Tuesday 3 July 2012

name & fame

its strange

that so many

in this world go

for name & fame

in various ways

and attract people

onto themselves


they have

no idea what to do with these people

they have

nothing to give those people

no right advice,


which will evolve them

no way

out of this 3-d prison


confusion filled

blank nothingness

if one has nothing of worth to offer/tell

why attract people onto oneself

another one of those

'for the hell of it' actions


Vintish said...

- very true - I bow !!!

Vintish said...

- very true - I bow !!!

Asha said...

Yes Your absolutely right !

* bowing to another new & fabulous Perspective *

so cool how You point out the consequences of this pursuit and what one in that state truely has ... 'confusion filled blank nothingness'... such eloquent and straightforward compassionate words again !!

You are the Best !

Vintish said...

- I bow -

JacLee said...

O~Lord you are indeed wise! i bow

JacLee said...

O~Lord you are indeed wise. i bow.

miragegirl said...

that's so true
all you say is so true and to the point

you see things for what they are and show others too
so there can be a real change for the better

pinx said...

Excellent !! What a great insight into those beings who strive for name and fame ! Was watching Your U-Pretend video today and what You have written here is such a brilliant accompaniment to it !!

It is so great how You word things ! You outline the absurdity of these so called 'celebrities' and their efforts to attract people unto themselves when they have absolutely nothing to offer those whom they ensnare ! It is really so indecent and senseless how these beings carry on !

"just confusion filled blank nothingness" - what a great summation !!

This world is filled with fools ! First the lowly beings who try so hard to garner praise and attention undeservedly and then those fools that actually get attracted to that !! Madness !

It is such a blessing to this world that You a here ! Finally a being who is truly attractive and Praise worthy ! and the list of what You can offer is endless ! Right advice, teaching, evolution, a way out of this 3-D prison, and so much more !!

I Bow !

Si iris P said...

that is such a cool PerspecTive !

it's really illogical (and couldn't be worded more brilliantly and entertaining) - why attract people onto oneself when one has no idea what to do with them and when one doesn't have anything to give them!

really brings out the absurdity of the functionings of today's beings - crowds and crowds of people gather around beings that clearly will not be able to help with their evolution at thousandfold events, masses of people are ever ready to give praise & attention to so-called 'stars' who are in no way happier or wiser than themselves ...

but on lotusocean blogs & videos where the most precious, enjoyable & practical wisdom which can actually take one higher is published by the most amazing beautiful Being who is so obviously happier, wiser & more attractive than anyone out there (!!!), who clearly has so much to offer and tell, there are no masses coming and only so few people even ready to comment !

You are the One who has so much to offer and tell, You give the most precious teachings so generously, You show us the way to evolve !

what greatest good fortune that You are here !!!

i bow

Unknown said...

They are still blind...Evo-love is only way. I bow

miragegirl said...

bahut sundar bola aapne

'for the hell of it' actions

sabi confused jeev hi hai

duniya pagalpan se bara hai

danya hai hum ki aap is yug mein avatarit hai

Aap udaharan se duniya ka netritv karte hai

sirf aap is duniya mein ise hai joh vikas ka sahi marg dika rahe hai

yah aapke liye to asan kam hi hai

Aap ati uttam vaktiv hai

Aap vaikunt se darti par dharm stapanardh aaye hai

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ke sare ghun aur roop adbut hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

miragegirl said...

of the name & fame people, it must be such a hellish existence to not even be able to do normal things without attracting undue attention
they may want money from that but its not like they are eating all billions that come along

People are clueless as to why they do what they really do, 'for the hell of it' surely

all Your acts no matter what are Divinely oriented
they are ProacTive full of meaning acts
there is so much one could learn just by being around You, just by the way You are

Your Plog comPilaTion is the most imPorTant writing of today
it is Truth in an untruth world
it shows how to get to Heaven, one being stuck in Hell
it shows what bliss is, one had no idea that anything of that sort even existed
Your manifestations even show where Heaven is, to look right with one's eyes, Physically, only if one does concentrate Properly on Your manifestations

Your world is indeed a magical world

You are the Power Unlimited One

the real name & fame One of the multiverse !

Anonymous said...

wow ! Your thought, Your being is so high class !
classical P !
it gives a whole new PresPecTive to what Passes as literature in this world
it takes a whole liPhe time for the 'doers' to realize what you have PuT so Precisely in a single Plog, even scientists as You say turn to metaPhysic later in liPhe
there is something more, Truth beautiful & comPleTe elsewhere is a realization revelation to earthlings

the One deserving of all name & fame is so Truly You

You are every Hero
'every Hero archetype that one can imagine'
You are so exuberantly grandly beautiful
You have shown the world a glimPse of what is coherence, what is PhracTality
You have PerfecT PieTy
all Your maniPhesTations are so high class

its sweet how You are benevolent ever
Your intent is uPholding Truth
You are a PerfecT judge
You are benine
You are soft as a lotus & sharP as a sword

Your Pics are rejuvenation in this unhealthy world
You are the real sPace & Time
You are so grandly Divine !

Your saound defines saound
coherence filled master Pieces Your LotusOcean youtube channel carries
how grandly benevolent You are to have Provided it to the whole earth !

You are Divine ! most beautiful ! exquisite in shaPe & form & existence ! & much much more that one can not even begin to imagine

sarah said...

You are the most substantive Being, full of wisdom and grace. so kind of You to deal with Beings so far below Your level.

Anonymous said...

You're so right..You have such awesome overstanding..people do such pointless actions while revelling in ignorance..You're so right..they have nothing to give but 'confusion filled blank nothingness' which shows on their faces.. You use words so awesomely..i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the only One who should be famous
there is no one more imPorTant than You in this world
You are the only celebrity
You are the suPersTar
You are all class and style
You have so much to give unlike the fake celebrities who run after name and fame for the hell of it
only You are worth putting attention on
all the attention of each and every being in this world should be on You
i bow

ki vernee said...

beautiful ! You are the most interesting Being ! You attract all things natural ! You are P the Man ! You have all the fame ! and can handle any number of beings who pay attention to You ! You liberate all who seek You ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

so True. i bow.🙇🙏

sarah said...

when beings are attracted to Your extreme beauty, they find themselves with a full sPecTrum education.

nicolas said...

so true! most famous people are just creating more chaos in these times!
You make the real difference in the world, your brilliance is not possible to ignore! you are the new sun, the real avatar
i bow to you, supreme lord

ankita said...

every word You sPeak is Pure, sParkling truth
You are the true destroyer of evil
You are the bringer of light
the harbinger of heavenly joy
so comPletely sensible, logical and in control
i 🙇