Monday 8 August 2011

no room for divine ...

evil has tried its best

to create a world

which has no room for divine


divine has no entry point


divine will never reduce itself

to being an actor in the various silly-woods

( divine be's not act like what it is not -
job of actors is
to promote unrealism, fantasy & devoluting attitudes)

or a circus-like entertainer like pop/rock idols

( to reduce vibrations & dumb people down further )

or a gladitorial sports idol

( to suffer pain & glorify torture for some money/fame )

or a religious head

( to promote falsehoods & practise hypocrisy )

or a fake guru

( to fool oneself & masses alike )

or a corporate ceo

( to sell people/nature/earth for a chair & some money )

or a puppet government head

( to be a rubberstamp of the evil overlords )

so masses have no

access to divine

except for one loophole




asha Pi arTi said...

simple beautiful truth !

so comprehensively describe every aspect of the world out there...

because of You the internet is now full of beautiful images powerful words and divine sounds !

You are the best PT !

Vintish said...

so true , agree with Asha :)

Anonymous said...

:)! i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! the lies and the facts about them are presented so Beautifully !

You always speak so coherently and stick to facts only, so inspiring !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow! yes! Yes! YES! You always PosT such PotenT irrefutable Truths annihilating all illusion! You are so comPassionaTe to share so much mastery via the loophole P! i bow at Your generous feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
such ePic words P!
what a brilliant oPening!

'evil has tried its best
to create a world
which has no room for divine
divine has no entry point
divine will never reduce itself

so classy the way You expose evils many attempts to shut out Divine and decimate the many positions evil leads the masses of society to believe are so high and mighty. You Provide the most thorough real education about what is going on in this world!

You are Divine incarnate on this Earth!
the Real rockstar and celebrity, the only True Guru to be,
the all time Legend, real hero real gladiator
the One and Only leader
You are Kalki! the most glorious Being to exist, PT!
You utilize the loophole so brilliantly, Providing so many ways for the masses to Phind You!

one is so grateful to gno You are here P. to Praise You and bow at Your inPhiniTe feet!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

cute Plog !

evil cannot be Divine, it cannot be PerfecT

Divine is PerfecT
Divine is Truth

Your Truth Plogs show realism totally, they show that Praising Divine is the right thing to do
they helP one see that evolution is the aim of an existence, they Provide PracTicalities towards that
they show the evil in beings, they show the hell that is the 3D matrix

You are a real Guru

Your sound & light Philms show where You have Played & increased the vibrations on Bhudevi, raising her uP
they are coherence filled, so helP 'mend one's sPiriT/sol'

You are a real rockstar

& all of it You have Provided us through internet

You are the most intelligent

'internet, the reason for its existence' is to serve Divine's PurPose

You are Divine
You are the most beautiful !

Anonymous said...

i bow
this is such a great Plog!
every Plog is great!
everything Divine says! Everything Divine does!
life, the world is only interesting when it revolves around You!
so grateful to understand this PhacT more and more in each moment due to Divines Grace.
evil is no match for Divine! in any way!
all it does is proove that a world without Divine is no world to be a ParT of! no world to live in!
so grateful You came here to PoinT it out P!
to shut evil down!
for creating such a brilliant looP hole!
when one reads Your words, listens to Your sounds, exPeriences Your Philms it is imPossible to stay under evils sick and twisted spell!
so So SO grateful for Your beautiful unrelenting Truth P!
and the ways You constantly helP one see and do the only do that can helP one break free from evil
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

divine is such an examPle of how to maintain integrity regardless of external circumstances and factors

Anonymous said...

evil's world has no room for Divine because Divine has no room for lies like theirs.
You have great and beautiful integrity.
You are such an incredible and real rock star who can actually show the PaTh to disciPline that's so Phenomenal. You are so extremely unique. You are such a beautiful blossoming of a being. You are so full of amazing knowledge and great intelligence. You are the most awesome surPrise, a much needed and beautiful bolt from the blue. You are amazingly and delightfully unique. You Possess great brilliance. Your existence on this PlaneT is such a beautiful and wonderful thing.

ki vernee said...

Divine is so awesome and infinitely intelligent ! You are always victorious ! You can never be shut out no matter how much beings try ! You are the unstoppable Phorce ! i bow

lana_33 said...

a greaT Plog! exPlains the various nonsense in this world so clearly and succincTly! reading One Plog by Divine itself gives a being more gnowledge than all schooling/university put together. i bow.

Anonymous said...

You are clever. i bow.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

wow this is amazing! your words are the best words! your genius is so amazing! you are divine! you are the best
i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

You are so above and beyond
You make all the sense ever
why would Divine be part of the charade . ..Divine doesnt fit in their society structure of lies. . Divine is way above and beyond to ever be a cog in a crazy system. .. You make all the sense ever ...theres one looPhole... the internet.. ..truly so great that the Age of Aquarius is here that brings internet.. .You are so Precious and amazing
one bows

Ankeeta said...

Wow this is so ePic….energy of P I see…my greatest good fortune that You are here…my greatest good fortune that we have been given the internet to access You…You are the real lifeboat

Ankeeta said...

so ePic... i bow at Your beautiful lotus PheeT

Shruthi said...

What an incredibly act of mercy to let yourself be accessible! You are so magnanimous and all-encomPassing. Technology itself isn't inherently evil and makes sense only if it is used for serving divine will. very gratePhull for the cosmic 'loophole'! sPiriT and heart is full of room only for you divine one. i bow to you in all humility Precious one.