Wednesday 16 April 2014

female of the specie

majority of females

on this planet

have a special almost stubborn aversion for

looking at the reality of the world they live in

so no question of

looking at death or worlds thereafter

in other words

hell simply does not exist for them

according to them

pain & torture is only reserved

for animals in slaughterhouses

or for males as prisoners of wars etc

nothing at all to do with them

they mostly like to stay in their own head

in which all things can be turned into whatever they want

at least for a short while

no surprise that

they are mostly found screaming in utter disbelief

when the reality hits them

( in their case it has to work really hard to find them & corner them )

& the bubbles burst

they usually walk around proudly

like the world is absolutely safe

their playground

looking for praise from their counterpart specie

which is usually more than happy to temporarily give it

for its own temporary agenda

this praise is expected

not for any ability to live or die successfully

but just for the fact that they are female

so in conclusion

any question of breaking out of the hellish matrix

remains a far stretch

for most females

on this planet


asha Pi arTi said...

oh wow ! P what a Beautifully written humbling Plog... so urgent to read for any female !

You are really so kind to point out what a danger that mentality is bc it really does render females subject to all sorts of horrible reality checks... and most crucially it makes them ultra unhumble with Higher, disagreeing with the objective truth about this world and themselves etc !

females (like how one used to be oneself) are always increasing the danger quotient in life instead of learning how to avoid it and be properly courageous and happy ! it takes much more intelligence and strength to not go along with the herd to slaughter !

You are so compassionate and eloquent P ! You do more for the females of the species than all the feminists put together all thru history !!!!

i bow !

Asha said...

EPIC ... most important words ever written for females !

i bow !

Vintish said...

I bow

Unknown said...

yes...i bow ... .

Anonymous said...

so true. as is everything you write and say. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Phactual approach to everything is the only way to see reality. dhanyavad P. i bow at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Plogs are the most and only essential words for one to read and reread! one is ever grateful to have been cornered by reality, Your PerfecT truth, and freed from this exact scenario! one would be comPleTely hoPeless without You! i agree with asha, these are the most imPorTant words ever written for females! You are so comPassionaTe and kind to Provide a focus with True PurPose for the feminine specie. You! i bow at Your Divinely heroic feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...
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PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Don Juan
You are Purushottam, The Best Being

Unknown said...

People at bottom of the barrel created illusion to trap females.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! ... females do just want to stay in their own personal alice in wonderland movie ! i bow !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lol..So True.😂 i bow and surrender at your feet.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

yes this is so true! your words are very precise! this is impressive
Your Plog is a real must read for all beings! it is a real TruThPhull eye-opening work of art! your divine words are a very impressive reflection of your divine wisdom! you are supreme
i bow

gopa said...

Your Plogs are snaPshoTs of indisPuTable PhacTs and the reality of the PresenT times. If beings truly want to evolve, these are the scriPTures that can actually make them aware of their PresenT state. You destroy the illusions of females and awaken them to their actual state of being. Only one who has real male Power can truly do this. The rest only Pander to the female ego for their own agendas while it suits them, as you so gnoingly PoinT out. Your laser like PercePtion cuts through all the craP and clearly sees the make believe world that the female mind inhabits.
How well you Perceive the PhacT that females seem to think they are invincible and sPecial just because they are females but that in reality they are TraPPed by their minds. Only by Paying attention to your words and waking uP to the reality of their state can they break out of the Prison of their make believe world and have any chance at evolution. In your inPhiniTe comPassion, you are so kind to lay bare the PhacTs and give beings the chance to raise themselves.
Humble bows to you.

Rashmi said...

Shiv Narayan

Guru PT, only You can reprimand us for our utmost irresponsibility and foolishness

You rightly point out that 'majority of females on this planet have a special almost stubborn aversion for looking at the reality of the world they live in'
To see reality, we need to use our senses Properly. but our senses are hijacked b muggledom nonsense and instant , meaningless sense gratification
You see reality for what it is and as is
bow to the realised One

Your observation is absolutely right when You say 'hell simply does not exist for them'
females are conditioned to accept pain as part of life and adjust with it else they are guilt tripped
the pain is not acting as an impetus to question what /who is wrong and not propelling to move out of the situation
Your senses are subtle, refined, sensitive to Pleasure 
bow to Your sophisticated senses

when You say 'they mostly like to stay in their own head', its so true
when we don't surrender to the Higher, we are bound to get trapped in the mind / use our limited perception to grasp something big 
You are visionary not imaginary
bow to Your suPreme vision

You have noted it correctly - 'they usually walk around proudly like the world is absolutely safe'
safety is present only when multiversal laws are followed .... only then Divine ProtecTion is guaranteed 
Your teachings are the safest
bow to You - the Real Guru

Gita said...

Beautiful Divine One! You have the best observational power and all the intellect of this Multiverse!
yes the females have now been regarding themselves as little princessess named by their so called P arents and this has boosted their egos, the females consider themselves delicate darlings ans have forgotten ways to Serve the Higher!

You have so rightly said that females have limited pain to certain things, when their time runs out and dis eases pops in everything they have assumed bursts out into the real world and a shock awaits them... we all need to learn, we all need to evolve and understand the reality of this Prison world, no we are not saPhe unless we Phind YOU Divine One!

veena said...

P~This is so Profound.There is nobody on this Plane who is brutally Honest but you.But it's the need of the hour.It is true that females live in their heads for most part of their lives where everything is Hunky-Dory,their dreamy weddings, perfect partner and their meaning compliments.Women are being delusional and living in a bubble. No wonder getting out of this hellish matrix is a far stretch for females.
P~You are so kind and comPassionate that you are giving every Possible chance for females to Evolve.Like the Divine Mother caring for her child.It's time for the female specie to move away from the social constructs and start saying "YES TO DIVINE".It's time we burst the bubble.
One humbly bows to you.