Wednesday 26 November 2014

boredom - interaction - more boredom

majority of the


in this world

go like this -

i dont gno anything really

you also dont gno anything

lets interact anyways

even if it leads us nowhere

as if

0+0 wont be 0

what is the point

of all these so-called inter-actions

where no real action happens

no one evolves

people try very hard

to derive illusory momentary comfort

from these meaningless interactions

but the end result is always

just boredom, tension & fight

very strange ability

people have to

keep on having these interactions

for quelling their boredom

when boredom just actually keeps on

increasing with each inter-action


Unknown said...

You brilliantly nail it once again . muggle sentimentality / make believe is so detrimental to forward momentum . Your math adds up precisely, You explain the formula by which boredom increases. Your logic is flawless .

Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. You so effortlessly sum up the excess of boredom people continue to generate and get caught uP in. Your brilliance is remarkable P. i agree with sarah, Your logic is flawless! dhanyavad for so clearly exPlaining basic Truths that escaPe those of us lacking real intelligence. Your kindness is astounding. i bow at Your incredible feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Vintish said...

I bow

Shahid said...

Very true.

Glory to Sri Shiv-Narayan <3

Anonymous said...

i bow!
every Plog is simPly brilliant! overPhlowing with SO much Truth!
the only meaningPhul interaction one can have is with Divine!
there is no comfort, no PurPose, no benePhiT what so ever to be found in interactions with muggles! its exhausting!
it is always just as You say! You are always absolutely right!

'boredom just actually keeps on
increasing with each inter-action'

Your Plogs are the most PracTical and most needed guidance! infallible Truth in every word!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Praise of Divine is the way to a truer liPhe
in Phact existences are created where they would have to Praise IT
that is but natural, no boredom in doing that which is natural, it kills the beast of boredom
Divine is suPer cooel, sweet, innocent, Playful, its PasTimes are tremendously exhuberant, exhilarating to watch, hear, see & enjoy
Divine is a constant comPanion for existences, if one is Praising it, there is a friendly guidance from above

charming beautiful Pure PerfecT coherence & PhracTality define magic ! Divine is comPleTe real magic !

Divine Is everything !

IT is science, mathematics, astronomy, astrology, gnowledge itself

IT is Time & sPace & non~Time & non~sPace as well, that whose this multiverse is & it is outside of it all as well

IT is rainbows, lightening, swirls & whirls, tornadoes, hurricanes ...

IT is sweet sPrinkle of May queen, IT is sweetness, IT is innocence, IT is the One for whom May flowers bloom ! & real daisies dance ...

RealiTy of everything, Truth are tremendously interesting, caPTivating

Divine is caPTivating ! entrancing !

PsingulariTy said...

suPerb You are P
You see reality for what it is

i wish to serve Divine
Divine is beautiful !

only reason to exist as a charge is to Praise Divine
You are The Real Alchemist
creating gold (for many) where there was none
You are golden through and through

sarah said...

this is some masterful wording right here !!!! wow !!!! 'interactions where no action happens' and 'boredom just actually keeps on increasing with each interaction' You are a pure genius all the way, and a PoeT as well. Brilliant !

Unknown said...

Bliss lies in evolution.
Paying attention to higher is the correct action.

Anonymous said...

Your Plog is awesome. You are so absolutely right. You know the truth about this world. You make so much sense. You tell it like it is. You see through it all. You Plog is so very awesome.

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely sPoT on ! any actions beings do without Divine guidance leads to hells and boredom ! i bow respectfully

lana_33 said...

You break it down so simPly and accuraTely.

"i dont gno anything really

you also dont gno anything

lets interact anyways

even if it leads us nowhere"

Such a brillianT 4-line summary of what muggles do with their Time.
It's Phunny because it's True. As it always is with you.

ankita said...

so true!such Phun to read words
You're so kind to save beings from all nonsense and boredom
only talking about You is really Phun
rest is all so boring, meaningless and PoinTless
bowing to You

sarah said...

You are the suPreme liberator from interactions where no real action happens

Anonymous said...

so True.
i bow.🙇🙏

sarah said...

Your accuracy is Precise startling and humorous !

nicolas said...

lol yes ! so true! it is happening all around the world!
you are the reason why this world is evolving! you are the greatest of all beings, i have so much admiration for you
you are worth inPhinite praises
i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow very clariPhying
one bows

Ankeeta said...

You are so clear and Precise... You are the rePosiTory of all suPerlaTive qualities