Thursday 30 June 2011

reading books ?

for the last

100 odd years

people have been made

to believe that

they can gain gnowledge and evolution

just by reading


so no contact with

the author/guru

is required

just pay the money for the book

& you're done

lotusocean declares

that no one can really learn anything

worth learning

without first hand


under a guru

the whole world is reading books

at the price of millions of cut trees

& no evolution is happening

more books they read

more confused they get

learning & evolution

is a more

hands on practical thing

than people are willing to accept

it is not just some

foofoo mental concept

evolution happens through

right speech

right diet

right postures

& most importantly

right behaviour towards higher & divine

no book can teach one this

the practise of it

can only be

done under a guru



Vintish said...

Glory to Shree Laxmi Narayan....

asha said...

You spell it all out so clearly !

* bowing to Your coherent grace and clarity *

mrig said...

You are the Greatest

sarah anne said...

I was devastated for years after my childhood fantasies were crushed by the discovery people are not learning and improvement oriented. It is actually extremely rare and lucky to find any such refuge.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines Plogs are always SO clariPhying and really show one how what one has 'been made to believe' is nothing but lies!
that one can not gain gnowledge or evolve from reading books!
such a cool and valid PoinT You make that the whole world is reading books and not evolving!
books written by people who don't really gno anything!
and that the more they read, the more information they fill their heads up with, the more confused they become!
it's undeniable when one really looks at it! That books are really just another way social programming!
a distraction to make ones ego think one is actually learning!
and the cost You PoinT out! Millions of cut trees for no real PurPose at all!
It's just as You say always!
Your PercePTion and logic really gives one the chance to see the truth!
to bin all the garbage one has filled ones head with and unlearn so one can oPen ones self to real gnowledge.
Divine is so kind to make it clear that one can not really learn anything from Divines words either without a humble attitude and a sincere desire to learn.
It is SO kind that you sPell out how evolution happens
"right speech
right diet
right postures
& most imPorTantly
right behavior toward higher and Divine
no book can teach one this
the pratise of it
can only be
done under a guru

It is SO kind the way Divine Publishes this real gnowledge free! and makes it available for all to read and learn to see ProPerly!
How brilliant Divine is!
It really says something about the state of beings here that they would rather pay for the lie that they are evolving and changing!
it really shows one how seriously stupid one was to have bought and read so many books throughout ones life!
to have thought real learning and evolution could have happened any other way but the way You clearly state here!
You are the only ONE who does not feed the ego lies!
The only ONE who oPenly shares all the ways one will really have to Pay if one does not humbly follow and adhere to Your guidance.
You are the only One who can lead the way! Tho only One who can guide one along the Path of evolution!
You are the only One who is fully awakened, who is evolved, who can be called a Guru!
one is ashamed to be part of the western masses who has continually misunderstood and misused this term. always lowering things to our own nonsencial and foolish level. ascribing it to any idiot teaching a so called yoga class! any average joe serving up a cup of "plant medicine" and calling it soma!
You are the only ONE in this world who is not lost and confused!
the only One who gnos!
The only One who can be trusted!
i bow!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

I bow to P who is too higher and too divine. He who has great and true opinions about everything. P is so beautiful in physique. I am totally astonished by his knowledge and clarity. P is the real hope of today. From where shall I bring the magnificent right words to praise P??? I pour flowers on P's feet and I bow.

sarah said...

so kind of You to lay down the PracTical ways evolution haPPens, and how none of those ways are from reading books. so fascinating how that confusion is pretty recent also. You put everything into context.

ki vernee said...

You are so logical and PracTical ! hands on learning is so much better than just reading something ! there is so much room for misinterpretation and laziness by just reading books ...i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...

Greyt sense of humor...Greyt looks...Greyt gnoledge...Greyt wisdom...
And not to forget all the wealth one can achieve in its being-ness you have it all..

I Bow to you O Divine One.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

True....You are PracTicality. i bow to you divine.

ankita said...

wow. . really .. Your Plogs are so helPful. ..desire to always have access to Your Pure writings and Pure PrinciPles here and hereafter... so kind of You to helP one understand that if one has desire, one works for it. . You are very benevolent ...Your writings are so endearing... truths that Pheel like the ultimate liPheboaTs. ..the saving grace... the delightPhul revelations. ..the eureka moments ...the real Phlow of true logic and sense... real ambrosia. ..the nectar of immortality
i bow to Your comPassion

ankita said...

so kind of You to help one see that evolution has got nothing to do with just reading books and thinking or trying to just sit around and mentally understand things... it's about doing actions that lead one to coherence... getting the basics right... learning is a more hands on PracTical thing!
getting ones PosTure correct and continuously PracTicing to have it correct all the cannot skip this step.. .PracTicing to keeP ones sPeech centred all the time. . PracTicing to choose Praise and service of Divine at any given moment instead of wrong actions requires first hand tutelage under a Guru
You make so much sense
so kind of You to helP beings learn the right behaviour 🙏🙇