Monday 26 March 2012

who(se) rule(s) - fools or divine ?

people are always

paying a lot of attention

to the silly rules & regulations

made by society

& fools who govern it

they say

they do this

so that

they don't get into trouble


they seem to be not able to pay

any attention at all

to divine & its rules

seems like they have no idea

what real trouble is


Si iris P said...

omg, that is the wittiest way of pointing people's foolishness out. :-) You are so witty & eloquent !

You put it into perspective once more ... one gives such importance to the silly societal rules, out of fear of the consequences, but somehow doesn't seem to have any fear of the consequences of going against divine's rules - when that actually has the most dire effects in this lifetime and the ones to come !!!

Your blogs are really such an oasis of sanity ! how cool that You're here & putting things into a true & wholesome perspective !

pinx said...

yes absolutely true !

You always tell it how it is !

You sum up the dilemma of people on this planet PerfecTly !

really whose rules is one going to follow ? that of the fools or that of the Divine ? there should be no contest ! but sadly that is not the case for most !

really such a great relief that You are here to educate one about Divine law and how to follow it too ! without You one would be just another one of those fools following the other fools. what a great opportunity You have given through Your teachings and through Your ever guiding presence to those of us who dont want to be one of those fools anymore ! if only we could be as resolute and steadfast as You though !!

Asha said...

Pow wow ! recognising where the danger lies changes everything !

what an important Plog, Your words and Perspective are so what is needed !

so glad You are here to make the choice clear between following the fools rules or following Divine Rules !

no one points out the consequences better than You for going against the real Law ! Divine RULES !

missmriggy said...

How terrible that the brainwashing puts all the wrong fears in people. You are always so great at explaining the most important issues.

sarah anne said...
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sarah anne said...

This is so true.

Having a stalker trained me to ignore any bribes or threats.

These blogs just cut through all the programming one thought one needed to survive, and accept the scientifically proven facts.

miragegirl said...

You PuT an interesting Plog title
very smart, brilliant

Divine's rules are the ones to follow
one of the first among them, being humble to higher & Divine

You are the best !

sarah said...

You are providing more and more examples of what real trouble is so the whole world can get some PerspecTive. You are the most Phenomenal educator.

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

so considerate of You to give one idea of what real trouble is
You are so awesome

sarah said...

You make the most legendary PoinTs
You make things so clear
only You can elucidate the truth and guide the way out of trouble

sarah said...

Just how suPreme divine laws are over the laws of any matrix becomes increasingly clear with Your guidance and examPle.

ki vernee said...

thats so true ! it is such a relief that all beings have to follow is Divines laws which are fair and liberating ! i bow !

sarah said...

You give the best reminders what real trouble is.

Anonymous said...

Amazing and so ominous! i bow again and again to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

yes so true! trouble from man made laws is very small trouble compared with trouble from Divine! your words are the best words!
you always get to the PoinT so beautiphully and effortlessly! you are truly the most amazing

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow ePic revelations
so Divinely legendary
the thunderous rising sun words!
such a thrill You are!
You are so kind to reveal the truth
You do it in the greatest legendary style
i bow