Monday 30 December 2013

facing facts






have the




for a










in the


no matter



one tries to

avoid it



of a


have to be



Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...


pinx said...

You are so Brilliant !

I Bow !

pinx said...

cannot reieterate enough how great this P-log is ! Your words as always are supremely true !!

You are so brilliant, witty , eloquent, wise !! You have such a Phun way of illustrating Your PoinT. so cool the way You space the words, makes reading them even more Phun !

so great how You connect the dots, revealing connections at their root !

You are the best !

I Bow !

pinx said...

You are the Ultimate facts facer !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

The truth is written about the face of fact ! What a beautiful post.Your words are so poetic and pure and are like crystal clear pure water for the parched soul.Your are so beautiful and soothing to read as always.Thankyou for sharing.Pranam.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are the One who can face and has faced every facet of every fact P! Death remains a mystery all choose to avoid but You! You are so kind to constantly remind that death stares one in the face every moment of every day a reality only You gno how to face. i bow at Your immortal feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your Truths are the most Profound
You are Kalki

PsingulariTy said...

Divine's existence is fact
ParamaTman is the absolute beautiful One is the PhacT
You are Divine so charming is a total heartwrenchingly enticing PhacT

You are Divine
Please let me be with You ever. Please helP we walk on the PaTh that would lead to that.

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

You face facts so beautyfull they have to be called PhacTs now bc they are so comprehensively covered by You, so comPleTe and clear, one is so fortunate to learn about Multiversal Law, and learn from a Real Higher Divine Being here !!!!!!!!!!!!

so incredible and so kind to be here, no wonder Bhudevi/Earth celebrates You like She does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your face is so beautyfull for good reason clearly !!!

i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the only one who helps one face PhacTs. You are truly brilliant and intelligent. You make the greatest PoinTs ever. You are Phenomenal. Your words are incredible. You help one understand how imPorTant it is to face PhacTs. You are the greatest teacher.

Anonymous said...

You are the only One who helps one understand how imPorTant it is to face PhacTs
You make great PoinTs
You are so wise and knowledgable
its such a delight to read Your wonderful words
You're the only One who reminds one to face PhacTs
Your words are so incredible
Your scriPTures are so great
You write so beautifully
Your words are so beautiful and wonderful
i bow

ki vernee said...

Your words are so eye oPening ! i bow !

ki vernee said...

Your words are so eye oPening ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

So True. i bow.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

I bow..

Kṛtti kā said...

All facets of a fact must be faced. There is no avoiding.

You make the best PoinTs!

i bow

nicolas said...

wow that is beauTiPhul! "death always stares one in the face"! what an insPiring P log! your words are the wisest words. You are the most wonderPhull being on the PlaneT! No being comes close to your level of being-ness, you are the best there is!

i bow to you supreme one

Ankeeta said...

Wow...ParamaTma swarooP....Shiv Narayan the One from whom the Pure river Ganga always Phlows.... You are the master of sound and word...Your word makes the beautiPhully, in Pun and Phun, You exPlain the reality, truth of this multiverse....