Tuesday 28 June 2011

the challengers

there are those

who come challenging lotusocean

but they don't even

reveal their real/full identity

its also funny to see

how these folks

don't challenge the

evil beings

who control their lives


have reduced them to a

zombie mineral borg barely-conscious

dumbed-down schizo

pathetic blissless hellbound state

they instead challenge

something which is giving

them a way out

a chance to raise their soul

out of hell

into bliss

as these words

are written

there is huge thunder & lightning

where they are being written

in bharatania

(now called UK)

even all the sold-out folk on TV

are saying

that 'Gods must be angry'

as this doesn't happen in england

at any time of year

let alone this time

challenge ... hmmm


sree said...

so true P. you describe it so well.

asha said...

that is so beautiful... You word everything eloquently and perfectly always !

sina said...

so true - you are the one who compassionately shows the way out of hell ! you kindly give the way out of the evil, lifeless state we are in !

it's such a miracle that you're here and so patiently give the lowly, blind, anti-divine, hellbound beings of this time an opportunity to change and escape evil !!!

your true compassion and your generous offer of guidance out of hell are awing, humbling and cause gratitude in those who want to raise their soul.

and the elements immediately respond to you ! they bow to you, because you are the greatest !

Yashanvitha said...

:)your words like -bharatania(now called UK)makes me feel the return of the King Vrishabha(who ruled the earth named as Anjana -Bha(Divine Light) father of
Bha-rath .So sweet.so en-ligtning thunder bolts your plogs are bcoming.All your behaviour makes me feel you are the King Vrishabha mentioned in Bhaagavath.Glory to the truth.

mrig said...

Perfect Sense.. Wise Words..So Good to Read..

Shahid said...

Thunder video was amazing,Lord.

Anyone who read most of your blogs and sees many of your videos is
going to gnow and say without any second thinking...This Guys truly an "Avatar".

Wondering how cool it would be if someday this happens..all homes in India have your music ringing every time someone rings the door bell or on Independence day they play your music in public..India would be cleansed and uplifted soooo much.

sarah anne said...

I bow/

miragegirl said...

vichitr baat hai ki log LotusOcean ko chunavti dene aa jate hai

kitne murkh hai !

Aap bahut dayalu hai

Aap ParamaTma swarup hai

Aap ke prati vinamrata hi jeevan ka sacha marg hai

Aap ne joh video is P log mein diya hai, vah adbut hai

kitni bhavya gharaj sunaie pad rahi hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap shaktishali hai

Aap PraTapvan hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! it is funny to challenge that which can free you from hellishness ! You are the most comPassionate Being ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the ultimate saviour of this whole world. You are caPTain P the one and only navigator for this world and the big beyond. So comPassionaTe of you to show the real way to exit the hellish prison-like matrix. i bow to you divine.

Ajay Kapoor said...

You are the ultimate liberator of beings from the hellishness that resides on this plane. Challengers need to wake up and question the hive system that is turning them into zombies. Only you are able to sail beings back home to blissfulness. I bow to guru PT.