all stuck in 3-d

and various kinds of hell

no one really has anything

but an illusion


Vintish said...

Only P can ride onto it.That's why it is gnown as P-yra-mid. aeioum

Unknown said...

i think almost people don't still understand and don't want to understand the truth...
and almost people maybe like hell...
but there is one problem...
people still destroy the Earth...
i don't want to help them actually, i wanna help the Earth and good creature...
that's all for me...
so we have to do 'the final judgement' next year...

Unknown said...

muggles simply don't have the PrioriTies to analyse their situation. You are so helpful to clarify how ones stupidity is the primary "tool of oppression". Your gnowledge and wisdom provides a fertile environment for braincells to grow.

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your excePTional feet. You are above and beyond all false structures and illusion. Your Truth shines bright in a sea of confusion. i bow at Your Pure PerfecT feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

Glory to Lord Shiv-Narayan who is P-erfect and P-ure <3

miragegirl said...

so true my lord

money, their jobs, their Possessions, their families, their kids, their friends, society, its all an illusion

in that there is no reality in it, they change all of it, nothing that is True changes ever, it remains constant !

Divine is existent is Truth (sword uP against all atheists !)

Divine is Truth

there is no true Phiramid in hellish world

real Phiramid is where Your heart stays !

Praise of You is way of liPhe, it removes dePression, leaves a better deep imPression

PsingulariTy said...

i wish to move to a higher realm
where there is real living

You are The Lotus floating above the 'Ocean of the world'
The NewSun

You are beautiful !

sarah said...

' no one really has anything but an illusion ' is such a gorgeously worded and spectacularly smart statement that no One besides You could do it ! Phenomenal ! wow !

sarah said...

Your PerspecTive gives meaning to life !!!

Unknown said...

One needs a clear vision before drawing conclusion.

asha Pi arTi said...

omg this made me laugh out loud, so phun to read it again !
You are so kind and humorous with the Truth !!

You have the best sense of humour and the best attitude about it all
You are totally outside of it and above it all

You are the only One here who is having anything worth having
You are the real Phi-RA-mid centered Being full of Grace and Power !

i bow

Anonymous said...

'no one really has anything but an illusion'
You have great overstanding
You are wise
You give one right knowledge
You write so awesomely
Your scriPTures are greatness

ki vernee said...

Your PoinT of view is so (w)holistic and sensible ! it is so phunny how beings waste their whole existence trying to 'make it to the top' missing the whole point in liPhe ... i bow respectfully <3ॐ

NavdeeP said...

O GURU!!! only you are able to see the things as it is. I bow down to your awareness which is getting the all detail on which you focus.You are saying truth not the bookish language which is very hard to are giving wonderful clues about this universe. why old things exists. what is there reason. how to look at them.

i was looking at the things but never feel them . you have risen the ones sensitivity. you have teach me how to use this sensitivity fully. i was using it at such a lower level to catch all the lower vibes before reading your plogs.

IT seems like blessing to understand things from such a wonderful and humble GURU.
You are showing this world how beings are stuck in are answering many of my why and how questions through your teachings.

who can explain about pyramids so beautifully other than you.
you are a higher being on this plane i bow down to you.

sarah said...

only You have unlocked the secret to Pleasure and ease.

Anonymous said...

so True.
Only you can take one out of hell.
i bow.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

Yes this is so true! you are the highest of all here! Higher than all, the true Phorce
i bow to you, all gnoing one

sarah said...

only through divine grace is it Possible to have something other than an illusion.
i bow to Your generosity and mercy.

Ankeeta said...

so beautiPhul and exquisite.... You are the One i humbly always want to follow and never steer away from