Monday 15 October 2012

only for a job

a very bizzare phenomenon

which applies to

most of the muggles

on this planet

is that

they can only maintain

any sort of discipline

in terms of speech and action

for a thing called


a funny activity

which trades hours for pennies

they find it

very hard

to do anything

for their own self or evolution

even if they are

freed from

the waste of time

called job


Vintish said...

I bow

sarah anne said...

Such a beautiful point. It inspires one to try harder to care about themself.

miragegirl said...

the opportunity that Divine P~resent

must be used to the best end

with P to guide and lead

following all that one is told

one can reach realms beautiful to behold

so dont waste a moment now

get up and start the work

it not simply a matter of luck

miragegirl said...

you always tell that which is true

so we can learn and imProve

with you steering ones way

there is no fear of the last day

aap ko mera Pranam

Asha said...

what a Great PoinT ! love how you open ones' eyes about how misdirected the discipline and service attitude is in muggledom ! it is very bizarre how willing muggles are to serve for nothing and in terrible environments too !

Dhanyavad for this incredible opportunity to be disciplined and serve in Your magical environment !

i bow !

pinx said...

Yes ! Striking words ! so very true and so very PertinenT ! one can see it time and time again how beings are only ready to maintain discipline for a job ! beings serve & bow to money not to God ! it is really a very bizarre phenomenon indeed !

You word it all so well !


a funny activity

which trades hours for pennies"

Brilliant summation ! You are the ultimate wordsmith !

Beings of these times are seriously mad ! Just as You have so eloquently stated - they really find it very hard to do anything for their own self or evolution even if they are freed from the waste of time called job ! one sees examples of it all the time ! and alternately one sees how beings can be made to do all manner of ludicrous and humiliating actions & activities in the name of "job"!

Dhanyavad P !! with You one finds the most amazing opportunity to concentrate on soul making pursuits ! with You there is no burden of fending for basic survival via the time waste of job. with You all is taken care of. You have established an environment purely geared towards evolution, meaningful use of time and service to Divine !

so very very grateful to You ! Due to Your Grace i can work for God and not for money $$$ !

and must add how extremely excellent and P-raiseworThy it is that You have never ever done a job in Your entire life ! that is totally cool ! so very admirable and inspiring ! You are truly a great Soul not susceptible to any of the trappings of this world !

I Bow !!!

miragegirl said...

agree with all here

indeed you are among those who have never ever been in a job

and you are the only one who has done so much to imProve the state of this world as well

only you gnow how

you indeed give all of your refugees a safe haven where one can work toward evolution

you are the best

you are Kalki

you are ParamaTma

i bow

Anonymous said...

bravo! Your Divine words never fail to put things into proper PerspecTive. Dhanyavad! i bow.

Anonymous said...

time unknown, walled hell
with a heavy toll on mind
even for us hell howlers
Your beautiful grace a beacon
and lotusocean a life force
the only raft for survival
in the nightmare of the world

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You oPen ones eyes to the strange condition of PeoPle on this's strange that beings become so listless when it comes to their own awesome of You to help one out of the listlessness through Your Powerful and beautiful words..Your being is so beautiful..You are such a beautiful being..You are such a beautiful soul..Pranam

ujjwal sharma said...

every word you say has tremendous truth in it.and each Plog gives some unique are the only one in the world pointing out the problems about our muggle world.the world is upside down and only your Plogs and music can deprogram our minds.
i bow to the divine kalki PT are the guru of the world and lord of the ring and lord of the third eye.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! a job is such a funny way to 'develop' discpline ! You developed the Highest level of disciPline not having to work a job at all ! i bow !

ardral said...

P, this is so inspiring to take one's resPonsibility for evolution. you know it all. i bow to You oh lord!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So True. i bow to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

so true! your words are the best words! you encapsulate truth so beautiphully and effortlessly
i bow to you supreme lord