Tuesday 13 March 2012

a treat

people always go on


how others treat them

when the


always simply is

how they treat themselves


pinx said...

what a liberating PoinT !

really is so true ~ one has to be more concerned about how one treats oneself rather than how others treat one. the latter is an unnecessary distraction which diverges one away from the point. the point being to improve oneself - and that indeed is in one's own hands only.

really so liberating your words are ~ you provide so much wisdom and insight to help us evolve !

miragegirl said...

you are the best

showing us the truth

and ripping darkness out of our lives

asha Pi arTi said...

this Plog is a treat !! what a Beautiful PoinT ! it's so motivating & sweet!

You always make one face what is being run away from ~ prioritising one's own evolution !

* bowing to the Best *

Vintish said...

Agree with everyone -

This blog is really a treat -

So encouraging dear -

I bow -

adimanav said...

that is absolutely true. bowing to your wisdom.

JacLee said...

Wise words and good council. Your Plogs are the light on a dark path. There is no one more compassionate than You! *bowing to your wisdom*

missmriggy said...

your few words dominated my life today and keep me anchored in the only reality.. it is a great blessing to receive your wisdom..

JacLee said...

Your words are as a lightning sword which comes in a dark time to cut away and eliminate suffering on many levels. Your words illuminate with rainbows of truth. ~*

sarah anne said...

This point exudes maturity and class.

miragegirl said...

what a great PoinT P !

when we Praise You, we are doing the right thing, You being the Highest there is
also, it is for our own benefit, we care for ourselves

Your Plogs are so PracTical & to the PoinT
sharP & to the PoinT

Ardra Rudra indeed !

Your style in writing, in Your talk, in the way You are is all very High class !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so gracious to provide education on how to treat oneself better

ki vernee said...

You always make the most imPortant PoinTs ! how beings treat themselves is all that matters in the end ! You make best PoinTs ! i bow

sarah said...

Your divine form is a treat for the eyes
Your divine sounds are a treat for the ears
Your Profound insight is a treat for the mind
Your existence is a treat for the spirit

sarah said...

i bow to Your simPle graceful clarity

sarah said...

when life feels so hellish, and it confounds the mind to try and understand all the nastiness directed towards one, the truth is that one has not treated oneself well enough, and if one had, those people would not be around, and if they were, it would have no effect. You Provide the most fascinating insight into the amount of control people actually have.

Anonymous said...

So simPle, True and logical! i bow and surrender to the divine.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

beautiphul Point! i love it! this is so important! your words are divine words
i bow to you ShivNarayan

Ankeeta said...

A real gem…Your words are the treasure worth more than all the gold and diamonds in this world…You are so kind and selfless as to share Your valuable gnowledge with us all, and so phreely too..