Tuesday 17 April 2012

i am ( we are ) like this only

'i am like this only'

'we are like this only'

phrases one gets to hear often

sometimes from the mouth

other times from the mindset

this phrase simply means


one is not going to change

which is only practical

if one is perfect

or one's way is perfect

is their being the way they are


to bliss & happiness on all levels ?

the answer is again a simple 'no'

so this reluctance to change

is a funny thing

its simply means

one is not willing to put in the effort

to change for the bettter

change for the worse

is always going to happen anyways


change is permanent

it takes a lot of effort to

even not go down

let alone rise

clinging on to silly habits & notions

built up over lifetimes & generations

on this plane

is what makes beings


& unable to evolve

takes away the whole

point of taking birth

& being alive


pinx said...

Yes !! Great !! Your potent words of truth and wisdom make one jump for joy !! so exciting it is to read the truth ! so enriching to learn what are the important steps on the path to improving one's state !

You sum up the plight of people on this plane so PerfecTly all the time !! and Your words are not just limited to this plane but apply to any being anywhere ~ Multiversal truths !

What You PoinT out is so true ! that reluctance to change is a 'funny thing' considering beings are so far from PerfecTion and so far from bliss and happiness !

You really put it into PerspecTive how long the forging of negative habits and clinging to them has been going on for also...lifetimes and generations !

What a great good fortune it is that You are here to help us break that downward momentum !! You show what life is for ! what to do with the human birth one has been given !! It is definitely nothing that should be squandered !

Really what is the Point of taking birth and being alive otherwise if not to improve and evolve ! So true !

P it is due to Your grace alone that one wants to live the right way !! To be actually alive !

I Bow !!

JacLee said...


Vintish said...

- we all bow to you -

asha Pi arTi said...

this is so important to read ! so many beautiful points... it is definitely stupid to have a reluctance to change and hold on to habits that don't give happiness or bliss.

You get to precise questions and answers, and reveal the real danger behind this impractical way of being. so compassionate.

'change is permanent'... that is so great, what classy lines !!

You have the most eloquent ability to make the bigger picture so simple to understand and follow !

missmriggy said...

Thankyou for blatantly speaking the Truth. Your words are straight
and to the point, no misconstrued
translations required. You always
get to the heart of the Truth.
Thankyou for everything you say.

Asha said...

You precious words are so positive and clear and so sane ... makes reading and re-reading so much Phun !

You are the PerfecTion i happily bow to !

Shahid said...

The more i read P-Logs the More i am driven to meet you Beloved Lord.
You are ONE in a Zillion

Anonymous said...

i bow! this Plog is overflowing with monumentally importanT messages of Divine Truth that leave no Place whatsoever for Petty justifications and excuses! You give every reason and resolve to get on ones knees and PuT in the effort to make changes for the better and relinquish the childish thought patterns, habits, notions, and behaviors carried over from lifetimes and generations. Your way is PerfecT P! Your suPerior way of being and seeing things is recognizable in Your ability to observe and gno anyones mindset at all times! Striving towards You and Your PerfecTion in every moment is the reason and meaning for having a human birth! You are so kind to exPress how stuPid it is to waste the oPPorTuniTy to make significant changes in this life. Your Presence, Your gnowledge, Your wise words, Praising You, working toward serving You gives meaning to being alive! all else is insignificant and leads to dead end after dead end, lie after lie, and infinite future lives filled with even more emptiness, pain, torture and misery. i bow at Your exalted feet. dhanyavad for guiding the way to evolve P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! Your every word is SO signiPhicanT!!! how crucial it is for one to stand under You and allow Your wisdom to sink in! one can NOT rely on ones own mind!

'change for the worse
is always going to happen anyways
change is permanent
it takes a lot of effort to
even not go down
let alone rise'

You make it clear that one must PuT in the effort in every moment to keep from sinking deeper into the habits and notions that keep one stuck in stupidity and devolution.
it is truly PhortunaTe to have the One who is PerfecT to look to constantly, to Praise, to keeP ones attention on and strive to serve in each moment!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Your Plogs are the Truths that are so essential for all beings in their imProvemenT towards that which is better way of being

You are the one with real gnowledge, You are the 'All Gnoing One'
You gno beings' tendencies, misconcePTions, evils that exist
You gno true science, truth about languages, truth about Multiverse
only You gno what stars are, where earth really is located, what other realms are like, what The PoinT is

all You say is for our own good, there is really nothing in it for Yourself
You are selfless in Your benevloence, in Your comPassion
to listen to such a being is a Privilege bestowed uPon one
there is hoPe for the Phuture in that in Praising You constantly one can increase ones virtue

Your vids etc & emotions that are seen in them are other worldly, a glimPse of the immortal world You Provide

being here in 3d we can imagine very suPerficialy how 4d would be but beyond that i wonder
so then if 4d itself is so amazing, how amazing are the realms above !

& mighty lord How about the One who's come down from even beyond the highest realm of them all !

You are unimaginably might, charming & so very beautiful !

sarah said...

it is so imPressive how even though You are at the very very top, no contest whatsoever, You still pay attention to making Your level rise.

Anonymous said...

wow what an awesome and imPorTanT Plog.You so awesomely PoinT out how weird it is for beings to not want to put in effort to change for the better
'it takes a lot of effort to even not go down let alone rise'
.. awesome words...You are so absolutely right..so awesome of You to highlight the imPorTance of change and effort towards evolution...dhanyavad for the wonderful reminder

sarah said...

clinging on to silly habits & notions

built up over lifetimes & generations

on this plane

is what makes beings


& unable to evolve

Your words are accurate and truthful on the deepest level
You provide actions that can manually override these problems
You are so intelligent and adaPTable
You are the Premiere examPle

Anonymous said...

You sum it uP so beautifully
only You bring real change
only You teach one what disciPline really is
You are the only one who helps one realise how imPorTant disciPline and change really are
no one does what You do
it's only when one deals with You that one realises that it takes a lot of effort to even not go down
one can't afford to take it easy even for a minute
You are a true teacher ..there is no one like You
Your words give one such a wonderful sense of stability
Your words are truly ePic
i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are the most imPorTant
You make such great PoinTs
You give ProPer direction to ones life
one has to give up habits and notions of lifetimes
one should not cling on to ones habits and notions
You are so wise and knowledgable
one should just give up the notions and habits that get one trapped here and change
You have great overstanding
this is such a great Plog
You show one the real, actual PaTh
You show one how to change

the way one is leads to misery
You give one a chance to change for the better
You bring actual change into ones life
You are so helpful
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You have such great intentions
You are such a great teacher
Your teachings are so great
You are Phenomenal
i bow

sarah said...

only You provide a comPrehensive guide to what actions to take to change the way of being.
Your way of Being is so extraordinarily suPerior that it is foolish to fail to adoPT Your advice.

ki vernee said...

You make the most beautiful PoinTs ! You make evolution so Phun and worthwhile ! i bow !

lana_33 said...
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Anonymous said...

Amazing. i bow

nicolas said...

wow so beautiphully said! most beings are wasting their lives in devolution! you are the true path to evolution, no being is like you, your genius is the most amazing thing to witness!
you are the highest of all

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

You insPire One to not waste oPPorTunity after oPPorTuniTy ...You are Perched so high You can see it all !
one bows