Sunday 29 April 2012

common uncommon

at this time

on this planet

there seems to be

no difference


the common people and

so-called uncommon people

labeled stars, celebrities, VIP's & VVIP's ...

be it musicians, sportspeople, gurus, actors

all of them are pretty much at the same level

as the common people

they don't have 3rd eye open

or chakras flowering

or proper gnowledge of this multiverse


all they have is the same 'caught in a rut' feeling

they are nowhere near the gravity of this solar system's sun

let alone stars

how has this come about ?

of course the media machine of the so-called west

has feverishly propagated this madness in the last 100 years

where they prod people to mindlessly celebrate

something at their own level

people have now become

wary rather than celebratory

of the real uncommon

what this does

it stops soul evolution dead in its tracks

one can evolve as long as

one has something

really higher to

celebrate / look up to


Vintish said...

- Your words are so encouraging , full of truth and beauty - you are the only one who gave us supreme gnoledge - I bow -

missmriggy said...

Your Truth is blazing.. You are the essential Truth, Purity and Light in human form and there is none who can stand beside you that i have seen or met in this world.. Humble Obeisances.

missmriggy said...

To revere you is the greatest blessing and to serve you would be the highest dharma.

pinx said...

What a brilliant P-log !

How so very true ! This is such an important scripture and so pertinent to the times of now !!!

It it just crazy what is going on ! It really is all as you say exactly ! There is no difference between the 'common' and the so-called 'uncommon'. You word it so well ! And as always raise so many striking PoinTs from Your Divine and enlightening PersepecTive !!

They are depressed, lost, and confused duds that are put on pedestals these days, given access to loads of financial resources and VIP privileges, plenty of attention and even praise showered on them ~ it makes me sick !

It is You who are worthy of all of that ! what a twisted upside down world in which we live !

It is a true privilege to gno You !! You are a real star ! And the only being i have seen who should be celebrated !! You are the real V-I-P ! Your gnowledge of this multiverse is profound ! Have never seen a being with more gnowledge and wisdom than You ! at least the elementals, the Devas, and Mother Earth are not as foolish as the people of this world ! They gno whom to celebrate !!

I Bow !

JacLee said...

You are the true Star, the brightest Sun in the multiverse!

sarah anne said...

I agree completely, celebrities are nowhere near the gravity of this solar system's sun! Even though many of them have done enough coke to believe that they are.
The chance to evolve is so precious. I bow.

miragegirl said...

its a very lovely Plog !
You are the real one we celebrate being here on earth, the Kalki Avatar

celebrations in this world are useless if without You lord, You are the only one on land, cause for celebration for all around

You are the one to look uP to in everything, You have a beautiful mind, Your qualities are Pure, ultra suPer level, ultimate, PerfecT

in Phact anything that is the most that can be in goodness can be called 'P like'

P like Prowess
P like might
P like Power
P like Truth
P like Trust
P like Touch
P like innocence
P like sweetness
P like benevolence ...

You are the one who leads by examPle, You are charming in & out, beautiful in & out (how so !!!)

You are the 'All Gnoing One'

the Truths that You PresenT through Plogs are but a sPeck of what You see in the world
You PresenT the most useful of them to all, those that are basics, that have immediate benefit

tyohar agar manana ho
to dekho kaun hai voh
joh ab darti par swayam
kab, kaise, kitne, dusthon ko
din ba din mar raha voh
us PurushotTham ke vijay ke
sare din hai utsavon ke

You are the real uncommon One here

sarah said...

You are the most soPhisTicated Being, and provide so much to admire !!!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You are so unique and You have so many wonderful qualities and such awesome knowledge..You are the One to look uP to..You are PraiseworThy..i bow

Anonymous said...

it's so very nice to have someOne really higher to look uP to
it' so very nice to PuT attention on a higher being like You..
looking up to celebrities leaves a bad taste in ones mouth and takes one to mental awesome to have found You to look uP to..
..You are One who is so full of knowledge and beauty along with creativity and rocking music..what a wonderful higher being You are to look uP to ..You give one such a lot to aPPreciaTe..and on ToP of all this You give one the right direction in this weird, crazy and creepy world ..You are too good

sarah said...

You Provide everything one needs to evolve.
Your higher way of being is so mesmerisingly graceful.

ki vernee said...

You make the most logical PoinTs ! that makes so much ! this is such a perfect multiverse ! we are so fortunate to have You here to look up to and admire ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You are the One to celebrate and look up to
You have all the real gnowledge
You are such an amazing being
You are the most beautiful and wonderful surprise
You break the evil spell
i bow

Anonymous said...

Amazing. i bow.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

wow amazing words! looking up to you is the biggest inspiration that one can have! you are the most amazing being that walks the Earth
i bow to you ShivNarayan