Sunday 17 March 2013

the new flute - herding souls back home

some ask

what is the point of

PT's music

many among those have

read/heard Krishn's tales of playing flute

to herd the गौ  (cows) back home

these cows are busy munching

immersed in

the various herbs/grasses/leaves

of the jungle

and have lost all sense of anything

else beyond that

people don't question the point in

this exercise in the story

'cows have to be brought back home'

it all sounds obvious and natural to them

but they miss the real point of

which this story is only the metaphor

sanskrit गौ 'gau' has two meanings

cow & the senses

it is 'the senses' meaning which is crucial

the senses are always wanting to

feed upon the various things

in the jungle of this world

it takes divine sound to

grab their attention

which inturn allows

them to come back to the

real home

home of divine

thats what PT's lotusocean sounds

are for -


souls back to the source

guitar is the new flute

of this time

only the sounds matter -

flute is just a metaphor

for an instrument

and electric guitar

is the instrument of choice for now

only the avatar music

can enchant them out of this worlds offerings

if cows have to come home

don't the souls ?


Vintish said...

Aap bahut sundar bolté hai ^_^

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

asha Pi arTi said...

* bowing to the real goPal *

omg ! tears tears are flowing P... You touch one like none other... You are my real home ! i bow !

true blue Beautiful Divinity You are ! Pure sense and purifying one's senses with Your sound and light !

its so impressive what You do... so respectworthy and cool and so so so kind ! Your the most compassionate !!

so grateful to be here while You are here !!!

Dhanyavad for letting LotusOcean be my home !!

i bow !

Shahid said...

"thats what PT's lotusocean sounds

are for -


souls back to the source "

Oh Lord, How true is this....Loved to read this aloud just now. The Divine truth !!!

Aap mahaan ho.

Jai Narayan.

Shahid said...

"only the avatar music

can enchant them out of this worlds offerings "

Very true.

Oh Prabhu, your Lotusocean Music
is our Jaan/ Life. This is what
truly music is and should be. You have enchanted me time and again with your videos.

I bow at the feet of the Supreme Lord Narayan.

Shahid said...

Mahaprabhu PT, Lotusocean channel is the Best, most creative, most enchanting, most beautiful channel in this multiverse.

Pyare Prabhu aapka Live Darshan kab milay ga...

Bol Narayan,Narayan aur Prabhu mein ho jaoo magan....

missmriggy said...

PT's song is gonna lead the way!!

PT the Axis said...

@erasmus - so you want to reap a crop without sowing seeds or tilling soil, you want to ride a car without an engine and run an appliance without power.

is it so hard to understand that transcendence cannot happen without bowing to higher & divine ?

and no, there is no sickness involved from any side when one is evolving.

Shahid said...

Just wanted to say have read this post earlier but it was sooooooooooo amazing that i had to come back and read it aloud again now.

Feel inspired to write a poem (??)
for you Lord:

"MAYA entices me again and again and makes me go round in circles in each birth.

In this life, MAYA yet again has enticed me but has no idea whatsoever on how Powerful my LORD NARAYAN is.

Thank you MAYA for all your hospitality all these years
but it's time for me to say ta-ta.

I would love to see her face when she see's that she has lost one captive, who is now under the shelter of the Lord. "

asha Pi arTi said...

all the comments on this Plog are so cool to read !!!!

especially Yours to eramus and shahid's poem !

You herd everyone to a safer space to share and learn from each other... that is what LotusOcean is ! Dhanyavad for providing this preserving atmosphere !!

I bow !

Asha said...

so glad for Your sounds P they always give one PerspecTive about how Higher You are !

and they, like everything You do, give one so much needed practice of moving one's mouth straight & positively ! !

so so so glad for LotusOcean... was totally lost stupid and mad before You !!

I bow !

Anonymous said...

i cry. i smile. i bow. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your sounds are weaPons of destruction for the evil within
Your sounds raise ones consciousness, they make one conscious

the sounds drift one to feel emotions that are high class,
amazing emotions that one can't get to by oneself

Your sounds take one on a 'sonic sPace odyssey', the sPace that is filled with Your energy

its the waters of suPer conscious Divinity that we live in
one keePs Polluting with ones own muddled, unformed imProPer emotions
grateful to You in helPing one stoP that

Your sounds are exPansive, they sPread the world & beyond
its joy giving to gno, to realize, they are going to be around in the multiverse forever

Your creations are creations in real terms, being truthful, emanating from the Avatar itself
the sounds that will helP sPiriTs now & the ones to take on liPhe later as well

You are making earth magical in so many ways !

Your sound vibrations are intense, Powerful
how can not evil but crumble, it would feel uncomfortable with Truth around, with Your vibrations around

the new flute is ever so sweet, enchanting sounds it Produces, intoxicating music it ever sPreads

grateful to You for Your benevolence

Divine bestows benevolence without asking for it, but if need be there & many a times even without

Your sounds are the best !

PsingulariTy said...

such a sweet exPlanaTion
You are The Real Cowherder

Anonymous said...

i bow
You always get the PoinT in the most brilliantly beautiful way P!
it's so Phun to learn more and more and more about how amazing You are!
why You are here!
what a True miracle Your life on this Earth is!
that the Avatar is here, right now!
it such a giPhT to read Your words, listen to Your sounds, gaze and Praise and bow to Your beautiful PicTures and exPerince all the enchanting ways You entice one away from a world that has nothing to offer!
only You can lead one out of the jungle and hells of this world to the only True home there is.
one is born into this world crying and homesick for Divine!
so ashamed to have lost ones way and become so senseless P
so grateful You are here guiding the way back to safety of You feet.
You are the only One who gnos the way
You are the way
You are the home one longs to return to and stay and never again loose ones way
i bow

sarah said...

Your sounds are next level.
Your romance with the realm of sound is so humbling to behold.

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

all the jealous morons get their just deserts while one gets to witness the most beautyfull romantic Play with Bhudevi and Elements !! all the rain, rainbows, lightbows, sunbows, cropformations, lightning storms, sky clouds and colours, sunsets, birdsong, butterflies and so much more are such a testimony to the Power of Your sound !!

so beautyfull how Your sounds are always evolving and evolving one and the earth as a whole ... Your beautyfull spheres of vibration sounds are the most interesting and inherently Powerfull magnetic phorce for one !!!! Your sound and light is everything !

You are so natural and impressive !! You always keep one coming back again !!

i bow

ki vernee said...

only Divine can decode things for beings to understand ! P always makes the best points ! if cows need to be herded home so do souls !

Anonymous said...

Your guitar is such a beautiful magic flute..
Your sounds are so embedded in nature
..the trees seem to want to sway on Your beautiful and vibrant sounds
You adorn nature with Your beautiful and wonderful sounds
..the trees, the flowers and the sky become so alive with Your music
Your music has such beautiful energy
Your music is so beautifully and wonderfully Vedic ..
You've got such beautiful style ..
You are so Prolific
Your music is so's so beautiful, subtle and full of creativity
Your music is sometimes so rainbow~hued and sometimes so dark and electrifying
Your beautiful and wonderful intentions show in Your ePic music
Your music is stuff loud sPeakers are made for's legendary ..You fill the world with so much beauty
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your guitar is the new magic flute
Your sounds are so enchanting
You wield Your beautiful magic wand like no other
Your music is magical
Your sounds are eternally beautiful
Your music is so beautifully and wonderfully Vedic
it's so delightful to recall beautiful and wonderful masterPieces like 'from another time' and 'sPinning around the axis'
Your music is exhilarating
Your music is utterly beautiful ..
how beautiful Your music is!
Your music is beautiful and flowing magic
Your sounds just flow and fill the sky with beauty
You enhance the beauty of nature
Your music is oh so beautiful
Your sounds are ethereal
Your sounds are heart meltingly beautiful
Your sounds are so delightful
You create such beauty!
Your sounds fall like the rain and go up in the sky like fire
Your sounds touch one like the softest breeze...oh how beautiful Your sounds are..
what beauty You create..
Your sounds are so heavenly
Your music is out of the world
You create the most beautiful masterPieces
You are the real Phied strummer
Your sounds are so freeing
Your sounds are freedom and magic
Your sounds touch and stir one
You create the beautiful blossoming of flowers through Your sounds
Your sounds are the most beautiful tingling bells
You are such beautiful refinement
You caPTure eternity with Your music and oh so beautifully
Your music is so subtle
You make the trees sway and the whole existence is so eager to dance on Your beautiful, beautiful tune
Your music is so beautifully embedded with nature
Your music is such charm
Your music is so dazzling
Your music is so uPbeat
Your music flows like the river and showers from the sky
Your music is so avant garde
You are so innovative
You are so creative
Your music is such a beautiful giPhT to this world
Your music is eternal and eternally beautiful
You fill the akash ganga with so many beautiful sounds
Your sounds are ethereal and beyond beautiful
Your sounds make the whole existence sigh
Your sounds are so delicious and delightful edible Your sounds are!
Your sounds are so exhilarating
Your sounds are eternal and beautiful
i bow at Your ever beautiful and wonderful PheeT

Anonymous said...

beautiful..Your words and Your music are just beautiful!
Your music is exhilarating
Your masterPieces like swati are ecstatic..
one gets the most breezy, beautiful feeling from Your music..Your music is uPliPhTing and beautiful Your music is!!
Your music is like waves and waves of joy sPlashing uPon one..such beautiful lightness of being..Pure joy! Your masterPieces like swati are breathtakingly can never tire of beautiful masterPieces like beautiful and sweet Your music is! Your music is the most exquisite sweetness! Your music is the most beautiful and magical...You enchant one..You are the real Phied strummer...Your music is beyond beautiful..Your joyful sounds are so sanctifying and beautiful! so vibrant and so full of ethereal has no words...Your music is exquisite sweetness..Your music gives one a high ..
You are a genius ..Your music is real music and oh so beautiful and enchanting!
Your music is the best
You are the best
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful and Divine
Your Divinely beautiful Plays like calm and majestic are so ethereal and enchanting
such great and beautiful Plays of some otherworld..sound from beyond rainbows..sounds from beyond the sky ..
such beautiful, Vedic and soulful sounds
You are a beautiful, beautiful and magical musician
such beautiful Plays flowing from Your beautiful consciousness
You are the most beautiful and wonderful!
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your music is so soothing, beautiful and otherworldly
Your music is liPhe giving in this trapped world
Your music is ambrosia
how beautifully it flows to the scorching desert of the apathetic and trapped heart and mind
You are the only saviour
You can guide one to freedom
You are the most imPorTant being ever
Your music is intense beauty
Your music is intensely beautiful
You give beings a chance to breathe with Your beautiful music
Your the ultimate musical genius
how beautiful and Profound Your musical messages are
You are all heart and all truth
You are the sweetest, kindest Divine being
Your music is beautiful, beautiful ambrosia!
Your music is like water in the scorching heat
how sweet and beautiful Your music is !
You are so high above
You bring beauty and truth
You are so beautiful and majestic
Your music is the window to the otherworld
You are very very beautiful head to toe!
You are the most beautiful soul ever
i bow

Anonymous said...

how suPercool Your rePlies are
there is no sickness involved from any side when one is evolving
Your words are so reassuring
You are so kind, so comPassionaTe and so caring
You show the way to real evolution
it's so amazing that You are there on earth!
One like You is here on earth..
You are just beyond rare
You are beyond Precious
You are the most beautiful flower to ever blossom
Your words are so beautiful, soothing and wonderful
You are ever Pouring, ever flowing beauty and knowledge
You are always educating one in so many ways
beauty and knowledge just flows out of You
You are the true Pure One
Your words are eternal
You are such a beautiful PassionaTe Phorce!
Your words are eternity
Your music is eternal eternity
You are home
You are real home
Your voice and Your music is so so very beautiful
i bow

ki vernee said...

the whole world is fortunate to here Your enchanting sounds ! beings are so caught up in the matrix that we need that Pure sound of Divine to snap out of it ! You are so gracious to lead all the souls home ! i bow respectfuly !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

a very beautiful Plog
Your music is such glorious magic
Your music is magic that flows so entrancingly
You enchant beings out of slumber and unconsciousness with Your beautiful blissful magical sounds
truly alluring caPTivating and enchanting Your sounds are
Your sounds are sPellbinding soulful magic..
the avatar's beautiful sounds!
Your sounds are beautiful beyond words
they touch the spirit like nothing else
the magical sPlendour of Your sounds is eternal
it's just so wonderful how Your magical sounds just flow into the spirit and relieve beings from misery
Your sounds are sounds to rise into.. how eternally beautiful magical and enchanting Your sounds are
i bow at Your magnificent creative inPhiniTe brilliance

Anonymous said...

Wow...Such a beauTiPhull revelation. And yes your electric guitar is the new flute. i bow and surrender at your divine feet.

sarah said...

You are so sweet to guide the way back home.

nicolas said...

this is magnificent! i love it! your explanation is wonderphull!
your sounds are the most enchanting and lively of all!
your music is magic made by the most amazing magician
your sounds touches the heart in the most inspirational way
listening to your music makes one a better being
you are simply the best, you are divine
i bow to you all gnoing one

Shruthi said...

"only the avatar music

can enchant them out of this worlds offerings

if cows have to come home

don't the souls ?"

- WOW! This P-Log has so much love in it. It's so wonderPhull to be enchanted by the sonics of the highest being and walk back home. You're so incredibly kind and you lead sPiriTs so gently just like how Krishn gently herded the cows back home. And the call of your guitar is so unmissable. It is impossible for anyone with a real sPiriT to not resPond to your call. Eternally gratePhull to you, the real goPal for being the guide and guru. Your grace, kindness, and comPassion is endless. One humbly bows down at your loTus PheeT, dearest goPal. You are everything and everything is for you!