Tuesday 9 August 2011


there are many who

say/think they are not brave enough

to move towards divine

out of the current structures of evil

lotusocean says that

it requires more bravery

to continue in hell

only brave can handle

unending confusion, pain, torture, boredom

people who think they are safe & secure

within hell's structures

are brave indeed

as all the evidence points otherwise

no special bravery is required to

move towards divine

those going towards divine

are not-so-brave

as it is just going towards

real safety, nourishment & pleasantness


Shahid said...

"as it is just going towards
real safety,nourishment & pleasantness "
So true.Your writings are so clear,to the point and always convey the truth.

asha Pi arTi said...

It is so natural to move towards what is pleasant and safe !

Your words always make so much sense and convey the reality of what people's choices mean.

You are really beautiful and compassionate to translate everything into plain english so one can face it once and for all !

Nothing is more pleasant and nourishing than LotusOcean !

Vintish said...

smile :) very true , you are Phenomenal ( very imPPressive ).One will great after reading this wonderful blog/Plog. * I bow *

sarah anne said...

all one has to do to get perspective is click on the news. things are so fantastically horrible, as to equal any grindhouse b movie. i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

sweet Plog !

moving towards You is the best choice one can make
beings do not Perceive how much good that can do one
You are Divine incarnate on earth
to serve You in anyway is a desirable thing to do

it does indeed require bravery to exist in evil system

Divine's existence in magical, IT has created it so
to move safely in it through Praising the higher & Divine is the way to go

You are the most beautiful
so benevolent of You to take time to Provide us with Truth

You are comPassionaTe

the imagery that PeoPle have, the PercePTions of PeoPle are lacking, incomPleTe, incoherent
so it is that they do not see reality ProPerly
there is safety in reading Your Plogs & understanding things as they are & being PracTical

You are the most beautiful !
You are unquestionably the most benevolent !

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

You are so movingly sweet

Anonymous said...

Your words and Your PoinTs are very awesome
people are so brave to want to continue in such an unpredictable world where pain is very apparently guaranteed
so awesome of You to show one such a beautiful way out of all nonsensical time wastage
You make so much sense and You help one have a real goal

ki vernee said...

You really are that ... real saftey , nourishment and pleasantness ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You're so absolutely right
really beings who continue in the world of pain, hell and torture are really brave
You make such great PoinTs
no one is safe and secure within hells structures
You are so kind to teach beings prison break
You are so kind to give an opportunity to escaPe for real and attain to real things
You write so comPassionaTely and wonderfully
Your words are so very very helpful
You are all the wisdom and gnowledge ever
You're so kind to make beings face PhacTs
You're so kind to give refuge to the not so brave
only You take beings towards real safety
You are suPremely kind, comPassionaTe and benevolent
Your words are such great, shining words of wisdom
You sPeak and write truths so effortlessly
You make things easy to understand
You have ultimate overstanding
You bring so much awareness
Your Plogs are so eye oPening
You give the greatest giPhTs ever
really it's so wonderful to get to read Your words in this crazy, hellish world
only You help beings rise above lowliness
You raise the vibrations of this low vibration, hellish world
You are amazing
You are beyond legendary
Your words are so nourishing
Your words are so enriching
Your words are real medicine for craziness
You help beings get up after a fall
You are all PosiTivity, sweetness, kindness and gnowledge
Your words are the most wonderful words of truth and comPassion
i bow

Anonymous said...

amazing and True.i bow.

nicolas said...

really really beauTiPhull!moving towards divine is the only safe way! you are the real saviour

i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

wow very wonderPhul Plog
wow such a revelation
You helP beings see the obvious
You are truly brilliant
You are the best
one bows

ankita said...

yes this is so true
the situation here is so scary
nothing is certain ...old age and death is a guarantee ..no one escapes pain here ...on top of that there is mental torture boredom confusion etc ...the spirit of those who just want to be on this Plane and nowhere else never feels satisfied ..it's such bravery to go on ignoring facts just to continue in the hell and limitedness of this matrix ...it really requires such bravery to ignore the scary uncertainty of the next moment ...no one gnos what is going to happen to them in the next moment ...whether their arms and legs or structures are still going to be intact or not ...it's such bravery to ignore all this and get immersed in fleeting scraPs of Pleasure of the now just to not face the terror that the reality of this 3d matrix Plane brings
You and Your Plogs are so enlightening
only You have helPed beings realise all this by Your words talks and Plogs ..this never really dawned uPon one till You told one ! You are suPremely enlightened ! You are the most Precious One 🙏 You make all the sense ever 🙏
You are so whole 🙏 You are so absolutely right 🙏 only and only You warn beings and tell them what is actually going on ...no One but You gnew what the actual reality of this world is !
Youre so on PoinT ... only the brave can handle the unending pain torture etc of here!
You are so brilliant ...You're the only One who has come uP with this! truest words ever sPoken !
one bows !