Monday 19 December 2011

no limits

there are those

who try to limit

the activities of divine

'divine wouldn't do this or that'

as if they are controllers of divine

instead of enjoying

divine's fractal pastimes

they spew nonsensical judgements

from their own lowly states

fired by negative qualities

like jealousy and anger

just like

there is no limit to

the foolishness of the foolish

there is no limit to

the leela (Play) of divine

and the fools who don't understand that

only bring about their own downfall


asha Pi arTi said...

wow blazing truths P !

* bowing to the unlimited compassion of PT *

Vintish said...

I bow

JacLee said...

compassionate Lord P, i bow

Anonymous said...

Have not being able to leave comments all the time due to some Open id error, but everything you say is beauty in its most pristine form and gets straight to the heart of any matter. There are definitely no limits on gratitude for your sublime ability to shine the Truth on all Things and for your Mercy in doing that for us all. Humble Thanks and appreciation.

JacLee said...

Divine is beautiful beyond human expression... i bow

pinx said...

Yes! the fires of truth certainly come blazing from your finger tips!

So great how you expose the utter absurdity of those 'lowly' expert commentators on divine, who fuelled by negative thoughts/emotions provide their unwelcomed and nonsensical judgements!

You sum it up so perfectly! that just as there is no limit to the foolishness of the foolish, there is no limit to the leela/play of divine!

What a beautiful summation!

One only needs to visit your lotusocean youtube channel and view the 500 plus videos there to get a practical awareness of what you are saying ~ so many divine fractal pastimes to marvel at!!

sarah anne said...

That is so true, imagining one can control anyone else, let alone the divine, is madness.

Anonymous said...

every word You write fills one with delight. dhanyavad P. i bo. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your limitless feet! Your Divine Play is above and beyond foolish interPreTation. Your PerfecT authenticity in every moment is incredible! there is not another being anywhere who functions at the PrisTinely refined level You do. You are shocking, amazing, enthralling, enchanting and comPleTly awe insPiring. Your total objectivity is a feat only Your Divine being is capable of. i bow at Your stunning feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

Your PasTImes are so amazing !
such bliss You Provide when one concentrates on You !
You are so coherent, so connected to existences
You are Divine

Your grace is entrancing
You sPeak is mesmerizing
You are transcendental

Your ways are Pure
You are PerfecT

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

The fools are too lost in their ignorance and useless chatter of mind. :)
We just don't understand your supremeness and our little minds can never imagine the divines grandeur. It through your benevolence and grace that we come to get an insight into the divines play. I bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

You are so eloquent and distinguished in Your gentlemanly way of handling the biggest insults to Your Divine Play. You are beyond classy ! i bow

sarah said...

such a great PoinTer for how to avoid downfall

Anonymous said...

there's no limit to the Play of Divine
yes no one should think with their sick and limited minds about the Play of Divine
You are always so joyful and Playing
Your Divine PasTimes are so beautiful
if any sick mind can't enjoy them it's because the fever is so high that they can't get the taste
You are so forgiving and comPassionaTe
You are beautiful gnowledable and free
it's so great that You are here to guide us nincompoops
only You show the way to bring the fever down
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! this is so brilliantly spoken ! You are infinite and limitless ! You are the never ending exPansion of Pure Truth ! i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! this is so brilliantly spoken ! You are infinite and limitless ! You are the never ending exPansion of Pure Truth ! i bow

sarah said...

the lower has no business judging the higher. in fact the lower has no business doing anything other than imProving itself. You Provide a steP by steP guide.

Anonymous said...

😂..This is so True and Phunny. You are the one and only unlimited being PresenT on this PlaneT. i bow to you.

nicolas said...

this is so true! i love your words! your liPhe is the most legendary liPhe! you are divine and with you the wonder never stops! i bow to you supreme lord