Monday 31 January 2011

for the hell of it

what can be done

for the beings

who have created a hell on this

beautiful earth

and call that hell beautiful

they show no desire to get out of it

no matter how diseased they get

or how polluted everything else gets

this is unprecedented in the history

of this multiverse

this kind of situation has never arisen before

where beings want pain & torture for the

hell of it

no gain coming of it

for body, mind or soul

of course

they would have to be stopped before

they destroy the planet completely

they surely won't mind

being quarantined into some concrete hells

where they won't mind spending

this & the rest of their lives


Anonymous said...

अपना हीरा ना खोलिये बीच कुन्जडा - कबीर

PT the Axis said...

परमात्मा में तो सुब कुछ खुला हुआ है हवा की तरह

admirer said...

people have been programmed so much to be in hell they don't even seek a heaven

asha Pi arTi said...

You have the clearest picture of reality and are always doing everything to reach out to people in this state You describe so perfectly.

Wish they would wake up and see that Divine is here ! and does care that no one should do harm to the planet or her real inhabitants ! ... if not they will face the consequences like You have said.

Your words are the holiest ... the whole picture is always given through them !

JacLee said...

This is true and really really frightening! The only hope is to stay at the feet of Divine. ~*

miragegirl said...

aap ne 'Anonymous' ko joh uttar biya hai voh lajavab hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

It is thrilling to be alive at a time unprecedented in the history of the multiverse, lol.

It is also so generous to provide a way out.

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You sPeak so Powerfully to the state of the Earth and those who are creating endless concrete hells! You Provide such intense PersPecTive sharing that 'this kind of situation has never arisen before where beings want pain & torture for the hell of it' it is by Your Divine Providence that You are here P! You are the One who can sToP it and is! we are all so unbelievably blessed to be alive as humans while You are here! to have the oPPorTuniTy to witness the amazing things You are doing for this PlaneT and the guidance You Share freely to wake one from the disturbing nightmare of this Plane and all that keePs one stuck here. You are the ultimate redeeming Phorce, the One and only PaTh, the real escaPe from the Prison of this awful world. i bow at the refuge of Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
there is nothing beautiful about the hell beings have created on this earth! Divine is SO generous to show what True beauty is!

The way Divine sPeaks to such terrible things with calm wit, candor and gnoing is stunning! You make it obvious who is really in control!
i bow!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

Your words are so Powerful and Profound. You have such great intentions. You are so brilliant and beautiful. Your words are so beautiful and graceful. You really have such a clear PicTure of what's going on in this world. Your words are so golden and glowing. Your words take one towards real healing. Your words bring sanity. You show one the way out of this hellish world where people want pain and torture for the hell of it .You have great dePTh and clarity. You are the real revolution. You are real greatness. i bow to the only one who knows

ki vernee said...

what a great PoinT ! You are so kind to be here and put a stop to all this madness ! through You one can experience Earths true beauty ! i bow

Anonymous said...

You give the ultimate reality checks
You make one aware of what's really going on
Your words and observations are stunning and moving
this is such a strange situation
no one would gno about this without Your help
only You have the intelligence to gno what's really haPPening
You are the most wonderful, amazing and enlightening being ever
You are so kind to show a way out of pain from mindless indulgence and craziness
You are the saviour beyond saviour
You are beyond any messiah ever
You are the only messiah
You are inPhiniTely comPassionaTe
You are the only Guru of the world
You are the Param Guru
You are the Guru beyond Gurus
You are so comPassionaTe!
i bow

ankita said...

wow.. ePic words! one after the other ePic sentence
so insightPhul in such an ePic way

this is unprecedented in the history of this multiverse!

each word of Yours deprograms one
totally ePic!

Your Presence is so totally Precious!
You gno exactly what is going on and how beings are!
You light uP the dark
so totally Phenomenal Your revelations are!
You exPose all lies and show a way out of the dark
You are illuminating!
i bow

Anonymous said...

scary truth..😥 i bow to divine.🙇🙏