Wednesday 22 June 2011

even survival ...

even bare minimum

physical survival

requires certain

practical physical functions


people somehow feel


evolution, bliss, ascension

do not require


practical physical effort

they are only ready to make it

a mental or emotional game

no wonder

there is mostly devolution happening

wherever one looks


Vintish said...

True... I bow...

Vintish said...

Your blog are so true , you show the evil.... I bow to the divine...

asha Pi arTi said...

your perspectives are always so logical, you really make the complex so simple.

completely agree with You, one has to be practical !

Prakash said...

what type of practical physical effort do you advise to evolve ?

PT the Axis said...

Prakash, one can start with proper humble postures. Hands folded , knees bent. No sofas or beds. Moving the mouth to praise higher & divine. Moving fingers while typing to prasie higher & divine. This should be a good enough start ...

miragegirl said...

bhautik aur manasik roop se joh bhi kiya jaye dono hi mukhya hai, dono hi saat vikas ki oor, ParamaTma ki oor le jate hai

hath jod Pranam karna ucchit lagta hai, vah prani ko vinamr karta hai

bhautik vyayam alterness paida karta hai

joh sahi seva karne ki kshamata deta hai

prani mein jyada centering aa jati hai

Aap ne 'Prakash' ko jo uttar diya hai vah bahut badiya hai

jeevan ka lakshya yehi hai ki prani sabi alochna chod aap ki nirantar vinamrata se seva kare

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ki jitni bhi prashansa ki jaye vah kam hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! Your words are always exactly what one needs to read/learn and repeat ! its so kind of You to allow one more time to embibe PracTality, one is ashamed of thinking more than doing anytime !

i bow !

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You make the most awesome PoinTs
i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the most PracTical Being ! You show everyday by example ...that beings must take practical action to evolve their soul ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow to you divine.

Nithya Gopalan said...

Oh PT , you are always straight to the Point ...
Your words has 100 % clarity !!!
i Bow to u the suPreme divine being !!!
i Bow to the ParamaTman!!!
i Bow to your PheeT!!!
i Bow to the Kalki Avatar!!!

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great point, this is exactly what one needs to hear to make practical changes to their beingness. You are the greatest Guru! I bow