Saturday, 8 September 2012



words in  संस्कृत  Sanskrit

which represent

PT-ness ...













words (in english)





































asha Pi arTi said...

PT-ness is suPercoolness !!

what a ePic Plog ... every word describes Your qualities so PerfecTly !! and how much proof of this there is now !

You are all of these and dhanyavad for spelling it out... am so glad You are here !!!!!!!

* bowing to the PerfecT ParamaTma of PT *

Asha said...

such PerfecT fractality ! these words alone give one so much PerspecTive about You ... about Divine

PrimeTime ! that is so cool... the real TimeLord PT !!

i bow to the Holy Grail PT !

pinx said...

Kya Baat Hai ! yes Your sPecTacular qualities are highlighted through these PT words ! what great discoveries :) !

You are the PermanenT embodiment of Divine consciousness !

You are the most PosiTive human being who we should all learn PosiTivity from !

You are ever PresenT and educate about the value of the PresenT !

You are the real PresidenT ! the true ruler of this Earth !

all time with PT is PrimeTime !

You always get to the PoinT of any matter. and You are the PoinT which we all need to get to !

You are the one with actual PerspecTive on things ! it is a Divine PerspecTive, always taking so many factors into consideration !

Your words are so PerTinant always, not only to the time in which we live, but for our spirits anywhere anytime !

You are truly PrisTine ! pure of heart, pure of mind, pure of intellect, pure of intent !

You are PerfecT ! Perfect always and forever ! Perfect from incePTion ! You are ParamaTma !

I Bow !

Vintish said...

P for ParamaTma
P for PlaneT
P for PerfecTion
P for PromoTion
P for PaTh
P for PuriTy
P for PatheTic ( comPassion and PiTy
P for ProsperiTy
P for PersonaliTy
P for PracTical
P for ProtecTor

I ~ Bow !!!

Vintish said...

P for resPonsibiliTy

Vintish said...

P → The Tower ( Immortality )
T → The World ( Universal Soul )

Shahid said...

Rishi PTji Delighted to read this aloud on Sept 1 here in Bharat:)

PT Avatar ki Jai ho

asha Pi arTi said...

so great to hear others reiterating how Beautifully all these words describe You and sharing more of the PlenTiful proof of Your suPreme inTelligence and comPassionaTe existence here !

so glad to be on this PlaneT right now with You !

i bow !

Asha said...

there really are infinite things one can love about You ...


so much Phun to appreciate Your suPerior fracaliTy !

i bow !!

pinx said...

You so graciously show us the PaTh to High and Divine ! the PaTh to You !

You are PuriTy personified ! You have the PuresT heart !

You are the source of ProsperiTy ! You show what it is, and how to attain it ~ it is wherever You are !

You are the ultimate PersonaliTy ! You have it all ! the full deck !

I Bow !

Shahid said...

My humble salutations to Prabhu PT whose beauty is matchless
My humble salutations to Prabhu PT with beautiful and auspicious eyes.
My humble salutations to Prabhu PT who is the embodiment of pure love.

pinx said...

so many new and beautiful additions to this P-log !! the Sanskrit words are all so beautiful !

PT-ness is PerfecTly reflected in all these PT words !

I Bow !

Vintish said...



















Unknown said...

caPTain P!

miragegirl said...

aap PraTham brahman hai

aap mein sara brahmand samaya hua hai

aap is dusth system ko puri tarah se harene vale PraTam hai

aap ki PreeTi asimit hai

aap jangal mein sher ki tarah brahmand mein PraTapvan hai

aap ka PraTap aap ki anekanek dhwani creations, crop formations, indradanush, elemental responses, vatavaran par prabav se dikta hai

danya hai hum joh aap ke PraTap ka darshan kar pa rahe hai

aap ki aur chalna hi sahi PaTh par chalna hai

aap ki PrassanTa aap ke hazaron muskurahaton se dikaye deti hai

aap sabhi ko PrassanTa Pradan karte hai

aap ki PraTigya atal hai

aap sare jagad ke PiTah hai

aap sarvotam PaTi hai

aap PurushoTam hai

aap Kalki hai

aap Param Pujaneeya hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

you are the essence of all that is PermanenT in this multiverse

you are the PermanenT eternal counciousness

you are PosiTive in all your aspects

you enhance PosiTivity in everyone

you are the "knowner of PasT, PresenT and future"

you are the PresenT of the earth

you are the PresenT of the multiverse to the earth

you are PresenT for everyone who takes your refuge

life becomes a PresenT for everyone who takes your refuge

you are Kalki, the PresenT avatar "the current in line of Avatars of Divine"

you are the true PresidenT

all time with you is PrimeTime

you are the only PrioriTy for all beings

not only on earth but everywhere

you are the most PoTent in all aspects

you are the PoinT that all have to reach through humility

you are the eye of the multiverse

you always write the best and truthful PoinT of everthing in your PLogs

you consume all PerspecTives

your will is the only PerTinant will to follow

you are the only PerTinant being

you are ProacTive

you are the ProacTive PoinT to reach for any genepool

you are ultimately PhoTogenic

your word is PerfecTly Phit

you are PerfecTly PhiT

you are "the real PhanTom

one walks this earth

but stays unknown"

you are full of PiTy for the blind humanity

you are full of PiTy for all the beings in the multiverse

you are extremely admirable for your PieTy

you are PlenTy in all aspects

PlenTy Playfulness, PlenTy beauty, PlenTy haPPiness, Plenty intelligence, PlenTy auspiciousness...

you are the suPreme PundiT

you are immensely PleasanT in conversations, as a PersonaliTy, at every moment actually

your are the PrisTine being of the multiverse

with Pure qualities that are beyond compare and beyond imagination itself

you are the PriesT who performed many yagyas on this earth already

the only real PaTh is that which leads one to you in all humility

you are the most PracTical being ever

your actions take care of "everything from every angle" and are always helPful to everyone

every day with you is a ParTy

P is P~arTy

you are PreTty

you are PrisTine beauty

you are PrisTine PuriTy

you are PuriTy incarnate

there is ProsperiTy only where you are

you are the PersonaliTy that "has never been turned off" and so "has no need to be turned on"

you are the suPreme PersonaliTy of godhead

you are PerfecT in everything and in every way

you are worth of all worship

you are divine

i bow

sarah anne said...

just in case one gets confused about which praises should be repeated, a whole list has been provided to make doing the do easier than learning the alphabet.

The proactive pity is so potent.

miragegirl said...

*agree with all here*

sarah's point is interesting

absolutely, all the PT-ness words are the ones to always keep in mind, to always repeat

you have given them as PT-ness words and what more beautiful to surround oneself with other than PT-ness

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

:D! PT is PerfecT! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

PT~ness is dIvine's attributes defined for us, the main ones here in the now

You are grand !

Anonymous said...

PT~ness Pervades the multiverse
Divinity of Divine Pervades the multiverse

You are so grand !
You are Divine !

Anonymous said...

You are Groovy
ultimate PT~ness for females

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful You make these words so delightful P is so great

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You are PraTham. You are the PresenT PresidenT and the only Priority. Your PaTh is PracTical, PoTent and Pristine. You are PerfecT

ki vernee said...

You are so multifaceted ! You are the PuresT definition of all these PT-ness words ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Sorry its difficult to remember them all but one that I found missing is PhilaThropic ... Although yes PT is a higher being and I bow to Pt's gnowledge and divinity... aeioum....

NavdeeP said...

O GURU!!!. You are the higher being in this plane-t.
Who is going how to take Proper turn on T path. You are the PerfecT PhractaL
Of higher divine. In this fake and full of hellish world you are only Pleasant Higher being to whom other beings can see with their eyes.
You rePresents the Pure essence of divine. You are the PraTham PoinT on this hellish plane -t from where being can start and starts moving towards higher. Your Presence in this PLane -t is itself a PosiTive Point .

You are Pitah for beings stuck here from many life times and not able to break this. Your Practical Teachings will help to Break this and move up in lighter realm. Your Complete Passion always stay connected with higher realm and super consciousness irrespective of where you are is Supreme.

You are the true humble Guru for the beings on this hellish plane -t.
Bows down to such a higher being!!!

Anonymous said...

So True..PT is PerfecT. i bow🙇🙏

Kṛtti kā said...

You are the foremost of all, You have all the exalted virtues!
All the words that lead out of hell are PT words /\
i bow

nicolas said...

wow amazing! you are truly Perfect in every ways! you are so Pure and Practical
you are the real embodiment of PT-ness, you show the Path
i bow to you the real President

ankita said...

Your words are so elating
one bows

amanda said...

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

PT is the PoinT of it all!!!
It is really so amazing the ONE is here on Earth right now sPelling it out for everyone.

one prostrates in shame 🙇‍♀️

Ankeeta said...

Glorious... such an amazing and PhiTing Plog... i bow