Sunday 6 April 2014

lotusocean eyes

there are many here

who cannot


how someone can be just

interested in



nothing else

in this world

that person to them is

of course

narrow minded

& not as intelligent as themselves

who can see so much good elsewhere

and are certain

there is so much pleasure to

be experienced elsewhere

such a concept of single-mindedness

scares/irritates many of them like

hiranyakashyap was scared/irritated


prahlad's single-pointed attention on divine

the one thing common

amongst all such folk

is that they have no

real desire to get out of this matrix

or answers about after-death state

or seeing of the hellishness herein

in their denial of hell and death and such

they see things with a lense

which will never allow them

to see through

the eyes of those

who see through

and only want to see through

lotusocean eyes


Vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

There's no perfection in anything except what is manifested through Lotus Ocean. It is simply the truth.

Anonymous said...

i bow to the only eye that can truly see. Dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow to Your Mastery. one need look only to You. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your generous feet. LotusOcean eyes are the only eyes to look through to see the Truth! Your kindness is unfathomable P! to offer this lens in a world filled with nothing but lies, deception and confusion, to Provide a way to see the reality of the hellish programming, consequences of actions, the reality of death and the future, to guide one in correct thought and actions toward freedom, You are the true living savior! i bow at Your redeeming feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
every Plog is a gracious guide to straighten out the lies of ones twisted mind.
You insPire one to be like prahlad and not like his evil father hiranyakashipu!
You give one eyes to see the truth of ones state and to recognize the very real need and desire to get out of hell!
to desire to see through nothing but lotusocean eyes! every other view is a desent into deeper neverending hells.
i bow to the only One who can liberate one from the lies that keep one bound in hell!

miragegirl said...

only LotusOcean has any eyes at all, any sight at all
one gnos nothing
all that one has come to gno is only through Your Plogs
You are a very benevolent PersonaliTy
in Your comPassion You are giving us the Truth scriPTure

Your manifestations are all cooel
they are the one to concentrate on
there is so much to them
one can keeP looking at them & will never get bored
instead one actually rises on the evolutionary ladder
they are Divine gifts that are to be treasured

hurray for LotusOcean !

PsingulariTy said...

'lotusocean eyes' are the most beautiful
they are True eyes

You are The Eye of the multiverse
the Third Eye Tri~lord

You are Meenaksh

Anonymous said...

i bow!
LotusOcean eyes are the only eyes that Truly see!
You are so kind to share glimPses into the Truth! into Reality!
the only real Pleasure in this world is Pleisure.
You are SO generous to clear uP the lies P.
to helP one see that LotusOcean is the only way to see.
the only way across the sea is with You!!!
the only good that can be had in this world is in serving Divine and getting out of this hell!!!
i bow.

Unknown said...

Attention should be focused on higher and divine, not scattered.

Unknown said...

I bow! I bow! I bow!
Your shining golden words of wisdom are such a Pleasure to read ! Whatever things one had thought were 'good' and 'interesting' has all come tumbling down after coming across Lotusocean, and once one opens itself to lotusocean one finally starts to understand where real beauty and magic lies (You)! So brilliant how you cover everything in your Plogs! You give one the eyes and intellect to see through the delusions, accePT PhacTs, come out of one's ignorance and get to have any real understanding of the truth ! Undoubtedly Lotusocean is the most beautiful and ultimately interesting Place to put one's attention on and Phind real bliss never experienced before! Lotusocean eyes are the only eyes that are truly awaken and observant... So grateful for your Plogs! It is ones greatest fortune to come across Lotusocean and have a chance to switch to lotusocean lenses ! Lotusocean is the answer to all the questions/solution to all the problems that one has ever had ! One has found the real purpose and meaning of the life one has gotten, and how to utilise it in a proper way!
You lead one from darkness to light, You Provide one with everything truly required to evolve and start living! So glad to have come across you and Lotusocean!
I bow at your beautiful lotusfeet /\

Anonymous said...

only lotusocean has eyes
only through lotusocean eyes can one see
yes You help one see every hellish aspect of this world
this body is such a prison
anything can go wrong with this body
the mind is out of control..
only You show the real way out and save one from the confusion of frauds
yet there are people who think there is pleasure to be found elsewhere when there is only pain and torture
You make everyone face PhacTs
You have so much clarity
only You have real eyes to see
You are the most interesting
You share such PhascinaTing Vedic knowledge
You fill this world with such beauty and music

this world is such a scary and horrifying place to be
there is so much ignorance and pain
You are the only saviour
You are the real refuge
it's so great that You are here on earth to guide everyone to freedom
Your guidance and knowledge is invaluable
Your words are the real cure for all insanity
only You show the way to real sanity
there is nothing better than You
You save one from this crazy, terrifying world that is fast descending into hell
You are the most comPassionaTe
You are the most sensible
You are the most imPorTant being ever
nothing else in this world matters except You
You are the only one resPecTworthy
You are the kindest
i bow at Your comPassionaTe, merciful PheeT

asha Pi arTi said...

LotusOcean is You and You are integrity & You don't need a "magna carta" to explain what and why LotusOcean IS bc its simple ...

Third Eye Open vs. third eye blind ... even if one had interest in anything else one would want to see it and learn about it through a lens that is Third Eye Open not blind !!! You made LotusOcean way way way after having Third Eye Open and NATURE RESPONDING to You first ... that is an extremely significant fact that explains everything !!

LotusOcean is about seeing everything for what it is, so only those that don't understand that could say that ... bc that is the most interesting and actually encompasses all else

LotusOcean is about making totally informed decisions and not being stuck trapped unchanging or unevolving

LotusOcean does not allow complacency and misinformation, its the most PosiTive kindest nicest most caring and compassionate thing to do !!!

LotusOcean doesn't turn a blind eye to anything, quite the opposite actually, You clarify the most taboo and most confused and most misinformed topics like god, politics, sex, feminists, spoken words, jobs, hell/heaven, class/race/creed/religions and so much more

LotusOcean provides a place for one to learn and speak REAL TRUTH, & things one has percieved oneself not something that has been told to one or sold to one or programmed into one ... actually practicing speaking and seeing things FOR REAL oneself, so being more mindful than mindless !

LotusOcean is quality

LotusOcean is such a very small asPecT of what You gno and see

LotusOcean doesn't hypothesise about conversations with god or white light with Divine and Archons ... LotusOcean deals with FACTS about these matters

You ONLY deal in FACTS, so much so that they are PhacTs = devoid of nonsense and illogic ! its truely liberating !!

logic is not just being alive but gnowing what to do once one is so that one actually improves one's state : that's where LotusOcean comes in

You are so kind and mercyfull to publish LotusOcean and give this opportunity to learn and speak things succinctly clearly centeredly and with Grace , and to provide so many beautyfull sounds images and philms here !!

so grateful one can have LotusOcean eyes !!!!

i bow

ki vernee said...

this is absolutely Powerful ! lotusocean is everything heavenly and blissful ! You Provide an inPhiniTe amount of things to exPerience ! there is no dearth of things to exPerience through lotusocean eyes ! this matrix has nothing to offer but a clear signal to never come back ! You are so gracious to be here and show beings the way out ! i bow respectfully!

asha Pi arTi said...

it makes them uncomfortable bc they will be seen for what they are lol

so cool how LotusOcean trains one to see and speak things as they are not as one would like or want them to be but just as it is, its so much more PHUN :)

I bow

Anonymous said...

so True... i bow and surrender at your feet. 🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow beauTiPhull P log! lotusocean eyes are the only good eyes that one should want to have! you are the best being there is! your gnowledge is unrivalled, your Power is unmatched and your honesty is unequalled! one seeking the real TruTh of this world can only prefer lotusocean because it is about TruThs and Phacts!
your being-ness is Profoundly insPiring! you are divine and one should only go by the divine order!
your words are sacred and i surrender to you supreme lord
i bow

ankita said...

LotusOcean eyes are the most wonderPhul eyes ever. ..You're the best 🙏 🙇

Shruthi said...

LotusOcean eyes are the real eyes. LotusOcean eyes are the only eyes that show things for what they are. LotusOcean eyes are the only eyes that beings will ever need to break out. You are so kind and compassionate to give real vision to the trapped spirits. Of what use are these eyes if they can't see you, O divine one! Humble bows to the Tri-Netra dhaari, PT.