Monday 31 January 2011


it is clear that

all signs of sense

have disappeared from

the majority of people of this planet

take their clothing for example

they have no problem donning

all kinds of synthetic unbreathable fabrics

which besides giving the

obvious sensation of itchiness

create all kinds of skin disorders

not many can be seen in

soft natural cotton

even the cotton they wear has

been put through numerous poisonous

processes and dyes

dyes are now definitely die(s)

as most of them are made up of

poisonous chemicals

poisonous to all biological functionings

including that of the body

and the environment

of course all unnatural poisonous dyes

and fabric related processes

came from the so-called west

the fact that translucents never had sense

in this regard

could be seen from

their choice of dressing for

walking through amazonian forests

they wore/wear short pants

yes shorts in a place full of mosquitoes

and bugs of all kind

even in the deserts of sahara

they will not cover themselves up properly

as their unpigmented skin burns to a dead lobster state

poisonous fabric(s)


a society with a poisonous fabric

root of the poison being

an anti-divine stance

when one veers away from divine

first thing lost is sense

the results are clear for all to see


stardolphin said...

i would buy natural cotton and fabrics if i could, but all the shops selling such garments have disappeared...all is corporate and poisonous

PT the Axis said...

in the age of internet there is no such excuse. no one can just rely on neighbourhood shops anymore.

Stardolphin said...

what if you are attempting to live outside the system, dont have money? Only charity shops are your option.

PT the Axis said...

charity shops usually have most cotton stuff.

Unknown said...

Can i get a recomendation as to where to or how to acquire my clothing?

JacLee said...

I Love this P-log! You think of everything anyone could possibly need and direct the devotee on the proper way to proceed. With eternal gratefulness to your compassionate and beautiful heart, i bow. :)

JacLee said...

Returning to re-embrace this P-log and to give thanks for PT!

miragegirl said...

kya baat hai !

aap ne kitni vistruth tarah se vasthron ke bare mein bataya hai

duniya mein bahut kam log dikte hai joh undyed prakrutik vasthr pehne huey hai kash tarah se translucents mein

teek baat hai, jaha apne aap ko dakna jaroori ban jata hai voh apne aap ko nahi dakte

aap ki wit amog hai

"they will not cover themselves up properly

as their unpigmented skin burns to a dead lobster state"

kitna abdut likte hai aap

bharat ke gavon mein tho phir bhi doti pehne log dik jayenge

danya hai hum ki aap sab ko rah dika rahe hai

taki sab ko sudarne ka mauka milee

aap prakrutik kapas hi pehente hai

aur aap jis jagah ke liye joh ucchit ho vaise vastr pehente hai

aap pareo ko jis tarah se odete hai utne sundar roop se koyee ode nahi sakta

aap joh bhi pehente hai uss mein bahut adbut dikte hai

aur hamesha aap ke pehne huey vasthr prakiti se fractally milte hai

aap ki leela ke anekanek roop hai

aap apni leela se sab ko anandit kar dete hai

aap Param Pavan hai

aap Param Pujaneey hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ParamaTma hai

aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

:D always brilliant. i bow. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! listening to all You want to hear is lies as i read this! You share the wittiest wisdom that has ever been! such valid Truth in a world over populated with pitiful beings sustaining their pathetic lives with nothing but lies!
'when one veers away from divine
first thing lost is sense
the results are clear for all to see'
You make it crystal clear P! when one turns to Your Divinity it becomes imPossible for one to not see how comPleTely upside down this world is and the countless despicable ways beings are destroying themselves, others and this Earth. it becomes obvious all the ways people lie, justify and pretend to their selves and others not be! You always PoinT out the root of these problems. this poison. You are so gracious to guide the way back to Divine, the only real solution. You are the Pillar of Pure Divinity P. i bow at Your unwavering feet. dhanyavad for Your PerfecT stance for one to turn to and bow to. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

You help one have sense
things become more and more clear to one because of You
You are so extremely intelligent
You are brilliant. You are absolutely unique and marvellous. You are One in zillions.
You are so rare. You make such absolutely awesome PoinTs. You make whole lot of sense. You have so much clarity and such awesome overstanding. You are awesome! Your clarity and overstanding is great.

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a beautiful PoinT ! one definitely gains sense from paying attention to You ! You are so logical and sensible ! i bow

nicolas said...

wow you decipher all effortlessly! this is really impressive!
one can only lose sense when one turns away from divine! you are the most sensical of all

i bow to you supreme lord

Anonymous said...

i aPologize to divine for veering away from divine.
i bow to divine.