Tuesday 17 December 2013

death and life

those who

do not

face the





learn how

to die successfully







Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

Anonymous said...

Brilliant !

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant piece :]

asha Pi arTi said...

wow i bow P ! another mindblowing pure principle stated so Beautifully !!!

how effectively Your words PeneTrate & clarify all things... topics that were avoided like one's death & afterlife can become the Primary focus now !

so cool when You pointed out how Buddh Mirabai You... all Higher beings first face that death is going to happen ... makes so much sense !!

so so grateful for the opportunity to learn from the only One who gnows how to do it all ... !

pinx said...

This is the most Profound statement of all time !

I Bow !

pinx said...

ePic words ! who else but You could sum up the nature of death and life thus !

You have just relayed the most imPorTant reality check of all time ~ in the most eloquent and PerTinant, clear and precise, PoeTic and unequivocal way !

You are truth and wisdom personified !

Your words are so striking and also so beautiful !

You are endowed with the highest of qualities and virtues.

You have complete wisdom.

You have been completely sincere in the quest to find out what its all about !

You are so admirable and we are so privileged to receive these precious teachings from You !

I Bow !

pinx said...

Your honesty is unwavering !

how to give meaning to life has been answered !

what it takes to really 'live' has been revealed !

that there is such a thing as dying successfully is something that is never taught or addressed!
beings run and hide and never face the most imPorTant reality to face !

but You are unlike those hiders, You have faced it and You gno what is the way to success !
You are an esteemed Soul ! the whole world needs to hear what You have to say !

I Bow !

Vintish said...

You are the best P !

Unknown said...

You are the only One who can live and die . You are so gracious to provide an example of how its done . I bow .

Anonymous said...

dhanyavad P for showing us how to live and how to face the fact that we will all face death one day! Your PracTical, factual and fractal nature are such compassionate qualities of your Divinity. i bow.

miragegirl said...

what a Profound Plog !

grand You are !

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! this is got to be the most brilliant intensity blog post ever on internet !

You are Lord Narayan

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

yes so true
it's so imPorTant to face reality of death
death is going to come no matter what..
You help one face such an imPorTant PhacT
..it's so helPful to remind oneself that there is a thing called death and one has to PrePare for it
You give one an oPPorTunity to PrePare for death so that one has a chance to escaPe to a better Place where there's no pain and torture
only You help one understand the imPorTance of facing PhacTs

Anonymous said...

Your Phenomenal words are such a refuge from the constant and horrid clamour of the mind
Your words are words to hold on to and live by
Your beautiful and wonderful declarations are the refuge for ones evil and sullied spirit
yes death is a reality
You make one face PhacTs fully and save one from all the frivolous actions that one does when one does not face PhacTs
i bow

Data said...

Your words tell the absolute TruTh of our life's mission-- there is no REAL life until one gets busy preparing for death. You helP one take a closer look at how actions can make the difference between heaven and hell. My heart sings gnowing you provide PhacTs to uPlifT & a PaTh to freedom ��You are merciful and benevolent and one is constantly in awe of your Unbounded Beauty...inside & out!!!

ki vernee said...

that is such a Powerful PoinT ! You are so sensible and logical ! i bow !

Unknown said...

Wow pure PhacT !!! No one can live truly unless they know why do they live, why are they here. Purpose of this life is to live such a way that we die successfully and and this gnowing propels the actions which will lead to the path of bliss and happiness. One will not be indulged in any of the nonsensical activities and remain focused to the ultimate goal of this life. Paying attention to the higher and divine is the only way one can work towards this very purpose. One just can’t express the gratitude to have come across you and got an opportunity to learn from you. So very grateful !!!! I bow !!!

Lorina said...

You are restoring me to sanity one Plog at a time. You are so gracious in all your ways am so gtareful to have Phound you! what was once lost is now being Phound thanks to you PerfecT one bringing the lost gnow ledge forward for those who would be looking for it. PBS to you all-ways and forever!

Anonymous said...

such Profound words of wisdom
You are the One who gnos
so Phenomenal Your words are
i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow and surrender at your lotus feet.🙇🙏

Anonymous said...

i bow and surrender at your lotus feet.🙇🙏

veena iyengar said...

Wow..i bow..aeioum..

nicolas said...

this is magnificent P! your teachings are the best teachings! your words are divine words and i am so grateful that they entered my consciousness! you are the best being there is, the most amazing that walks the Earth!

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

ultimate truth ...You are the Divine truth sPeaker