Sunday 15 December 2013

the divine garbage bin

there are many here

whose image

of divine

is that of a

multiversal personal garbage bin

in which

they can throw their

incoherent gibberish garbage

without any


they might not do it

with their parents, friends, peers, society


with higher/divine

they feel they have all the right

to be

rude and illmannered

and speak all their nonsense

that too

all in the guise of love and open-ness

well there is news for such folk


is t-here

not to hear

but to be heard


treating higher/divine like a garbage bin

will turn

one's whole future into

one big heap of garbage/hell


Vintish said...

I bow

Asha said...

'higher/divine is t-here not to hear but to be heard' woooohhooo !! i bow & listen !!! Your words, Your music, Your Voice... its the greatest priviledge to get to hear You !

Your words are like lightning striking P ... so cool !

' throw their incoherent gibberish garbage without any repercussion ' ... so crazy ! that's just not possible !!

its well deserved the garbage bin existence of such ppl ... foolish pride and dumb dumb dumb calculations to not phind what Higher/Divine worth listening to... its a crazy world with ppl that would rather hear their confused lost self or someone else trapped in hell instead of anyone clearly outside of that & way way cooler !!!

You put it best... grapes are sour to those kind of ppl ! so true so they will phind out what sour really is !

I bow !

pinx said...

Brilliant ! such ominous and foreboding words ! what a clear warning and a clear page to add to the "do not do" handbook.


is t-here

not to hear

but to be heard"

Brilliantly said !!! not to hear but to be heard ! yes absolutely true ! and what a privilege it is to hear what Higher and Divine has to say !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are most comPassionaTe to PoinT out the audacious behavior of the unintelligent muggle masses and the foolish ways they Perceive and treat Divine! one is so appalled to have been amongst them doing so many do nots!
You are the only One who has anything of True value, worth, meaning and Purpose to be heard! Your words, Your music, it is all such a generous gift that puts s stop to incoherent thoughts and behavior and guides one toward real evolution. i bow at Your merciful feet. You are the Master of all that has, is and will be. one is so blessed to read Your Divine words and hear Your Divine music. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your words are the ultimate Truth !
there is no arguing, rudeness, disagreement in accePTing them !

You are the ultimately Intelligent One, the only Real Intellectual there is on earth
Your mind's 'Crystal Clarity' is beyond descriPTion
You are Coherent, PerfecTly so, so it is that You are The Enlightened

You are therefore also the 'All Gnoing One'

How charming !

All You say is for one to listen & understand only

i am grateful for all Your Plogs

they are Truth, there is nothing more interesting, read worthy, listen
worthy, rePeaTe worthy than the Truth

You are lover of Truth, uPholder of truth, You Are the Truth

great Your existence, grand Your existence, multiversal Your will,
enchanting You Are !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine most beautiful !
all You say is Truth beyond doubt

You are The Elder
to offer reverence and resPecT to

Anonymous said...

is t-here
not to hear
but to be heard'

i bow! one is so grateful for the chance to hear Divine!
to learn to listen!
to learn how to really Pray!
one is so aPologeTic and ashamed for having used ones mouth to sPeak so much nonsense throughout ones life
and to have been so fool of the disease of conceit to have approached Divine in such an ill mannered and bratty way!
it can not be stressed enough how imPortanT it is to hear You, listen to You, resPecT You!
You are so kind to make it so clear P!
SO grateful for all the ways You show one the errors of the many and ones ways
so one can CHANGE!
SO grateful for the chances You give one to stop behaving like a moron and Pay attention, listen and bow down!

There is SO much to hear in all You do and say!
You are SO indescribably astute and aware and function on the highest level there is!
You are Divine! The Avatar! Kalki!
The highest and only authority there is!
You, Your word is law! These are Your days of Judgement!
there is no Place in Your world for ones garbage!
so grateful for all the ways You helP one delete and unProgram all the bullshit!
only natural Praise of You should flow in real oPenness and real love which one can only learn the true meaning of through Your Grace.
the only right there is to work toward sincere Praise of Divine at all times!
it is so wrong and foolish to even think let alone behave otherwise!
so grateful for the real news flashes You Provide P!
there is none more comPassionaTe and kind than You!
Your scriPTures are real rehabilitation for ones mind, body and sPiriT!
so grateful for the constant reality check of Your words P!
this hell is imPossible to servive and escaPe without You!
i bow.

Meghhnaa said...

So true, these days there are so many buzzing folks around proclaiming themselves to be Lord. Why can't we leave the Divine to be divine alone, and just follow the laws.

Astro said...


is t-here

not to hear

but to be heard.

I bow to thee PT. Thankyou Guruji..

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

Wow! Would have never realised this bratty behaviour that one does! You always clear the clutter! This idea has always been rife among us to say whatever we have in our minds to the gods/divine!
"with higher/divine
they feel they have all the right
to be
rude and illmannered
and speak all their nonsense
that too
all in the guise of love and open-ness"
It is so true!
Indeed it is the higher/divine who needs to be heard not the other way round! Your words always edify the readers! One comes to gnow their bratty behaviour and how to change it! You are so kind and generous to lay it down for us to understand how to improve oneself and begin on right path to the divine! I bow!

ki vernee said...

You are the most resPecTable Being who deserves resPecT from all beings ! it is crazy how beings respect those who have no praiseworthy attributes ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

I bow..

nicolas said...

that is very beauTiPhull! your logic is Perfect! you make all better! one should always behave properly when addressing to higher/divine! your clarity is always a gorgeous experience
i bow to you supreme lord