Monday 16 December 2013

action oriented

even though

all beings here

do actions


existence is not possible

without actions

and some do

many more actions than the others


very very very few


action oriented

being action oriented


much more than just

running around like a busy bee

doing nonsense

one has to hold

action as sacred

and realize fully

that actions

have the power to

take one out of any hell

into any heaven


Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

"one has to hold

action as sacred

and realize fully

that actions

have the power to

take one out of any hell

into any heaven"

Just cant reiterate enough how beautiful and great that statement is ! that is the BEST thing i have ever read !! what a revelation and utmost imPorTant and sacred of teachings !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

action is ParamounT. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! Yes, that last statement is so incredibly beautiful! this is such a great Plog re-emPhasizing the importance of action and clarifying what action is not and the Power of action when it is held sacred! Every action You do is sacred P and filled with Divine Power as is so clearly shown in all of Your videos and PhoTos and Plogs. You manifest Heaven on this Earth around You constantly. i bow at the Heaven found at Your feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Shahid said...

Action is truly imPortant.

Glory to the true avatar on earth now <3

miragegirl said...

wow !

i will try to be conscious that action is sacred

You are the most benevolent
always helPing one imProve

You are the best !

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! 'out of any hell into any heaven'
i have a brilliant hoPe
grateful to You for this Truth
i want to get to the heaven that is being close to You, havig You as my lord
i am bothered by anything less

You are Divine
most beautiful ! absolute charming handsomeness !

sarah said...

this is such an encouraging fact to emphasize and clarify.
You are always the Premiere examPle of applied facts.

sarah said...

You are so helPful. one appears to have aspbergers level of communication/comprehension when it comes to dealing with things above the level of total hell.

You provide step by step instructions, which is beyond sweet.
Your kindness is heart melting.

sarah said...

it is so amazing how one can pause on You speaking, and it is PerfecTly centered, and Your walk can be slowed down and look like a suPer model, and a PicTure of You can be taken any time and it is PerfecTly graceful. You do such ideal actions, and it is so fascinating how they just get better under close observation.

Unknown said...

Your Plogs are sacred! Your words are ever enlightening and evoluting one! You have the highest of virtues! You are always helping beings with your Powerful Precise Penetrating words! You keep deconstructing things for us to understand! You are the most compassionate and benevolent being! I bow at your divine feets!

Anonymous said...

wow You so beautifully exPlain the imPorTance and Power of right action
'actions have the Power to take one out of any hell into any heaven'
Your words are so decisive..such a beautiful reminder
we need to realise the imPorTance of actions and keep imProving their quality
You give one hoPe
You are so PosiTive
Your scriPTures are beautiful and awesome
i bow

Anonymous said...

one has to hold action as sacred
and realise fully
that actions have the power
to take one out of any hell into any heaven

wow..anyone and everyone can evolve
action is sacred
it can take one out of any hell into any heaven
You tell one the imPorTance of actions like never before
Your words are the most imPorTant words in this world
You are Phenomenal
only You tell one what the right action is
without You one is lost
You are the greatest
You give the best insights
Your teachings are the best
You help one get ones broken parts together and be disciplined and do disciplined actions
You are the best teacher
You are the real guru
there is no one better than You
You are fabulously unique
You are Phenomenally wise
You are the kindest and the most comPassionaTe
You are the most knowledgable
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the most action oriented Being ! action is definitely golden ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

its amazing how Powerful Phenomenal and beautiful Your words are
its so wonderful how You write..the words seem to trail off into eternity in such a Powerful and beautiful way...never ending and glorious truths You sPeak...

these are the greatest most Powerful words of truth and wisdom
first time one gets to read such incredible words

actions have the Power to take one out of any hell into any heaven
very soothing incredible elevating words of wisdom
actions can be healing..actions can take one higher or lower
You give the most helpful and Precious gnowledge
very incredible and beautiful insights

You have all the gnowledge
You have all the wisdom
Your words are suPreme treasures

everyone can do right actions
Your words are so full of PosiTiviTy
Your words are very soothing and uPliPhTing
i bow

ankita said...

wow Your words are enlightening
actions have the Power to take one out of any hell into any heaven . .
You are very kind to help beings undertand the imPorTance of doing right
You give ultimate gnowledge
You bring so much change and hoPe into ones liPhe
very kind of You to give beings this very crucial oPPorTuniTy to learn how to not make mistakes
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are always doing the right actions ... You are so ProducTive ... every milli second to hours You use very wisely ... i bow <3ॐ

Anonymous said...

i bow and surrender at your lotus feet.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

I bow..

Anonymous said...

You are so action-oriented. It is so kind of you to teach one the imPorTance of doing the correct actions. You always do the most correct actions and insPire one to do the same. You are the most PhilanThroPic being one has ever come across in ones liPhe.

sarah said...

action is everything !!!
so gracious of You to teach Vedic concePTs.

nicolas said...

wow that is a very PowerPhull P log! you are so wise! action is sacred! one never remains the same after having read this
you are a divine being, i bow to you

ankita said...

very lucky to get to read and hear Your words of wisdom kind of You to grant beings all this time and sPace to do the right actions and read Your Precious liPhe saving words

so PosiTive ...actions have the power to take one out of any hell into any heaven
so hoPe giving
so kind of You to help beings see there is so much to aspire to
Your words are just too good
You are so kind to show a way out of the spider web of complications
so kind of You to show a way out!
i bow to Your Divine truths
i bow to the One who gnos

ankita said...

actions have the Power to take one out of any hell into any heaven !
Your words are so ePic !
You are so kind to show the way
You are the PuresT and the highest 🙏
one bows