Sunday 1 July 2012

countdown to ascension

only when

one's level of excitement for

higher & divine


one's level of self-consciousness

does one





pinx said...

Brilliant ! What a valuable teaching !! You always provide so many great angles on how to evolve ! It makes PerfecT sense ~ that one's level of excitement for Higher and Divine has to exceed one's level of self-consciousness !

You have so kindly provided so many avenues with which to get excited also ! You have made it so much easier for us !

I Bow !

Asha said...

WOW P !! You make the most profound important precious Truths so simple to understand and accessible !

one doesn't have to seek around searching for the way out, who to trust, how to behave with Higher, why one should evolve, how to dance thru life, where to phind out about the multiverse, all questions and infinite more are all answered with You... even why some don't get excited about this !!!

from cropcircles to music to words to visuals, wherever one goes in LotusOcean it is exciting Phun and holy !!

* bowing to Your bridges between science soul earth and magic... thank goodness You are Here !!! *

Vintish said...

- You are the best P and will always be , how lucky we are ! Truly a maestro ! love this !!! I bow !!!

Si iris P said...

such precious teachings !
it's so motivating to read this !
and how beautifully You word it !

yes, one has to nourish the excitement for higher & divine ! and it is so rewarding to do so - one can experience it when one is watching Your videos & pictures & reading Your Plog - one can safely throw all one's attention on You - and harvest the excitement, phun & enjoyment that it brings ! the more one watches & the more one Praises, the more exciting & phun it is !!! :-)

and if one doesn't nourish that excitement one deliberately keeps oneself from being haPPy ... it's so stupid how often one prefers to put attention on the self & on one's own thoughts over the haPPiness that comes from putting attention on divine !

You show the way out of misery, the way to ascension in the most motivating, clear, beautiful words !

i bow

missmriggy said...

Yeah!!! Hooray.. that's so gorgeously Great

Shahid said...

Lord PT you are Great,Majestic and Enchanting.

Seeking your guidance and help to go from amateur to higher levels to reunite with the Divine,get out of the 3D Matrix and cycles of birth and death.

PT ki JAI HO!!!

miragegirl said...

great descriPTion of how ascending begins
how kundalini starts to rise
things that are real can't be faked

work is to Praise Divine
Praise of Divine is the way to go
Praise of Divine helPs in all ways

since You are The Englitened One
You gno how it works
& are showing us how it starts to work

grateful for Your comPassion

Unknown said...

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

it is very kind of You to make it possible to speak Truths and Praises from the center even if one isn't feeling excited about it because one will the more one does it since one is doing the best possible thing for oneself !

Your words are better than any medicine, they pinch one to get into action to get over one's inherent laziness to move the mouth continously and to surf over thoughts and feelings that are descended and depressed or unexcited even slightly !

Your words create an ascension in one even if one is not aware of it happening through doing the most natural thing ... repeating Truth when one comes across it, acgnowledging the One who has exposed one to this PerspecTive and Truth, expressing gratitude for You in one's own way ... it is really all do-able and sane and PracTical too !!!

it is so clear one can not suddenly generate excitement when one is depressed sick or down so one would have to do Praise to the point one is able to surf over 'thoughts and feelings' when they come all the time

You alone make this Possible in the most real and PracTical Way !!

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! such Powerful words ! You make the most imPorTant PoinTs ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Amazing! i bow and surrender to the divine.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

wow! what a revelation! this is so Profound! you are the most high, the real event horizon!
i bow to you lord of the universe